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Inert Ordnance

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Rare & ORIGINAL Nazi /WW2 Era 1937 Dated German Model 24 Stielhandgranate 'Stick' Grenade. O 963. - O 963
The Model 24 Stielhandgranate (German, "stalk hand grenade") was the standard hand grenade of the German Army from World War I until the end of World War II. The very distinctive appearance led to its being called a "stick grenade", or a "potato masher" in British Army slang, and is today one of the most easily recognized infantry weapons of the 20th century. This is a rare Model 24 Stick Grenade. The wood handle with steel end cap is excellent and undamaged. It measures 14" overall length. The grenade disassembles i.e. the end cap and grenade head screw off to reveal the grenades friction cord and toggle which are present and intact. The wood 'stick' is impressed with '1937' date and inspection marks. Price for this rare grenade includes UK delivery. O 963

Rare WW1 Russian Orlov Fuzed 'Stick' Grenade. O 965 - O 965
An extremely rare WW1 Russian grenade designed by Russian Colonel Orlov. Made of galvanised steel it measures 2 3/4" across its hexagonal top. The top is fixed in place by 2 clips, but from a photograph seen on the internet it is likely to have a segmented inner lining for fragmentation. There is a small brass tube protruding from the top where the fuze would be as on a firework. The grenade including the solid wooden 'stick' handle measures 8 1/2" in length. These grenades are rarely seen outside Russia. Price includes UK delivery. O 965

Rare WW1 Russian Orlov Friction 'Stick' Grenade. O 964 - O 964
An extremely rare WW1 Russian grenade designed by Russian Colonel Orlov. Made of galvanised steel it measures 3 3/4" across its hexagonal top. The top is fixed in place by 2 clips, but from a photograph seen on the internet it is most likely to have a segmented inner lining for fragmentation. The grenade including the wooden 'stick' handle measures 7 1/2" in length. The wood handle is hollow and has the correct pivoting steel cover to reveal where the pull string would have been. These grenades are rarely seen outside Russia. Price includes UK delivery. O 964

INERT Unfired Soviet 30 x 210B Dummy High Explosive Dummy Round. O 962 - O 962
This is an excellent condition unfired Soviet 30 x 210B high explosive dummy round retaining most of its original finish and stencilling. The brass cartridge case retains most of its black stencilling with Russian 2 symbol headstamp . The red lacquered steel projectile has two copper driving bands and is stamped 13-606-81 e with a diamond symbol. The alloy nose fuse is stamped B5 MT-31583 . There is a steel bolt head where the primer should be on a live round. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 962

INERT Unfired German WW2 3.7cm SC/30 (37x380R) Round With An Unfired High Explosive Projectile . Sn O 961 - O 961
This is an INERT German WW2 3.7cm SC/30 high explosive round for the 3.7cm Schiffskanone SK C/30, a German naval pattern high altitude, high velocity, anti-aircraft/coastal defence gun. These guns were also fitted in a twin mount on surface vessels. The brass cartridge case has the following head stamp, P over C/30 Marine waffenampt D/4 1938 11. The steel projectile is an unfired high explosive projectile with 3 copper driving bands and has the following marks on the side 7 over a 8 pointed star monogram DL 49/40 waffenampt T/3 .The alloy nose fuse is stamped KZ 40 44btn 1/6 waffenamtt D51 . There are small traces of yellow paint on the sides of the projectile. (See P 223 Hogg, German artillery of WW2) Price includes UK delivery Sn O 961

INERT Unfired Soviet PTAB2.5KO Fragmentation Bomblet. Sn 960 - O 960
This is a near mint INERT, Unfired Soviet PTAB2.5KO HE-FRAG (High Explosive-Fragmentation) steel fragmentation bomblet that is dispersed from a container carried by aircraft. This bomblet is an anti-tank/personal type with fragmentation rings to the external surface. There are 6 folding fins that deploy in flight and an arming propeller. PTAB translates to ‘Anti-tank aviation bomb. The air to ground fin stabilised fragmentation bomb was developed in the early 1950s and first introduced into service in April 1955. This fragmentation bomb is the Soviet PTAB2.5KO HE-FRAG (High Explosive Fragmentation) projectile which produced 75 splinters on detonation and was launched using dedicated rocket canisters,(ORO-57, ORO- 57K, UB-16-57 and UB-32 pods) holding 4 – 32 rockets. These canisters were fitted to standard bomb hardpoints on aircraft. Aircraft using this rocket were the MiG-15bis, MiG-17, Su-25 and the Mil 24 helicopter. This fragmentation bomb retains virtually all of its finish. The silver coloured fragmentation bomb is stencilled in black including S-5M over 3-77-406 over A-IX-2 over W-5MI. There is also a black square enclosing ET over M-16. It is also stamped in various places 3 KT 04 2DT. The bomb body is stencilled in black RSJ-G over 1-77-406 over 3-77-406. There are 2 small black stencils of KT over N-23 and one of KT over N-33. There are also various stampings consisting of T D H 3 77 123 KT. The rear stabilising fins are kept retracted over the rocket venturi by a tape transit sleeve and spring out when the sleeve is removed. The fins are stamped and stencilled. The venturi is stamped 3 77 173 . KT over 02 10 . The electric firing plug exits the rear of the venturi. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 960

Unfired INERT 50mm Spanish Valero Practice Mortar. Sn O. 95? - O 959
This is an inert unfired 50mm Spanish Valero practice mortar round. This all steel round with pressed steel fins retains virtually all of its original finish, a painted black body with a yellow nose. The bore sealing band is unpainted. The steel dummy fuse retains approximately 90%+ of its original paint. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. O 959

WW 1 INERT Unfired German Gr.Z . 04 Fuse And Gain. Sn 958 - O 958
This is an unfired WW 1 INERT German G.rZ. 04 Fuse with its original gain. This fuse was used for several shells including the 21cm Mortar, various 15 and 10 cm field guns and howitzers. The main body of the fuse is brass and is stamped Gr,Z. 04 two x star inspection marks G17 R 7306 . Under the flange is stamped E.G.K 140 . the brass delay ring is stamped OV and MV meaning with a delay and without a delay. The two brass powder chamber plugs are intact and in situ. The base of the fuse has three steel plugs in it, one with a brass pin sticking out. There are stampings A B C s 1 s 1 on its base. The steel screw on steel gaine has several marks on its base. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 958

ORIGINAL, WW1, Hale's Patent No.2 Mark ll Stick Grenade with short handle. Sn - O 957
This is an original INERT WW1 HALES No 2 Stick or Mexican Grenade with a short handle. The grenade was originally produced in 1907 for the Mexican government and was adopted after 1915 as an interim measure until better and safer grenades were introduced, The grenades brass body is stamped lightly round the body THE COTTON POWDER CO LTD HALES PATENT LONDON 8M/M F? . There is also a crowfoot over 47 below the copper safety pin which retains its original cord. A iron fragmentation ring is soldered to the body. 4 cotton streamers are attached the wooden handle by cotton binding and this is held to the body of the grenade by 2 brass pins through a steel collar to the grenades steel shaft. A small steel grub screw retains the handle assembly to the body. (See pages 5 and 6 An Introduction to British Grenades, Skennerton). Price for this rare Hale's Patent grenade includes UK delivery. Sn O 957 £895

WW2 INERT Unfired German Anti Concrete Shell Base Fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) For The 15Cm s FH18 Field Gun. Sn. 956 - O 956
This is an unfired WW2 INERT German Anti-Concrete shell base fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) for the 15Cm s FH18 Field gun. The steel fuse is stamped on its base BdZf15cmGr19Bd RHS 433/39 with a feint white stencil 6G . The alloy circular plate on the base of the fuse is stamped GV KV OV meaning long, short and no delay when setting the fuse delay. The base fuse is screwed into the unfired steel gain which is stamped tye on the base. The first picture shows the fuse unscrewed from the gaine side by side. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 956
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