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Inert Ordnance

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Very Rare early INERT WW2 Unfired Proximity Fuse T80E6. Sn 955 - O 955
This is a very rare early unfired WW2 proximity (VT Variable Time) fuse T80E6 and was the first proximity fuse issued for service. The fuse was initially developed by Pye Ltd in Britain and was sent over to the USA for development in September 1940, by the British Technical Mission who also revealed the details of the magnetron used to improve radar. The fuse’s innovation is that it had a miniaturised radar receiver in it as the means of detonating a projectile close to its target with reliability, whether being an aircraft or the ground. This unfired fuse was recovered from the Ardenne in Western Europe where this type of fuse was first used and shows evidence of it being buried in its appearance. The fuse is fitted with its hollow steel transit plug where the gain is fitted. These fuses were used against ground and aerial targets Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 955

INERT Near Mint Unfired Russian 55MM S-5M HE-FRAG (High Explosive- Fragmentation) Air To Ground Fin Stabilised Rocket. Sn O 96? - O 954
This is a near mint INERT, Unfired Russian 55mm S-5M Air To Ground fin stabilised rocket developed in the early 1950s and first introduced into service in April 1955. This rocket has the S-5M HE-FRAG (High Explosive- Fragmentation) projectile which produces 75 splinters on detonation and was launched using dedicated rocket (ORO-57, ORO- 57K, UB-16-57 and UB-32 pods) holding 4 – 32 rockets. These pods were fitted to standard bomb hardpoints. Aircraft using this rocket were the MiG-15bis, MiG-17, Su-25 and the Mil Mi 24 helicopter. This rocket retains all of its finish except for a slight wear mark on the black front centering band. The projectile is stencilled in black including S-5M over 3-77-406 over A-IX-2 over W-5MI. There is also a black square enclosing ET over M-16. It is also stamped in various places 3 KT 04 2DT. The rocket body is stencilled in black RSJ-G over 1-77-406 over 3-77-406. There are 2 small black stencils of KT over N-23 and one of KT over N-33. There are various stampings consisting of T D H 3 77 123 KT. The rear stabilising fins are kept retracted over the rocket venturi by a opaque transit sleeve and spring out when the sleeve is removed. The fins are stamped and stencilled. The venturi is stamped 3 77 173 KT over 02 10 . The electric firing plug exits the rear of the venturi. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 954

SOLD *** SOLD *** Original Vickers Tool For Filling Webbing Ammunition Belts With .303 Rounds. Misc 813 - Misc 813
An original Vickers hand tool for filling webbing ammunition belts. It has a tapered end which was pushed into the belt loop which formed it to allow the round to be easily pushed into the loop. The tool has a dark wooden handle with steel end. The tool is steel with a brass collar. The tool is stamped around the circumference with "303" and the War Department 'Crows Foot', please see the photographs. The tool measures 6 1/4" long. It is in good condition and has just the normal use marks on it. The Price Includes UK delivery. Misc. 813

INERT WW1 German ‘Kugel Model 1915 Second Pattern Hand Grenade With Original Friction Igniter tube with Paper 'Sekunde' label. Sn O 953 - O 953
This is an original INERT WW1 German Kugel Model 1915 second Pattern hand grenade in excellent condition. The original brass friction igniter tube has the remains of a red paper label with the word S??unde (Sekunde = Seconds) and loop. The cast iron body is cast on the base with the letters I F I . Price includes UK postage and packing. Sn O 953

INERT Unfired Russian N 37 (37x155) High Explosive Aircraft Cannon Round Sn O 952 - O 952
This is an Unfired INERT Russian N 37 (37x155) High Explosive aircraft cannon round as fitted to Russian post war aircraft. The round was introduced on 1946 to replace the NS37 (37x195) cannon round used in WW 2 and was fitted to various aircraft, including the MiGs 9,,15,17,19 and to the Yak 25. This brass cased round has an electric primer and is headstamped 250-? T 184-0 . The copper driving banded steel projectile has various Russian stamps on its circumference including ? 11 A-? ? . The copper tipped nose fuse also has various Russian marks including 5-? 3-50?.. xor A-879. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 952

INERT 2.36” HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) (Hollow Charged) ‘Bazooka’ M7A1 Practice Rocket. Sn O 951 - O 951
This is an Inert 2.36” HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank (hollow charged or shaped charge)) ‘Bazooka’ M7A1 Practice Rocket (identical to the original M6A1 HEAT rocket) and was first issued in July 1942. This all steel rocket retains over 60% of its black original finish with the tail unit retaining approximately 80% of its green paint. The projectile is stencilled in white around the circumference ROCKET PRAC over LOT WC 300 .Just after the ROCKET PRAC is a further feint stencil M7A which refers to this being a M7A1 practice rocket. There are some stamps on the projectile in various places being B E T .This M7A1 practice projectile is of the pointed first pattern type resembling the M6A1 explosive one. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 951

WW2 INERT German 20 mm Flak 28 and 29 (20x110RB) Het (High Explosive Tracer) Flak Round Sn O 950 - O 950
This a German 20mm Flak 28 and 29 (20x110RB) HET High Explosive Trace round for the Oerlikon 20mm Flak 28 and 29 anti-aircraft gun . The steel cartridge case is percussion primed and retains approximately 90% of the original green lacquer. The headstamp is 21A CE Waa6 43 .The projectile is a iron driving banded high explosive trace projectile and is stamped above the driving band AKV 7c ,retaining approximately 60% or the original yellow paint and most of the red tracer ring. The fuse is stamped 2cmKpfZ.45 gld 43 232 Waa600 Both projectile and cartridge case have no cracks in the necks. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 950

*SOLD *** SOLD *** INERT British L2A2 Inert Hand Grenade. Sn. O949 - O 949
This is an Inert British L2A2 ‘Inert’ hand grenade fitted with a L25A6 fuse assembly. This grenade was a modified American M26 hand grenade made by the British Royal Arms Factories and replaced the 36M Mills grenade in service. This grenade body retains most of its green paint. It is stencilled in white ‘INERT’ over a yellow stencil ‘5D/84’ . The alloy fuse has the casting marks ‘QX2267’ and ‘ W2’ . The green painted steel fly off lever has the white stencil L25A6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 949.

Post WW2 INERT Dutch Factory Crimped 6pr7cwt (57x441R)High Explosive Trace (HET) Round. Sn O 948 - O 948
This is a rare inert Dutch post WW2 factory crimped High Explosive Trace (HET) Round for the British 6pr 7cwt tank gun and the towed anti-tank gun. The anti-tank gun was first introduced on November 1941. Later the gun was fitted to the Churchill III & IV, Valentine IX, Crusader III tanks and the AEC armoured car Mk III The unfired projectile is unmarked except for a RED O which is the Dutch symbol for Inert. There is also this symbol on the nose fuse and headstamp. The alloy nose fuse is stamped FUSE P.C.M86 .The cartridge case is headstamped 6tp SMG 1951 (crown over 6) and transversely a (crown over A) and has a factory roll neck crimp on the projectile. The projectile is yellow with red, green and black bands. There is the following lettering 6PR-7CWD over NR8 over TNT over trace mark 52-1. On the reverse is the trace symbol. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O948

INERT WW2 Unfired Original American Armour Piercing Trace (APT) Round For The 57mm M1 Anti-tank Gun. Sn O 947 - O 947
This is an inert WW2 American 57mm Armour Piercing Trace (APT) round for the American M1 anti-tank gun, adopted from the British 6pr 7cwt anti-tank gun in 1941 and issued in 1943 to ground troops. The black painted projectile is stamped on the side 57 G together with white stencilling SHOT A.P, M70 over WITH TRACER . The unfired copper driving band is stamped 57MMM70 1 43 AK(in a monogram) 72 . The brass cartridge case is headstamped 57MM M23A2 LOT37 (a crowfoot) 1943 CL/C . The base is also stencilled over the headstamp AMMN LOTGOP-P-1-36 SHOT A.P M70 . The projectile retains approximately 90% of its original black finish and 95%+ of its stencilling. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 947
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