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MINT WW1 GALLIPOLI, British 1911 Dated 1st Pattern Hook Quillion P1907 Bayonet Regiment Marked ‘4 SWB’ To The 4th Battalion South Wales Borderers, 1st Type Scabbard & 1915 Dated 1914 Pattern Leather Frog By Beckworth C&M. Sn 12961 - 12961
The Famous Gallipoli Campaign, took place on the Gallipoli peninsula (Gelibolu in modern Turkey) in the Ottoman Empire between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916. The campaign resulted in massive loss of lives and casualties for British and allied forces. The South Wales Borderers took part in the campaign and the 4th Battalion lost 400 Officers and men out of 775 that landed at Gallipoli. The Battalion fought with distinction throughout the campaign and were given the honour of providing the rear guard in the evacuation of Sulva beach. They were evacuated in January 1916. Whist there the Division were awarded 2 Victoria Crosses. The Battalion were amongst the last to leave and only a few of the Battalion survived. This is a rare, near mint hook quillion 1907 pattern bayonet for SMLE rifles manufactured in September 1911 by Enfield. The ricasso is marked '1907 (Pattern), 'EFD (Enfield) '09 ‘11(Date) & 'King’s Crown'. The reverse has inspection stamps. The blade is clean. The wood slabs are undamaged. The pommel is crisply stamped with Regiment mark ‘4SWB’ to the 4th Battalion South Wales Borderers and weapon number ‘692’. It is in its original 1st type brown leather scabbard with correct steel locket and internal chape with the tip correctly showing. The leather is impressed with small inspection marks and ‘AC’ with WD arrow. It is also dated ‘08’ (1908) . The scabbard is fitted with an original WW1 1914 pattern leather frog (the rear helve carrier strap is absent). The rear of the frog has impressed ink stamp ‘Beckworth C&M’ (manufacturer) and WW1 date ‘1915’. It has the correct retaining strap with brass buckle. All leather, rivets & stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price for this rare bayonet to a Battalion that fought with distinction at Gallipoli includes UK delivery. Sn 12961

British Pattern 1840 Police Constabulary Carbine Socket Bayonet. Bayo 226 - Bayo 226
This is an 1840 pattern Police Constabulary carbine socket bayonet with Lovell's lug. It has a blade length of 13", a socket length of 3.1" and a muzzle ring diameter of 20.8mm. It was introduced in late 1844 and was identical to the Hanoverian catch model except for the rim. (see Skennerton's item B138, Page 99, also see photograph on page 98 showing the difference in the Hanoverian and Lovell's catch versions). The blade carries a feint inspectors mark over the makers name, which may be "Salter & Co". The bayonet also has a hole drilled through the socket which Skennerton considers to be a later modification for display purposes. (See Skennerton's Page 6). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 226

Swedish M1867 Socket Bayonet For The 12.17mm Remington Rifle. Bayo 225 - Bayo 225
This is an M1867 socket bayonet for the 12.17mm Remington Rifle. This was adopted in 1867 and could take either a socket or a sabre bayonet. The standard issue was the socket bayonet and this has a cruciform blade which is in very good condition and a central locking ring. The blade is 19 1/2" long and the socket 2 5/8" with a muzzle ring diameter of approximately 18mm. The shoulder is stamped with the Swedish Crown over "C" with initials "O.K." and "W.N." (presumably inspectors marks). The other side also carries initials of "H.H." and "T.N." with the number "6350. There is also a regimental mark of "13R 7K" and "NO 99". An unusual socket bayonet which is not common on the collectors market and with the markings, worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 225

British 1879 Artillery Sawback Bayonet and Scabbard. Bayo 224 - Bayo 224
This is an 1879 Artillery sawback bayonet made at Enfield. It has a 25 ¾” blade with fuller in the top section and medial ridge in the lower section. Its saw back is deep cut and very sharp. The only marks on the blade are the 'Broad Arrow' over "W.D." and the condemned mark denoting downgrading, usually to drill purposes. There is also a capital "W" and "R" on the top edge of the blade. The grips are black chequered leather. The bayonet is contained in a later steel mounted black leather scabbard. This bayonet is in good collectable condition. (see Skennerton's item B197, pages 154-156). The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 224

British 1860 Pattern Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. Bayo 223 - Bayo 223
This is a Yataghan bayonet for the Snider short rifle of 1860. It has the Yataghan curved blade with central fuller and a steel hilt with the leaf spring secured by a screw. It has a larger Muzzle Ring Diameter as the new short rifle incorporated improved rifling with a heavier, larger diameter barrel. Most were made at Enfield and this one carries the Crown over "V.R." on one side and the 'Broad Arrow' over "W.D." plus one Enfield and one Birmingham inspection marks on the other. The pommel is also stamped with and Enfield inspection mark plus the number "38". The top edge of the blade also carries the same Enfield inspection mark. The bayonet has black chequered leather grips in excellent condition secured with four pin rivets. It is in a black leather steel mounted scabbard which is in very good condition. The frog stud carries the number "425". (See Skennerton's item B153, Pages 112-121). The price includes delivery. Bayo 223

British 1907 Pattern, 1917 Dated Bayonet To Ampleforth OTC By Sanderson and Scabbard. Sn 12915 - 12915
This is a very nice 1907 bayonet made by Sanderson in 1917. It is stamped on the blade with "1907" followed by unknown month and then "17" followed by "Sanderson". The other side is stamped with inspection marks. The grips are slab wood and in very good condition, secured with two screw bolts. The pommel is stamped with "O.T.C. AMP 169" denoting issue to Ampleforth College, Officer Training Corps. The blade is parkerised and is in very good condition. The leather scabbard is a No 1 MK II with round frog stud. This is a lovely condition bayonet stamped up to a prestigious O.T.C. (See Skennerton's Item B235 pages 186-195). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12915

British X2 E1 Trials Bayonet, Scabbard and Webbing Frog. Bayo 222 - Bayo 222
This is an X2 E1 Trials bayonet. The bayonet is nicely plated, possibly for ceremonial purposes. The pommel incorporates the thumb release catch which works smoothly. The grips are slab wood, secured with two screw bolts. The tang is stamped with "X2 E1 7896". The flash hider prongs have been removed, again most probably for ceremonial purposes. The blade is the original length of 7.9" and not one of the shortened ones. However, the bayonet is contained in a No 5 MKII scabbard as opposed to the X1 E1 Belgian type. This was how the bayonet arrived in our passion and we find no reference to this variation in Skennerton's. The frog is green webbing and is in as new condition. The plating and conversion all looks professional and leads us to believe that this is a scarce prototype or trials version. It is worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 222

Austrian M1854 Lorenz Socket Bayonet. Sn 12918 - 12918
This is an original Austrian socket bayonet for the 1854 Lorenz rifle. It has a cruciform blade and a helical locking slot. The blade is in excellent condition and measures 18" long. The socket is 3 1/8 long. The muzzle ring diameter is 20mm. The shoulder carries Austrian Regimental markings. These are partly legible and read "16R (16 Regiment) and "174" (No of bayonet). Many of these bayonets were exported to the USA during the American Civil War. This is an unusual socket bayonet in excellent condition. (se White & Watts book, No 17, page 8 & 12). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12918

SOLD SOLD SOLD ENGRAVED, WW1 BRING BACK, 1917 Dated German M 1898/05 (S98/05) 'Butcher' Bayonet By Pack-Ohliger & Co Solingen & Scabbard Contemporarily Marked 'In Rememberance Of Ypres’ & ‘Souvenir Of Passhendael (Passchendaele) Ridge'. Sn 12946 - 12946
The Battle of Passchendaele, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres, was a major campaign of the First World War, fought by the Allies against the German Empire. The battle took place on the Western Front, from July to November 1917, for control of the ridges south and east of the Belgian city of Ypres in West Flanders .This is an excellent original 1917 dated WW1 M 1898/05 bayonet captured at Passchendaele & engraved by the British Soldier who took it. According to Tony Carter in his book ‘German Bayonets’, models 98/02 & 98/05 engraved versions, such as this one, are very rare. He states that engravings on captured bayonets were professionally applied most likely after the return home of the British Soldier who captured it. This example is contemporarily professionally engraved ‘In Rememberance Of Ypres’ on the scabbard & ‘Souvenir Of Passhendael Ridge’ on the blade. The blade is clearly stamped by the manufacturer ' Pack-Ohliger & Co Solingen’ at the ricasso and the back of the blade stamped with the Imperial German 'W' Wilhelm ordnance stamp with date '17' (1917). Pack-Ohliger & Co only made the S98/05 pattern bayonets between 1916 & 1917. It has nice undamaged grooved wood grips. It's steel scabbard is also decorated with an engraved and coloured Prussian stand of arms with a sword & wreath above. Examples of Pack-Ohliger S98/05 bayonets are scarce and together with the engraving makes this a desirable piece. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12946

British 1871 Pattern Reproduction Elcho Saw Back Bayonet. Sn 12916 - 12916
In 1870 a radical design of British sword bayonet was offered for trial, designed by Lord Elcho. The blade was a heavy bulbous pattern and was designed as a multi purpose tool for chopping and cutting. The bayonet was approved on 3rd June 1871 and met with favourable results (see skennerton page 392 and 393 item R7). These bayonets are rare. This is a C1970’s made, quality reproduction British Elcho bayonet. This piece would fit into any collection until a rare original could be found and afforded. The ricasso is stamped with what appears to be the Alex Coppel Solingen trademark (illustrated in image 2). It has a 20” bulbous blade with saw back and fullers. It measures 25 ½” overall. The black chequered grips are undamaged. The cross guard has a muzzle ring and the pommel has a release button which works as it should. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12916
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