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British Knives and Bowies

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**RARE, MINT, 1990’s SPECIAL ORDER, ONE OF ONLY 12 MADE** Ron & Roy Middleton Sheffield (Sons Of The Now Deceased J.E. Middleton) Japanese Form Tanto & Scabbard. Sn 16046 - 16046
Throughout the 1970’s and 1990’s the famous Sheffield cutlers J.E. Middleton & his sons Ron & Roy specialised in producing quality classic English & American design Bowies at their Rockingham Street, Sheffield premises. In the 1990’s as a special order Ron & Roy Middleton made 12 quality Japanese Tanto form knives. This is one of those impressive Tantos. It has a pristine 11 ¼” Tanto blade which is razor sharp. The Tanto measures 16 ¼” overall length. The blade is stamped ‘Sheffield’ (it would appear these blades were stamped with manufacturer detail before the final polishing process which has removed the Middleton name). It has a brass cross guard and pommel cap with tooled decoration. The handle is made of one piece solid hardwood in the Japanese style. It is complete with its near mint brown leather open top scabbard. All stitching & leather of the scabbard are intact. ( The information concerning this item came from the person who initiated the order and confirmed by Roy Middleton. Of the 12 made most had different blade legnths.) The price for this rare knife, one of only 12 made in this form by the Middleton’s includes UK delivery. Sn 16046

RARE, ONE OF 7,000, MINT, 1960’s British Military Wilkinson Sword RJH Jungle Fighting Knife With Correct British 1908 Pattern Cavalry Sabre Handle & Scabbard. Sn 16051 - 16051
This is a near mint example of a scarce survival / fighting knife produced by Wilkinson Sword Co in the 1960's. Intended for the M.O.D approximately 7,000 knives were made. The M.O.D. didn't adopt the knife and they were eventually sent to the far east and sold to the military as private purchase weapons ( see page 123 of Flook's book ‘British & Commonwealth Military Knives'. Our example has a clean polished 8” fullered Bowie blade and correct near mint, 1908 pattern Cavalry sword hilt which features chequered panels and thumb recess for grip. The blade is etched ' WILKINSON SWORD LONDON ENGLAND' on one side & ' RJH JUNGLE KNIFE' on the reverse. The hilt has the correct short brass finger guard and large brass pommel nut. The knife comes with its near mint, original brown leather scabbard which has an integral belt loop and retaining strap with press stud fastener. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16051

Victorian Christopher Johnson Sheffield Spear Bowie Belt Dagger With Polished Bone Hilt & 1896-97 London WH (William Holmes) Sterling Silver Mounts & Leather Scabbard. ED 2398 - ED 2398
A Victorian, English Spear Point Belt dagger & Scabbard. This dagger was made by Western Works, Sheffield Cutler Christopher Johnson & Co (see page 90 of Tweedale's 'The Sheffield Knife Book'). It has an elegant polished bone hilt (one side of the hilt has a small imperfection which can be seen in image 3). One side has an inlaid silver plate and ir has a silver pommel. It has a silver ferrule and oval cross guard with tooled circumference. The pommel cap and ferrule have sterling silver hall marks which are ‘WH’ (William Holmes) London 1896-97). It has a 6" double edged, spear point steel blade with medial ridge, marked crisply at the ricasso, "CJ Johnson Sheffield" together with trademark. It measures 10 ¾” overall length. It's original brown leather open top scabbard has an integral belt loop to the rear & stitched seam. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2398

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 16/02) MINT, 1980’s Large Hand Made Pat Mitchell Company (Stuart Mitchell Cutler) Sheffield Bowie Knife With Stag Antler Hilt, Horse Head Cartouche & Scabbard. Sn 15980:23 - 15980:23
A near mint, large hand made Bowie and scabbard made in the 1980s. These knives were made by the Sheffield Cutler Stuart Mitchell to commemorate. The family business was named after Stuart’s Mother ‘Pat’ who in the 1970’s made knives with her husband in Sheffield. The hilt is curved stag horn with wide pommel mounted with brass rimmed roundel cartouche which is engraved with the image of a Horse ‘s head . It has a ribbed brass ferrule and elegant re-curving brass cross guard. It has a 10 ¼” polished steel Bowie blade with scalloped section back edge. The blade is marked by the manufacturer (illustrated inset in image 2). The blade is sharp. It comes with its original brown leather open top scabbard with belt loop. The scabbard has riveted and stitched edges. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15980:23

MINT, 1980’s English Alan Wood Hand Made Hunting & Survival Smatchet (Similar In Form To British & American Special Forces Weapons Of WW2) With Heavy Leaf Shaped Full Tang Steel Blade, Micarta Scales & Scabbard With Removable Frog. Sn 15980:6 - 159806:6
Alan Wood has been a professional knife maker since 1985 and has become the nation’s most emulated craftsman due to his practical and attractive designs. Over the years he has made a wide range of fixed blade knives and a few folders from small gentlemen’s pieces to large collectors and military styles. His Custom made knives are reputed to have a 5 year waiting list. This is an impressive, near mint, early Alan Wood Smatchet hand made some time in the 1980’s, ideal for hunting & survival use. The Smatchet is similar in form to British & American Special Forces weapons of WW2. The heavy leaf shaped double edged blade is pristine and measures 10” in length. The blade is crisply signed ‘A.Wood England’. Its black Micarta Scales are as new with correct brass rivets and ringed lanyard hole. The knife measures 15 ¾” overall. The knife is complete with its original black leather hide scabbard with large riveted belt loop/ frog secured to the scabbard by press studs and retaining strap which secures to the frog by press studs and retains the Smatchet securely in the scabbard. All leather & stitching of the sheath are intact. The price for this Alan Wood Smatchet with scabbard & frog includes UK delivery. Sn 15980:6

MINT, Boxed German Puma White Hunter ‘Big Game’ Knife With Stainless Steel Blade, Wild Stag Horn Scales & Scabbard. Sn 15980:2 - 15980:2
The Puma White Hunter knife was handmade in Solingen, Germany, and has long set the standard for the ultimate hunting knife. The Puma White Hunter was developed in 1956 in conjunction with the East African Professional Hunter’s Association to be the leading knife for big game hunting. White Hunter’s feature stag handles which are made from the shed antlers of Wild Stag. The scales individually cut and hand fitted to the knife. Brass rivets are used to attach the scales to the knife. The rivet heads are filed and, finally, the handle is burnished to a precise size and shape for optimal fit and function. Once the PUMA blade is forged, it is tempered and hand finished in 22 separate steps by skilled craftsmen. Each step uses increasingly fine lubricants, oil coolants, and special polishing grease. This is a near mint example of the Puma Whiter Hunter. The knife has a pristine 6 ¼” stainless steel blade with serrated upper and lower sections. The blade is crisply marked ‘Puma White Hunter Hand Made Germany 11 6375 16/RC’ and with Puma Head logo. Its Wild Stag Horn Scales are as new with correct brass rivets and lanyard hole. The knife measures 10 ¾” overall. The knife is complete with its mint brown leather scabbard with single belt loop riveted and stitched seam, belt and thigh cords. It has a single retaining strap with ‘Puma’ impressed brass stud fastener. The front of the scabbard is impressed with the Puma trade mark. The knife is contained in its black cardboard box with removable lid. The lid has gold lettering with Puma Trade Mark together with German Address and Patent detail in both English and German. The box also has a small label with number ’116375’. The price for this near mint hunting knife with scabbard & original box includes UK delivery. Sn 15980:2

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 29/01) RARE, Large Victorian English & Hubers Sheffield Works 2 Bowie Knife Hilt Inlaid With Brass Studs & Original Steel & Leather Scabbard. Sn 15942 - 15942
J. English & G. Hubers were Sheffield based cutlers in the Victorian era. Known to makers of large Bowie knives for the British & American markets in that era. Examples of their knives are rare to find (see pages 283 & 284 of ‘The Heritage Of English Knives’ by Hayden-Wright where a Bowie by English & Hubers similar to our example is described & illustrated). This is an impressive original large Bowie by English & Hubers. It has a 12 ¼” long deep swept steel bowie blade which is 2” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 18” overall. The ricasso is signed on one side by the makers ‘J. English’ above ‘G. Hubers'. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The reverse is crisply marked ‘Sheffield Works 2’. It has a steel cross guard with ribbed ball finials, rectangular brass ferrule and pommel, contoured hard wood handle with 16 brass studs and 2 laid on brass escutcheon plates. The Bowie has its original steel scabbard which leather applied to front and rear panels. The chape of the scabbard has a ball end and the throat has a stylised Boars head locket. The scabbard has no damage or dents. The Bowie fits the scabbard snugly. The price for this rare Victorian Bowie includes UK delivery. Sn 15942

Pat Walker Bowie Knife And Scabbard. ED 882 - ED 883
This is an unusual handmade bowie knife made by the husband and wife team of Stuart and Pat Walker of Sheffield. They operated originally from the Stag Works until 1980 when they moved to new premises in the Portland Works. Unfortunately both Stuart and Pat are now deceased but the firm has continued with their son, Stuart Junior. All of the knives made by Stuart and Pat carried the name of Pat Walker, (their trademark). This knife has a 6 ¼ inch bowie blade and is stamped Pat Walker Sheffield England within an oval and HAND MADE STAINLESS STEEL. The crossguard and pommel are made of brass with compressed leather washers rather than the usual stag horn or wood grips that the Mitchells usually used. The knife is complete with its original hand tooled brown leather sheath. The knife is retained in its scabbard by a press studded strap. This is an unusual knife for the Mitchells which probably dates to the late 1970s to the early 1980s. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 883

MINT. Wolstenholme, Sheffield Bowie Knife And Scabbard. ED 879 - ED 879
This is a near mint handmade bowie knife by Wolstenholme, one of the premier knife makers of Sheffield. The knife has a length of 11 ¼ inches with a blade length of 6 ¼ inches. The knife has a brass crossguard which is stamped with the Wolstenholme trademark, WOLSTENHOLME over IXL and SHEFFIELD ENGLAND contained within a small oval. The other side of the pommel is stamped MADE IN SHEFFIELD. The pommel is held to the blade by two steel pins. The stag horn grips are held to the blade with five steel pins. The knife is contained in its original hand tooled brown leather scabbard which is stamped IXL to the front and the Arms of Sheffield over KS and MADE ON SHEFFIELD to the rear. The scabbard has a press stud fastener to secure the knife. This is a good heavy bowie knife by a famous Sheffield maker. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 879

MINT Pat Mitchell Knife In Original Brown Leather Scabbard. ED 878 - ED 878
This is a near mint hand crafted knife made from the 1970s by the husband and wife team of Stuart and Pat Mitchell who operated from the Portland works in Sheffield from 1957 and now are sadly deceased. The company has been carried on by their son, Stuart Mitchell Jr.. All knives made by the husband and wife team were stamped Pat Mitchell SHEFFIELD ENGLAND within an oval and HAND MADE below. This knife measures 10 inches in total with a blade of 5 ¼ inches long. The crossguard and pommel are made of brass with stag horn grips held on by four brass pins. The pommes is pierced for a lanyard which is made of leather. The scabbard is made from brown leather with a press stud strap to hold the knife secure. The front of the scabbard is stamped with an unknown crest and the rear carries the Arms of Sheffield. This is a nice knife made by well-respected Sheffield makers. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 878
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