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ALL MATCHING NUMBERS WW1 1917 Dated British Officer's Webley MK VI .455 Calibre Service Revolver. Sn 11326 - 11326
This is an original, WW1 dated British Officer's MK VI .455 calibre Service Revolver in excellent condition. On the left side of the frame it is stamped ' Webley Mark VI Patents' with 1917 date and 'Mark VI'. It has matching numbers, cylinder, barrel and frame. It has WD proof/ inspection marks on its frame and trigger guard. This new specification deactivated pistol has a ringed cylinder and blocked barrel. The pistol's original finely chequered grips are in similar excellent condition. It is complete with lanyard ring. The action works perfectly and it strips, cocks and dry fires as it should. The price includes the deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 11326

SOLD SOLD SOLD WW1 Era Spanish Trocaola Aranzabal Eibar .45 Calibre 6 Shot Double Action Military Service Revolver (S&W Russian Top Break Pattern) As Issued To British & French Officer's. Sn 11327 - 11327
In 1914, with the beginning of the First World War, the Trocaola, Aranzabal, y Compañía arms manufacturer located in the City of Eibar Spain began equipping the French Army with revolvers. At that time Smiths & Wesson’s American patents did not protect their designs in Spain and the Company produced revolvers identical to S&W Russian Calibre top break and hand ejector type revolvers. In WW1 the British Army faced a shortage of their standard Officer’s issue Webley MK VI revolvers and ordered supplies of the Spanish made large calibre revolvers. This example of the Spanish made service revolver which is designed using S&W Russian Calibre top break action designs is in excellent condition and is of the type issued to British & French Officers during WW1. It has a 5” barrel with top rib which is stamped by the manufacturer ‘Trocaola Aranzabal Eibar Espana’. It has military fixed sights and lanyard ring. Finished in blue the right side of the frame is stamped with the manufacturer’s trademark roundel. The left side of the frame is stamped with serial number ‘3215’. The Frame and barrel have small ‘Crown above BP and BV’ inspection marks. This new specification deactivated pistol has a ringed cylinder and blocked barrel. The pistol's original finely chequered wood grips are in similar excellent condition. The top break action works perfectly and it strips, cocks and dry fires as it should. The price includes the deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 11327

WW1 British 1918 Dated Sam Browne Holster For Webley & Enfield MK VI .455" Calibre Service Revolvers By Cooper Webb Jones & Co Walsall To 2nd Lieutenant F.Coxe Royal Garrison Artillery. L 349 - L 349
A superb condition brown leather holster, dated 1915 for the Webley & Enfield MK VI .455" Calibre Service Revolvers. It has a full flap cover with single brass stud and has a retaining strap with eyelet stitched to the body. The rear of the body is impressed with manufacturer roundel ‘Cooper Webb Jones & Co Walsall ‘ and dated 1918 (illustrated). It has a large rear belt loop with original brass bar and hook for attachment to Sam Browne belt rigs. The inside of the flap has contemporary ink hand writing ‘F.Coxe’ & Faint ‘RGA’ no doubt the WW1 Officer who owned this holster (illustrated inset in image 2). Force War Records indicate that a 2nd Lieutenant F. Coxe served with the British Royal Garrison Artillery in 1918. The Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) was an arm of the Royal Artillery 1899-1924. It was originally tasked with manning the guns of the British Empire's forts and fortresses, including coastal artillery batteries, the heavy gun batteries attached to each infantry division, and the guns of the siege artillery. During WW1 as the war developed, the heavy artillery and the techniques of long-range artillery were massively developed. The RGA supplied Siege batteries such as were deployed at the Somme and were often supported by the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) who had devised a system where pilots could use wireless telegraphy to help the artillery hit specific targets. All leather and stitching of the holster are intact. Price for this excellent holster to a named Artillery Officer which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. L 349

Original WW2 German M42 Combat Helmet With Original Camouflage Paint Marked ‘CKL 66’ & ‘423’ With Liner. HE 855 - HE 855
An original WW2 German M42 steel combat helmet. It has no dents & all rivets are in place together with its chin strap bales. The helmet retains its shades of green and tan camo paint. It has its original leather sweatband liner which is clean and intact. Its chinstrap is absent. The steel rim of the helmet is stamped ‘CKL 66’ & ‘423’ (illustrated inset in image 2). The helmet has no dents and correct M42 unrolled rim edge. It is original and un-messed with. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed 100% original. It is approx. UK size 7. Price includes UK delivery. HE 855

SOLD SOLD Original, WW1 1918 U.S. Army MK I Trench/ Fighting Knife By Landers, Frary And Clark (LFC CO) With Matching 1918 Dated LFC Scabbard. Sn 11340 - 11340
This pattern of Knife was first produced in 1918 and were used by American troops in the later stages of WWI. The same knives also saw action in WWII and many were adapted for use by Airborne troops by removal of one side of the guard so the weapon could be carried comfortably against hip or chest. This is an excellent original example of the Landers, Frary and Clark MK I Fighting Knife. It has a clean 6 1/2 inch leaf shaped double edged spear point blade with medial ridge and solid brass handle with 4 finger spiked knuckle bow. All spikes are present and undamaged. The right side of the handle is deeply stamped 'U.S. 1918 LF&C-1918'. The right side has what appears to be an erased name with partially visible stamped letters which appear to be ‘PJ*******INN’ above number ‘0453568’. The pommel has the correct pointed nut which secures the blade through the handle (see page 68 of Fighting Knives By Stephens). The Knife is complete with its original pressed steel scabbard which is crisply stamped at the throat 'L.F.&C 1918'. The top and bottom sections of the scabbard are slotted for belt or strap and it has 2 riveted belt hooks on the rear. The tip of the scabbard is holed for cord. Sn 11340

**SOLD**SOLD**Fully Moderated/ Silenced Poacher's 12 Gauge Single Barrel Break Action Folding Shotgun. Sn 11337 - 11337
Poachers have throughout the ages used concealable weapons for hunting and self protection. This is an interesting 12 Bore folding Shotgun fully moderated for covert hunting. The shotgun folds to allow concealment in long pockets of riding 'duster' overcoats or holdalls. At some time in its life this Italian made single barrel internal hammer 12 gauge shotgun has been adapted for poaching by removal of its wood fore end and the barrel being fitted with a full alloy sleeve sound moderator/ silencer. Its original wood stock with chequered panel neck and plastic ribbed butt plate are undamaged . It has a 29 ¼” moderated/ silenced barrel which is 2” diameter and fitted with brass bead fore sight. The shotgun measures 48" overall. The weapon has a knurled steel thumb lever which breaks the weapon for loading and due to the fore stock being absent the weapon can be folded for concealment. The frame is stamped ‘Made In Italy’. The weapon's cocking and firing mechanisms work as they should. Price includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. Sn 10862

Original, Nazi Hitler Youth 'HJ' Dagger RZM Marked M7/40 By Hartkopf Solingen & Scabbard With Integral Frog. ED 2409 - ED 2409
An original Hitler-Jugend (HJ) Hitler Youth dagger with nickel plated pommel and crossguard. It has original black chequered grips, the front inset with the red and white enamel HJ diamond with black and gold swastika. It has a 5 ½” long, broad single edged blade. The blade is crisply marked with RZM roundel, 'M7/40' which is the Nazi manufacturer code for Hartkopf Solingen. The blade also has the manufacturer’s name and trademark. The blade has some staining but no rust. It has its original leather hilt washer and is complete with original black metal scabbard with leather integral frog and retention strap.The ‘female’ part of the stud fastener is absent. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2409

SOLD SOLD SOLD ALL MATCHING NUMBERS MANUFACTURER AND DATES WW2 ERA 1938 German Mauser K98 Rifle Bayonet & Scabbard By Clemen & Jung Solingen. BAYO 65 - BAYO 65
This is an excellent German Mauser K98 Rifle Bayonet and Scabbard with matching numbers, manufacturer and date markings. The blade is stamped by the manufacturer on the ricasso, 'Clemen & Jung (Solingen)'. The reverse is stamped with number '4872'. The bayonet's fullered blade is clean and the back of the blade is stamped '38' (1938). The wood grips are clean & undamaged. The pommel of the bayonet is Waffenamt. It is complete with original steel scabbard. The throat is stamped with number ‘4872' and the reverse with matching manufacturer name and '1938' date. The tear drop end of the scabbard is undented and Waffenamt. Price for this all matching bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. BAYO 65

C1855 Crimean War Era British Land Transport Corps Driver’s Gladius Form Short Sword Sidearm & Scabbard. ED 2410 - ED 2410
Formed towards the end of the Crimean War, the British land transport Corps was an attempt to provide a more organised transport system for the british Army. The design was based on contemporary gladius style short swords carried by Soldiers throughout Europe in particular France (see page 170 of World Swords by Withers). This is an excellent original example. It has 1 ¼” broad 17 ¾” long, single edged blade and measures 22 ¾” overall. The blade has just light areas of staining consistent with age. It has a rugged brass handle deeply grooved for grip with ball pommel and the cross guard has the correct rolled ball ends. The Sword is complete with original Leather Scabbard with brass locket and chape. Price for this unusual Crimean War era piece includes UK delivery. ED 2410

**SOLD**SOLD**MINT J.E. Middleton & Sons, Hand Made Bowie Knife With Stag Horn Grips & Sheath. ED 2412 - ED 2412
This is a near mint, original, hand made Bowie Knife hand by J.E. Middleton & Sons Sheffield. It has a perfect 7" long deep swept Bowie blade and measures 12" overall. The ricasso is stamped with the famous Knife makers name 'J.E. Middleton & Sons, Sheffield' and with his 'Rockingham Street, Sheffield' address. It has a Brass crossguard and beautiful Stag Horn slab grips. It is complete with its brown leather sheath. The rear of the sheath has a single belt loop impressed ‘RR’. All stitching & leather of the sheath are intact. Price for this impressive Bowie includes UK delivery. ED 2412

WW2 C1942 Ornate Hand Crafted 7th Gurkhas Presentation Kukri With Scabbard In The Form Of A Service Revolver Presented By Lt (QCO) Manbir Limbu To Lt Col MGD Henderson. Sn 11346 - 11346
Made C1942 This is an interesting ornate WW2 C1942 7th Gurkhas presentation Kukri with scabbard hand crafted in the form of a service revolver & holster. The Kukri itself has a 5 ½” curved blade with etched panels on both sides. It has a hand carved curved wood chequered ‘pistol grip’ handle incorporating a carved ‘pistol hammer’ and plated metal fittings representing the butt plate with military lanyard ring and ‘action’ of a revolver. The Kukri is 8 ¾” overall. The scabbard made of hand carved wood has plated metal fittings representing the cylinder, frame and muzzle of a revolver. The bottom edge of the scabbard has a plated fitting representing the trigger and trigger guard of a revolver. There is also a separate hanging ring. The central metal fitting of the scabbard is engraved ‘Presented By Lt (QCO) Manbir Limbu To Lt Col MGD Henderson’ above the inset metal badge of the 7th Gurkhas. The price for this unusual Gurkha piece which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 11346

Hand Crafted Bone Handled Gurkha Presentation Kukri With 2 Skinning Knives & Scabbard With Fine Silver Work Incorporating the Crossed Kukri Device Of The Gurkha Regiment. Sn 11347 - 11347
An excellent quality hand crafted bone handled Gurkha presentation Kukri, complete with scabbard and two skinning knives. The knife has a heavy 8 ½” polished steel curved kukri blade which has a single edge and hand tooled decoration with brass inlays along both sides of the blade. As is typical of the Kukri form blade it is 'notched' near to the hilt. The blade is clean sharp and undamaged. It measures 12” overall. The handle is carved polished bone with brass ferrule. The scabbard is rich velvet covered wood, encased in fine hand tooled silver work incorporating stylised birds, animals, flowers and the crossed Kukri device of the Gurkha Regiment. The scabbard also has a thin silver chain attached with a small silver shield pendant. The rear of the scabbard has a velvet pouch which contains its 2 original small bone handled skinning knives with 2” single edged steel blades. Price for this hand crafted Gurkha Kukri with fine silver work includes UK delivery. Sn 11347
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