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Boxed, 1953-83, German, Walther LP 53, .177 Calibre, Air Pistol & Accessories. Sn 10753 - 10753
The LP53 (Luft pistole/ Air Pistol)pistol) was produced between 1953 and1983. It is a .177 calibre air pistol with the same design lines as Walther's famous .22 LR Olympia target pistol. The LP53 is all metal with beautifully formed plastic grip panels. Movie posters for early James Bond films show Bond holding an LP 53 or Olympia pistol instead of his usual service PPK. This example is in near mint condition with excellent finish to the metalwork and brown plastic contoured grips with Walther banners. It has target sights and is stamped on the left side of the frame with the Walther banner and patent detail 'LP Mod 53 Cal 4.5 (.177)' together with 'Made In Germany' & serial number '075647'. The pistol functions perfectly and is contained in it's cardboard box with removable lid and Walther labelling. The box contains it's original wood cocking aid, replacement sight blades, cleaning tool & illustrated instruction pamphlet. Price for this excellent complete set with connection to the iconic Bond series of movies includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill regarding sale and delivery of this item apply. Sn 10753

MINT, Boxed, Post 1958, Webley Senior .177 Calibre Air Pistol With Brown Grips With Original Illustrated Component Leaflet. Sn 10715 - 10715
This Webley Senior .177 Calibre Air pistol has undamaged brown plastic grips with Webley roundels. The pistol is in near mint condition with all of it's original blue finish. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'The Webley Senior Made In England' together with 'oil' and arrow indicator pointing to the oil hole located on top of the cylinder, all highlighted in white. The right side is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd, Birmingham' and 'Webley Patents' (The pre 1958 Birmingham area code 4 was removed post 1958 after a factory relocation, See Page 85 of Webley Air Pistols by Bruce). The forward barrel block is stamped '.177' calibre & the front of the cylinder stamped with number '664'. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight. It cocks and fires perfectly with a strong spring action. The pistol is contained in it's original Webley cardboard box with Webley labelling & imagery. Original 'instructions for use' are adhered to the inside of the lid. The box also contains it's illustrated component and price list and red cardboard Webley label. Price for this mint boxed air pistol includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 10715

Boxed, Pre WW2 Webley Mark 1, .177 Calibre Air Pistol. AI 602 - AI 602
The Webley Mark 1 Air Pistol was produced between 1935 and 1964 with refinements being made to the model throughout the production period. This is a nice Pre WW2 Webley Mark I Air Pistol. It has the correct Pre War smooth surface barrel (post War barrels were milled or knurled for grip) & black chequered grips which are correctly without Webley markings. It has "Oil Here" with a straight arrow on the left side of the cylinder together with "Webley Air Pistol Mark 1 Made in England" and number '57191'. On the left side just below the fore sight it is stamped with ".177 MK1". The front end of the cylinder has matching number "191". The cylinder is stamped on the right side "Webley & Scott Ltd Birmingham". It is also stamped with Webley's Great Britain, USA & Canada 1925 Patents Patents and patent number 219872. It retains it's original blue finish & the pistol cocks and fires with a strong spring action. The pistol is complete with it's original cardboard box with Webley imagery and labelling. The box has a removable lid which bears the correct Webley 'Weaman Street Birmingham' address. The inside of the lid has instructions for use (see pages 69-72 of Webley Air Pistols by Gordon Bruce). The price for this boxed pre WW2 air pistol includes UK delivery. AI 602

WW2 1941 Fascist Military Italian Marked Beretta Carcano 6.5mm Bolt Action Carbine With Integral Folding Bayonet & Sling. Sn 10760 - 10760
This is an excellent original example of the Carcano carbine. It has all original wood and metalwork & is equipped with original folding bayonet. It has a steel butt plate with trap, sling bars fitted with original leather sling, fixed rear sight and block & blade fore sight. The breech is stamped The stock is stamped 'Cal 6.5' . It is also stamped at the breech with number 'UM2677' and dated '1941'. The breech also has several inspection marks including 'Crown RE' indicating 'Royal Army' issue and 'XX' indicating Fascist manufacture. It is also stamped by the manufacturer 'Beretta Gardone'. The stock is impressed with number '8217' and with a cartouche containing a Crown FAO' and what appears to be '41' (1941 date). The carbine strips, cocks & dry fires as it should. Price includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. Sn 10760

ORIGINAL MATCHING NUMBERS AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ERA Colt Poice Model 1862 Constabulary & Civil War Officer’s .36 Calibre Single Action 5 Shot Percussion Pocket Revolver. Sn 10774 - 10774
The Colt 1862 Police 'Constabulary' Percussion Revolver is considered by many collectors as the epitome in development of the cap and ball revolvers. Manufactured from 1861 until approximately 1873, it was designed in response to the demand for pocket pistols by both civilians and early Police Forces. This model was the concluding design of Colt percussion pistols and in addition to, the Police for whom this pistol was designed these weapons were popular with Civil War Army Officers (see pages 136 & 137 of Colt Firearms By James Serven). This nice original example of the Model 1862 revolver has even patina throughout. The pistol has a 4 1/2" blued steel barrel & cylinder and measures 9 ¾” overall. The top of the barrel is stamped 'Address Col. Saml Colt New York U.S. America'. It has a lovely coloured case hardened frame and hammer, captive steel lever ram rod and correct brass pin fore sight and notched hammer rear sight. It has a heavy brass trigger guard and grip frame & attractive walnut grip. The underside of the frame, barrel block, trigger guard and butt are stamped with matching serial numbers ‘27401’. It’s single action firing mechanism works perfectly. Price for this historic revolver includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre percussion revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 10774. BOOKS COVERING ALL ASPECTS OF THE HISTORY OF COLT FIREARMS MANUFACTURE INCLUDING THE BOOK REFERRED TO ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON THIS WEBSITE.

WW2 1944 Russian M1910 7.62x54 Calibre Maxim Gun With Fluted Jacket, Snow Hopper, Ammo Tin, Ammo Belt, Inert Rounds, Armour Plate & Wheeled Carriage With Transit Case. Sn 10664 - 10664
The Maxim gun was the first recoil-operated machine gun, invented by the British inventor Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim in 1884. The weapon was adopted by the British Army in 1888. The gun's design was also purchased and used by several other European countries. The Maxim gun saw action in the Russo-Japanese War, where it was employed by the Imperial Russian Army. The weapons also saw service during the Russian Civil War, WW1, WW2 and into the 1950's. This is an excellent original Russian M1910 7.62x54 calibre Maxim gun. It's frame is stamped with a triangle mark above date '1944' and 'KH4'. It has a flip up long range sight and it's original Wheeled Carriage & Armour Plate. The Maxim retains it's original green paint. The breech cover can be raised as it should and internally it has a removable belt feed. The weapon cocks and dry fires. This Maxim has a fluted jacket and 'snow hopper'. It is accompanied by an original green painted ammo tin with hinged lid which contains a partial ammo belt and a quantity of inert rounds. Also included is the carriage's original wooden transit case with hinged lid and metal fittings. The crate is undamaged and has original stencilled letters and numbers. This piece comes with a single A4 page of typed assembly instructions. Price includes deactivation certificate. Delivery is by arrangement and at cost. Sn 10664

Late 1800's- Early 1900's, Malayan Native Dagger With Ornate Antique Ivory Or Bone Handle With Hand Forged Acid Wash Blade & Brass Mounted Hardwood Scabbard. Sn 10680 - 10680
The kris is a type of dagger, often with a pistol-gripped shaped handle. Traditionally worn as a status symbol and carried by warriors. The kris is characterised by its distinctive wavy blade. The blade is given its characteristic shape by folding different types of metal together and then washing it in acid. Kris were said to be infused with venom during their forging but the method of doing this was a closely guarded secret among blacksmiths. This is an excellent Malayan Kris most likely made in the late 1800's -Early 1900's. It has a beautiful 15 1/2" long acid washed, hand forged Kris blade which incorporates it's ornate barbed design. The handle is beautifully hand crafted from antique Ivory or Bone and has a decorative ferrule. The dagger measures 19 3/4" overall and is complete with it's original hardwood scabbard. The body of the scabbard is wrapped in a thin sheet of brass with a foliate hammered design. Price for this beautiful ethnic piece includes UK delivery. Sn 10680

WW2 INERT Unfired German Anti Concrete Shell Base Fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) For The 15Cm s FH18 Field Gun. Sn. 956 - O 956
This is an unfired WW2 INERT German Anti-Concrete shell base fuse (BdZf15cmGr19Bd) for the 15Cm s FH18 Field gun. The steel fuse is stamped on its base BdZf15cmGr19Bd RHS 433/39 with a feint white stencil 6G . The alloy circular plate on the base of the fuse is stamped GV KV OV meaning long, short and no delay when setting the fuse delay. The base fuse is screwed into the unfired steel gain which is stamped tye on the base. The first picture shows the fuse unscrewed from the gaine side by side. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 956

A Set Of 5 X Volumes of 'Uniforms Of The S.S.' by Andrew Mollo. BO 1013 - BO 1013
A set of 5 x volumes of 'Uniforms Of The S.S.' by Andrew Mollo, all of the books are in excellent condition and all are complete with the original dust wrappers as can be seen in the photographs. This is a complete and classic work and comprises of the following:- Volume 1, Allgemeine S.S. 1940-1945. Volume 2, Germanische S.S. 1940-1945. Volume 3, S.S. Verfugungstruppe 1933-1939. Volume 4, S.S. Totenkopfverbande 1933-1945. Volume 5, Sicherheitsdienst und Sicherheitspolizei 1931-1945. All five volumes are long since out of print and still greatly valued for their information and illustrations. The volumes are all fully illustrated throughout. The price includes Uk delivery. BO 1013

WW1 Manchester Police Special Constables Hand Decorated Presentation Truncheon Named to 'A. H. Hughes'. Sn 10775 - 10775
A WW1 Manchester Police Special Constables hand decorated presentation truncheon named to 'A. H. Hughes'. During WW1 Chief Constables were empowered to swear in Special Constables to police their force areas whilst the majority of men were away at war. This is a fine example of a Manchester Police Special Constables Truncheon. It is made from hard wood and varnished. It has a very broad 5 groove grip and round end. The tip is stamped with "Lindop Manchester". The truncheon measures 15 1/2" long. The baton is hand decorated with the Kings Crown above a Banner with 'Manchester' inside. Below this is the Manchester Council crest and below this another banner with 'Special Constable'. A banner below this has 'A. H. Hughes' and '1916-1919'. This is an excellent quality truncheon and researchable. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10775

***SOLD***SOLD*** Early, Circa 20th Century Leather Covered Truncheon, over 'Hob Nails'. Sn 10747 - 10747
An early, Circa 20th Century leather covered truncheon, over 'hob nails'. This type of truncheon was typically made and adapted for use in asylums and prisons where violence could break out and had to be quelled quickly. It is made from hard wood and varnished. The grip is an unusual straight 9 groove grip. It measures 17" long. The truncheon has had 'hob nails' knocked into it around the top 6" and then dark brown leather has been stretched over the truncheon up to the grip. The leather is very neatly stitched down one seam and the tip. The hob nails were covered in leather to soften the blow but still make it more harsh than a traditional truncheon. The leather is in very good condition and has a nice patina. The price includes delivery. Sn 10747

WW1 British Government Framed Recruiting Poster 'The Scrap Of Paper'. Sn 10772 - 10772
An original WW1 British Government framed recruiting poster 'The Scrap Of Paper'. This is an original poster which was Poster 7 of a series published by The Parliament Recruiting Committee, London. The poster appeals to men in Britain to join up, playing on their conscience that Germany has trampled on an innocent nation and the fact that the German Chancellor tore up 'The Treaty of 1839' saying it was only "a scrap of paper". The poster measures 30" x 20" and is preserved behind glass and framed in a plain black frame. The poster has a faint water mark to the top right and a small hole in the centre where it has been folded into four. Apart from this the poster is in very good condition for it's age. All of the printing is clear and bright. In the centre of the poster is a copy of the treaty seals and signatures of the six nations who guaranteed Belgian Independence and Neutrality. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 10772
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