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Original Royal Malaysian Air Force Songkok (Cap) & Original Cardboard Hat Box. HE 847 - HE 847
An Original Royal Malaysian Air Force Black Velour Songkok (Cap), Complete with original cardboard hat box by Malaya Tra....more

Set Of 8 x Volumes of 'VC's Of The First World War' Published Between 1994-2002 by Sutton Publishing By Various Authors. BO 1005 - BO 1005
A set of 8 x volumes of 'VC's Of The First World War' published between 1994-2002 by Sutton Publishing; by various autho....more

INERT German Unfired pre WW2 3.7cm PAK 36 Round With An Unfired Armour Piercing High Explosive Projectile. Sn O 935 - O 935
This is an INERT German pre WW2 3.7cm PAK 36 round, brass cased with the following head stamp, 3.7 cm Pak 6331 and a ....more

SOLD. SOLD NERT Unfired German WW2 3.7cm Flak 18 Round With An Unfired High Explosive Projectile . Sn O 909 - O 909
This is an INERT German WW2 3.7cm FLAK 18 round, copper washed steel cased with the following head stamp, 6348st 3.7cmF....more

INERT Unfired British 20pr APDS/T Round Sn O 931 - 931
This is a scarce round for the British 20pr tank gun as fitted to the British Centurion tank. The 20pr round replaced t....more

INERT Unfired British 120mm APDS/T Three Quarter Section Projectile Sn O 910 - O 910
This is a scarce sectioned120mm APDS/T (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot fitted with trace) projectile for the British ....more

SOLD *** SOLD ***(lay-away) RARE MAKER, Nazi German 1933 Pattern SA Dagger By Curdts Nachfolger (Rarity 8) With Scabbard. Sn 10313 - 10313
This is an original 1933 pattern SA dagger and scabbard in nice condition.The blade is crisply stamped with the manufact....more

VERY SCARCE COMPLETE & ORIGINAL, Victorian C1860 Poachers' Percussion Walking Stick Under Hammer Shotgun With Removeable Stock & Muzzle Plug/ End Cap. Sn 10363 - 10363
Victorian Poachers faced heavy penalties if caught in the act of taking game illegally and went to great lengths to conc....more

C1800 George III Era British Briar Sword Stick With Etched Tri-Foil Blade & Silver Fittings. Sn 10403 - 10403
An attractive George III era Sword Stick made C1800. It has a 27 1/2" Tri-Foil type blade which narrows to a pin sharp p....more

VERY RARE,English Victorian Nickel Plated Brass & Mahogany Tipstaff Engraved To The 'Inspector Of HM (Her Majesty's) Prisons By Parker Field & Sons London With Removable Crown Tip. Sn 10414 - 10414
The tip staff is one of the earliest forms of Police/ Prison Officers authority, carried by the early Constables/ Watchm....more

Original George III Era Painted Wolverhampton Police Truncheon With Impressed Royal Arms Stamp & Wrist Strap. Sn 10411 - 10411
This is an excellent original George III era wooden Police Truncheon. It is 16 1/4 inches in length and has highly colou....more

Original British Victorian Painted Police Truncheon. Sn 10410 - 10410
This is an original Victorian wooden Police Truncheon. It is 16 inches in length and has highly coloured decoration in G....more

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