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WW2 Period Aluminium Wash Bowl And Leather Bound Carrier Top With Labels To Major F.C. Green, 'M.C.' of the Royal Tank Regiment. Sn 14334 - 14334
This is a WW2 period aluminium wash bowl and leather bound top which belonged to Major F. C. Green M.C. of the Royal Tank Regiment. The Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) is the oldest tank unit in the world, being formed by the British Army in 1916 during the Great War. Today, it is the armoured regiment of the British Army's 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade. Formerly known as the Tank Corps and the Royal Tank Corps, it is part of the Royal Armoured Corps. Major Green was in the 4th Royal Tank Regiment. The 4th and the 7th had been destroyed fighting side by side in Tobruk but the Army Board took the decision that neither would be lost in the Order of Battle. It was a singular recognition of what they had together achieved during their remarkable history. This washbowl and top is complete with labels, one brown label attached by string showing it was owned by "Major F. C. Green MC Royal Tank Regt. Empire Ke. - Port Said" and on the reverse "Via Liverpool St and Waterloo To Southampton Central". The top is 16" across with a leather rolled stitched edge. One label says "Cabin". The washbowl top is in excellent condition. It has four leather tongues through which a thin leather strap is threaded and secured with a steel buckle. The aluminium basin is 15" in diameter and is 4 1/2" deep. It is in good condition. It is nicely stamped with "British Made Diamond Pure Aluminium". The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 14334

Irish Free State Model 1927 Vickers Steel Helmet & Irish Free State Badge. He 864 - HE 864
This is a very nice condition Irish Free State P1927 Steel helmet and badge. The Vickers helmet, in spite of its British manufacture, its ‘German’ style rendered it the butt of much anti-Irish British propaganda. During the 1920s the newly formed Irish Defence Forces began looking for a steel helmet. At first the French Adrian model, named after its inventor, August-Louis Adrian, was tested on a limited scale but was found to be unsatisfactory. Eventually it was decided to choose the German helmet used in the First World War, and in November 1926 the Irish government approached the German consulate requesting a modern sample. The German Foreign Office’s reply, dated 30 December 1926, advised that the export of steel helmets was prohibited under the terms laid down by the Versailles Treaty, and for that reason they were unable to comply. So the Irish Free State had to look elsewhere. An order for the helmets was placed with Vickers & Co. Ltd, London, and the design was to be based on the German pattern worn during the Great War. The German consulate in Dublin reported to the Foreign Office in Berlin on 16 August 1927 to the effect that Vickers & Co. had been asked to deliver the helmets ‘to be tested for their expediency during the autumn manoeuvres next year’. The helmet produced was similar to the German one except that the sides were more gently sloped and it was painted a dark shade of green. The most relevant features were the two small brackets affixed to the front to hold an officer’s pattern cap badge painted black and worn by all ranks when the occasion required. On the inside rim of the centre of the rear was a die-stamped inscription ‘V Ltd.’ with a serial number. The interior fittings were completed in Dublin and were stamped ‘T. Smith & Son, Dublin, 1927’. This helmet has "H8669" (Approx 10,000 were made) followed by "V Ltd P 407/27" stamped inside at the rear. It has the three tongue liner pads with draw string and the leather liner band is stamped with "T Smith & Sons Dublin 1927". The outside, to the front has two small brackets for the Irish Free State badge to locate in, the badge is in good condition and retains the pins to the rear. The helmet is in very good undamaged condition. The leather chin strap retains both metal fittings and adjusting buckle. This is a very nice complete example which is nicely marked. The price includes UK delivery. HE 864

WW1 Princess Mary Christmas Tin 'Bullet' Pencil. Misc. 860 - Misc 860
The Princess Mary Gift Fund box is an embossed brass box that originally contained a variety of items such as tobacco and chocolate. It was intended as a Christmas present to those serving at Christmas in 1914 and was paid for by a public fund backed by Princess Mary. Princess Mary's original intention had been to pay, out of her private allowance, for a personal gift to each soldier and sailor. This was deemed impracticable and a proposal was made that she lend her name to a public fund, which would raise the necessary monies to provide the gift. It was anticipated that the majority of eligible recipients would receive an embossed brass box, one ounce of pipe tobacco, twenty cigarettes, a pipe, a tinder lighter, Christmas card and photograph but quite early on the committee in charge received strong representations that an alternative gift should be made available for non-smokers. After some discussion the Committee agreed that non-smokers should receive the brass box, a packet of acid tablets, a khaki writing case containing pencil, paper and envelopes together with the Christmas card and photograph of the Princess. This bullet pencil bears the Princess Mary's monogram on the brass case. The ‘pencil bullet’ was not fashioned out of real bullet parts, it was simply a pencil with a rounded end that looked like an unfired round when stored inside a brass tube resembling a cartridge case. The monogram is clear as can be seen in the photographs, the pencil looks to have not been sharpened and is full length. The price includes UK delivery. Misc. 860

WW2 1942 Dated Nazi Marked German Gas Mask By eba With Original 1942 Dated Drab Green Steel Canister By avz. N 503 - N 503
This is a complete gas mask and canister in very good condition. The gas mask is clean and complete with rubberised eye pieces and clear plastic eye lenses with yellow plastic filters on the inside. It has the correct green webbing face mask and elasticated head straps with alloy buckles. The inside of the mask is ink stamped under the fold over leather seam around the rim of the head piece with a Nazi manufacturer code ‘'eba', the date '18 9 42', Waffenampt and code '320' and '25' and a further Waffenampt, (see the third photograph for a close up.The screw off steel filter has its original grey paint and black ink markings of "G" and in white "I C T". The filter has a brass mesh insert. The mask has its original shoulder strap. The mask is contained in its original drab green painted steel canister with fluted cylindrical body and hinged lid with sprung retaining strap which fastens to a steel lug on the body of the canister, webbing tab and fixed shoulder strap bars. The inside of the canister’s lid has a hinged steel compartment for spare filters. The lid of the compartment is date stamped '42 and has a Nazi manufacturer code which is ‘avz’. The price for this very nice complete gas mask and tin includes UK delivery. N 503

Cased Commemorative Fairbairn Sykes 3rd Pattern FS Fighting Knife '50th Anniversary of Operations Overloard and Neptune' By Wilkinson Sword With Etched Blade. Sn 14330 - 14330
Operation Overlord was the code name for the Battle of Normandy, the Allied operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during World War II. The operation was launched on 6 June 1944 with the Normandy landings. Operation Neptune was the cross-Channel crossing phase of Operation Overlord. Operation Neptune placed all naval issues under the command of Admiral Bertram Ramsey whose command skill had already been seen in 1940 with the part he played in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk. The knife has an undamaged gilt finish ribbed handle and cross guard which has all of its original gilt wash finish present. It has a 7” double edged dagger steel blade with medial ridge. One side of the blade is etched with ' To Commemorate the 50th Anniversary Of Operation Overlord And Neptune. The Allied Landing On The Coast Of France On D-Day The 6th June 1944" and on the other side with ‘They Shall Not Grow Old As We That are Left Grow Old. Age Shall Not Weary Them Nor The Years Condemn. At The Going Down Of The Sun And In The Morning We Shall Remember Them'. The ricasso is marked with "The FS Fighting Knife". The dagger is contained in its original green covered wooden case. The case has a hinged lid and 2 clasp fasteners. The inside of the case is lined with black felt and white silk. It is contoured to snugly fit the dagger. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14330

1950'-1960's British Police Constables / Sergeants Staffordshire County Police Motocyclist 'Corker' Helmet & Badge. Sn 13907:60 - 13907:60
An Original 1950's-1960's Staffordshire County Police motorcyclist's 'Corker' helmet. The 'Corker' helmet, so called because it was made from leather covered cork is in good original condition. The outer finish is black leather and the top is made od four panels, stitched. There are two breather vents on either side. The peak is also leather covered and it has a black leather stitched headband. To the front it has a Staffordshire County Police helmet / cap badge. It has a black leather insert which is stitched and covers the neck and the ears which incorporates an justable chin strap which is secured with a single press stud. Inside it is lined with red cotton and still has the word 'Corker' visible. There is no size marking visible on the helmet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:60

1950's-60's West German Police 'Polizei' Peaked Police Motorcyclist Helmet By Romer Helm, Size 59 and Helmet Badge. Sn 13907:61 - 13907:61
This is a 1950's-60's West German Police 'Polizei' motorcyclist peaked helmet, size 59. The helmet is made of hard composite and coloured white and it has what looks to be a leather peak, piped in white leather. On either side it has in black letters "Polizei" the German for police. It is styled similar to the British ';Corker' motorcycle helmet. It has a black leather neck and ear piece with black leather chin strap which is adjustable with a brass buckle. To the front is a metal helmet badge which depicts a castle with three towers. Inside it has the makers label "Original Romer Helm" and a brown leather 10 tongue liner. The liner is stamped in black ink with the size "59". The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:61

MINT, WW2 BRITISH NAVY BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC HERO DSM 4 Medal Group To Able Seaman D/SSX 17613 A.B. Backhouse DSM HMS WALKER Involved In Action Resulting In U-Boat Sinking Received Direct From His Family With Documents. Sn 13452. - 13452
This is a stunning DSM group to Able Seaman Backhouse received directly from his family together with his 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star & War Medal. A.B. Backhouse was serving on board HMS Walker which was escorting a convoy from Halifax to Liverpool in March 1941. The convoy consisting of 41 Ships plus 4 Destroyers & 2 Corvettes came under attack from U-Boats 37, 99, 100 & 110. U99 was commanded by Otto Kretshmer & U100 by Joachim Shepke two top U-Boat aces. U100 was depth charged and rammed when she surfaced & most of the crew were killed. U99 went to her aid & was also depth charged. The U-Boat was damaged and surfaced. All of the crew were taken prisoner and the U-Boat sank. A.B. Backhouse had earlier repeatedly dived into the sea which was covered in burning oil to rescue survivors from an oil tanker which had been blown up during a torpedo attack.. He was finally taken back on board HMS Walker suffering from burns and lung damage but was on board HMS Walker when it sank U99. This action was considered a turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic. For his brave & selfless action A.B. Backhouse was awarded the DSM which was announced in the London Gazette Tuesday 6th May 1941. The group comes with a copy of an exert from the page of the London Gazette, an Admiralty certificate of identity for the award of a £20 gratuity & several photocopies of contemporary images of HMS Walker together with a Royal Mail 1st day cover from the 40th Anniversary of the sinking of the U99 which contains further information of the action and is signed by Lt G.F. Osborne, the Engineer Officer on HMS Walker. It is also signed by Heinz Franke another U-Boat ace from the battle of the Atlantic who went on to survive the War. There is also a copy of a contemporary photo and a printed potted biography of the U-Boat Commander. 3 of the medals are in their original packets of issue, the DSM is contained in a family wedding cake box with lid. All of the medals are in mint condition. The DSM has A.B. Backhouse’s details & HMS Walker officially impressed around the rim. A superb group to a British hero from a famous action. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13452

1959-1969 Crosman Arms Company USA Single Action (SA) 6 (Colt Army) .22 Calibre 6 Shot CO2 Revolver Air Pistol. AI 646 - AI 646
The interest in the American Wild West during the 1950s prompted Crosman to produce replicas of guns from that period (Crosman hadn’t produced any air guns which were replicas of firearms until then). Produced using zinc alloy die-cast mouldings, powered by 12g CO2 cartridges and shooting lead pellets, the SA6 revolvers were heavy and well balanced full size replicas of the iconic Wild West era single action Colt Army revolver. Six pellets are loaded one at a time, skirt first into the front of the cylinder through an opening on the right side of the frame. Pellets are retained in the cylinders by a spring which runs round the inside of the revolving part of the cylinder. The SA6 has a 4 ¼” rifled barrel and plastic imitation stag horn grips. The pistols had a production run from 1959 to 1969 and because of their realistic look and feel they were popular with American Western ‘quick draw’ enthusiasts. This boxed example of the SA6 is in very good condition. The loading and firing actions function as they should. It retains all of its original finish with just light areas of wear consistent with age and use. The attractive grips are undamaged. The frame is stamped with Crosman manufacturer, model & calibre detail (the CO2 cartridge illustrated in the images is not included). Price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. AI 646

Post 2007 BSA Comet .22 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle With Black Synthetic Stock. Sn 14332 - 14332
Production of the BSA Comet began in 2007. This is an excellent example. The rifle has a 17 ½” rifled barrel and measures 42 ½” overall. It has an undamaged black synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad. The metal work retains all of its original blueing and the top of the Air cylinder is grooved for telescopic sight. The cylinder has model detail ‘BSA Comet’. The barrel block is marked with model and calibre detail. The rifle cocks loads and fires with a nice tight action. It has a Hi Visibility blade fore sight and adjustable rear sight. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 14332

WW2 British ‘Bevan Boys’ 1942 Patent Ministry Approved Davis- Derby Demon Single Shot Mining Charge T. Exploder With Tools. MISC 861 - MISC 861
The Bevin Boys were young British men conscripted to work in the coal mines of the United Kingdom, from December 1943 until 1948. Chosen at random from conscripts but also including volunteers, nearly 48,000 Bevin Boys performed vital but largely unrecognised service in the mines, many of them not released from service until years after the Second World War ended. The programme was named after Ernest Bevin, a former trade union official and then British Labour Party politician who was Minister of Labour and National Service in the wartime coalition Government. This is a 1942 patent Davis- Derby Demon 1942 patent single shot T. Exploder approved by the ministry of F&P. The heavy cast brass and alloy casing is undamaged and measures 5 ¼” x 3 ¼” x 2 ½”. It has crisp cast maunfacturer and patent detail together with stamped serial numbers and Ministry approval (all illustrated). It has 2 fixed lugs fitted with leather carry handle and has its original screw thread terminal points, fuse crimper, T-shaped tool / handle and spike. The fuse crimper is stamped ‘Gibberson Sheffield England Rd No 6565’ on one side and ‘Forged Steel Nobel’ on the reverse. The price includes UK delivery. MISC 861

Original, C1950’s-1960’s British Eley Ammunition Colour Illustrated Shotgun Cartridge Advertising Mirror. Sn 14319 - 14319
The famous Eley Brothers were a manufacturer of firearms cartridges at the Eley's Cartridge Factory founded by Charles and William Eley in London in the 1820s. This is a large Eley shotgun cartidge advertising mirror made sometime in the 1950’s or 60’s. These types of advertising piece were provided by ammunition manufacturers to gun and ammunition retailers to advertise their whares in a dramatic colourful way. These pieces are highly collectable. Our example measures 29” x 22 ½” x 1 ¼”. The mirror has a dark wood frame and its glass mirror face has crisp colour printed depictions of a selection of Eley’s shotgun cartridge range with brand names, ‘Comet’, ‘Mars’, Drawn Brass’, Ejector’, Zenith’, ‘Aquoid’, ‘Pluto’ & ‘Rocket’, surrounding a gold blue and black roundel ‘Eley Registered Ammunition’. The colours are crisp and vivid with no rubbing and the mirrored glass clean with no damage. The rear of the frame is fitted with cord for wall hanging. Due to the risk of damage to this glazed piece delivery will be within the UK only and at cost by arrangement. Sn 14319.
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