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RARE, Georgian Era Naval Captain's Sword Stick With Very Old German Late 1600s – Early 1700s GIO KNEGT Solingen Rapier Sword Blade. ED 2331 - ED 2331
This is an scarce original C1750 Georgian period Naval Captain's sword stick. It has an early 18th century German Solingen made 30" Rapier blade from a Rapier sword. It is 36 inches overall. The blade has light staining consistent with age. One side is marked '++ IN++ SOLINGEN++' With Stylised Anchor mark. The reverse is marked '++GIO++ KNEGT++' with the same 'Anchor' mark (maker, Johannes Knecht. “In Solingen” proclaims the sword was made in the German city of Solingen. More than one Knecht manufactured swords in Solingen, leaving the date range for the production of this sword A.D. 1670 – 1805. The style of the sword blade, however, suggests an earlier manufacture date, perhaps in the late 1600s – early 1700s). The ricasso has is holed to fit the the locking mechanism of the sheath. The contoured wood handle has no damage and just the bumps and scuffs to be expected. It is complete with it's original wooden scabbard with metal throat and tip mounts. The handle of the sword stick and scabbard are covered in a tar finish for Naval use to protect against sea water. The scabbard's sprung push button retaining catch retains the sword securely in the scabbard. Price for this rare Sword Stick with early Solingen Rapier sword blade includes UK delivery. ED 2331

WW2 Japanese Officer's 1944 Pattern Shin-Gunto Sword With Signed Tang & Scabbard. Sn 8126. - 8126
This is an excellent original WW2 Japanese Officers Shi-Gunto Sword & scabbard ( See page 43 of Military Swords Of Japan By Fuller & Gregory). The sword has a fish skin handle bound with unlaquered green tape. complete copper and steel fittings. The pommel is holed for lanyard cord. The Tang is signed with japanese script on both sides (illustrated). The hilt is fitted with it's fully functioning push button scabbard retaining clip. The beautiful 27 "hand forged blade is in excellent condition, clean undamaged and razor sharp. It is carried in its original steel scabbard with a single hanging loop. The scabbard is undamaged, fitted with hanging ring and retains most of it's original brown paint. Price for this excellent Sword with signed Tang includes UK delivery. Sn 8126

RARE, ALL MATCHING NUMBERS, C1914 Ulster Volunteer Force (U.V.F) Smuggled Austrian 'Irish Model' Steyr Mannlicher Export Model 1904 8mm Calibre Rifle Stock Impressed With Red Hand Of Ulster and ‘For God And Ulster’. Sn 11277 - 11277
The Larne gun-running was a major gun smuggling operation organised in April 1914 in Ireland by Major Frederick H. Crawford and Captain Wilfrid Spender for the Ulster Unionist Council to equip the Loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Other smuggling operations also secured German weapons for the UVF. Smuggled UVF rifles usually bear the Red Hand Of Ulster symbol. This is an excellent extremely rare to find Steyr rifle smuggled into Ireland for use by the UVF. The coomon Model M1904 has a straight pull bolt, this is the EXPORT model also known as the 'Irish Steyr ' for obvious reasons and it has a conventional turning bolt. These weapons were also used throughout WW1 and into the 1930’3. The wood furniture of this weapon is in good condition as is the metal work which has a nice patina throughout. The stock is crisply impressed with the UVF Roundel which contains the red hand of Ulster and motto ‘For God And Ulster’. The breech, bolt and wood are stamped with all matching numbers ‘2386’. It has bayonet bar/ lug, sling swivels, steel butt plate, cleaning rod, block and blade fore sight and ladder rear sight. It strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price for this historic piece includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 11277

BOER WAR, 1902 Dated BSA & Co, Long Lee Enfield MK 1* Reg't Marked to the South African, Border Mounted Rifles And Sling. Sn 7687 - 7687
In 1899 clearing rods were abolished in the British Service and the MK 1 * Lee Enfield Rifle without clearing rod hole in the fore end nose cap was approved on 7th August 1899. The Border Mounted Rifles was a Boer War Unit commanded by Major J F Rethman. The Unit was 286 men strong and based in Ladysmith and Acton Homes. In July 1913 the Unit was amalgamated with the Natal Mounted Rifles and renamed the 3rd Mounted Rifles (Natal Mounted Rifles). In 1932 the Regiment's name was simplified to The Natal Mounted Rifles and in 1934 it was converted to infantry. This .303 calibre Long Lee Enfield MK 1* Rifle is crisply stamped on the right side of the strap 'BSA Co Kings Crown ER' , 'LE I*' and '1902' date. The wood work is all original & the stock is stamped with the 'BSA' roundel. The heel of it's brass butt plate with trap is stamped 'B.M.R 140' ( Border Mounted Rifles) with War Dept arrow. The metal work retains it's original finish and the weapon has magazine cut off and long range volley sights. It correctly has no hole for ramrod at the fore end, a shrouded bolt and it's magazine chain is in place. It cocks and dry fires perfectly and is complete with original leather sling. Price for this superb rifle includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. Sn 7687

SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. Napoleonic War / Waterloo Era British 1810 Pattern Light Dragoon Officer's Private Purchase Flintlock Holster Pistol by Brander & Potts. Sn 7406 - 7406
This is a quality original 1810 Pattern Light Dragoon Officer's Private Purchase Flintlock Holster Pistol by Brander & Potts- Thomas Potts. Brander & Potts operated from 70 The Minories London between 1802-1827. The pistol is of regulation pattern, .65inch calibre, with a 8 1/2" steel barrel, original ram-rod and walnut one piece stock with brass furniture. The lock is well stamped with the Brander & Potts details ( illustrated) and the action is strong and positive. This is a good quality Light Dragoon Pistol in fine original condition. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 7406

Westley Richards 1860 Percussion Capping Breech Loading 'Monkey Tail' .480 Calibre Rifle. Sn 9050. - 9050
British Military Trials on Breech Loading rifles began in the mid 1800's. The most successful rifle was that submitted by Westley Richards. Its breech consisted of a plunger attached to a long handle which, when the breech was closed, lay along the top of the stock neck and was raised to open it, thus earning The nickname of the monkey-tail from its distinctive silhouette. This is an excellent Westley Richards Percussion Capping Breech Loading 'Monkey Tail' Rifle. It has a 33" barrel & measures 49 1/2" overall. The breech is stamped with inspection/proof marks and number '335'. It has a block and blade fore-sight & elevating ladder rear-sight. The top of the barrel is also stamped with '480' calibre detail. It has a superb clean bore with crisp rifling. It's lift-up trapdoor action 'Monkey Tail' breech is stamped 'WESTLEY RICHARDS PATENT'. It's plain lock plate is marked 'WESTLEY RICHARDS & Co' & Dated '1860'. It has a heavy military hammer & has it's original full-stock with steel butt plate with trap, barrel-band, sling swivels and original steel clearing rod. Price for this Westley Richards 'Monkey Tail' Rifle includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calbre antique percussion weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 9050

1933-1959 Dated, Birmingham City Police Special Constabulary Commander’s Presentation Truncheon With Sterling Silver Hallmarked Plate To Special Commander G.M. Washbourne. Sn 12123 - 12123
This is an excellent Special Constabulary Presentation Truncheon to a Specials Commander who served prior, during and after WW2. It is 15 ¾” in length and has Queen’s Crown & ‘ER’ (Elizabeth Regina) in bold colours. Below the Arms. The truncheon is mounted with a rectangular hall marked silver plate plaque 23mm x 55mm inscribed ‘Birmingham City Police Special Constabulary Commander G.M Washbourne November 1933 To April 1959’ (hallmark illustrated inset in image 2). The staff has a deep grooved grip with rounded end fitted with original leather wrist strap. The wood is undamaged with no dents. Price for this presentation truncheon worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 12123

Superb, Complete, WW2, Armoured, U-Boat Turret, 'U-Bootglas' 7x 50 Binoculars By Carl Zeiss, Jena (blc). Sn 12117 - 12117
In early 1943 the Nazi German Command, introduced the 'U-Bootglas' 7x 50, Armoured, U-Boat Turret, Binoculars ( see pages 377/8 of Military Binoculars & Telescopes By Seeger). These Binoculars are a fine original example. The Binocular's armoured body has its original correct light green finish and have lanyard bars fitted with a leather neck strap. The lenses are protected by heavy duty rubber shrouds. The right shoulder under the rubber shroud is crisply stamped by the lense manufacturer’s Nazi German Wartime code 'blc' which is Carl Zeiss, Jena, together with 7x50 (magnification) & Number '47246' (illustrated inset in image 2). The binoculars are also fitted with a bakelite lense cover marked 'Benutzer'. The cover has a rubber retaining cord. These binoculars were originally issued without carry cases and in transportation crates of 10 for use by U-Boat crews. All optics are excellent. Price for this sought after piece of U-Boat history includes UK delivery. Sn 12117

French Indo China / Vietnam War Era Aluminium Handled Combat Dagger & Scabbard. Sn 11854 - 11854
These Combat knives were carried by French Troops during the Indo China War in the 1950’s and American Troops found them still in service with the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War (see page 122 of The Military Knife & Bayonet By Brett) . This original example has the correct 1 piece cast Aluminium handle with finger guard & stippled panels on either side. It has a 6” single edged blade with short fuller on one side. The blade has staining and areas of pitting consistent with age and service use. It is complete with original leather scabbard which has an integral belt loop with retaining strap and press stud fastener. All rivets stitching and leather of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11854

1969 British Officer’s Gurkha Presentation Kukri With Buffalo Horn Grip, Chromed Lion’s Head Pommel & Scabbard With Presentaion Plate To ‘Capt P. Laverack From The Officer’s HQ 99th Gurkha Infantry Brigade’. ED 270 - ED 270
Captain Patrick Laverack joined the British Army in 1947 and was posted to Singapore in the mid 1960’s. He was posted to the 99th Gurkha Brigade at Nee Soon Garrison & in 1972 on his departure from the Brigade he was honoured with the presentation of a Military quality Kukri and scabbard. The kukri has a 12” single edged curved blade with fuller & measures 16 ½” overall. The blade has foliate stipple engraved decoration to the ricasso, The buffalo horn grip has chromed mounts including a Lion’s head pommel cap. It has its original wood lined, leather scabbard which has a chromed chape. The scabbard has 2 pockets for skinners which are absent and is mounted with a chromed presentation plate inscribed `Presented to Captain P. Laverack by the Officers HQ 99 Gurkha Infantry Brigade 1969`. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. A typed short biographical note from the family of Capt Laverack accompanies this piece. The note contains the information outlined above re the Officer’s posting to The Gurkhas). Price includes UK delivery. ED 270

1886 & 1893 Dated British WD 1858 Pattern Yataghan Sword Bayonet ‘Bushed’ For Martini Henry Rifles And Scabbard. BAYO 148 - BAYO 148
British Model 1858 Sword Bayonets were produced for British 1858 Pattern Short Rifles. The bayonets were made by English manufacturer's and the German Solingen trade. As was common practice this example’s muzzle ring has been ‘bushed’ for use with Martini Henry rifles (see pages 113 plate B149 for the 1858 Pattern & Pages 142-144 For ‘bushed’ conversion’ in Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth Bayonets). This is a nice example of the British Sword bayonet, Pattern 1858 with Yataghan type blade. The polished steel blade is in clean undamaged condition. The blade is 22 3/4" long (28 1/2") overall. The blade is fullered for three quarters of its length. The back of the blade has inspection marks (illustrated inset in image 2). The ricasso is stamped with WD inspection marks on both sides and has ‘86’ and ‘93’ dates (1886 & 1893). These marks are illustrated in image 2. The back of the grip frame has partially readable letters most likely ‘CRCP’. Its boiled leather 2-piece grip is stamped with a chequered pattern. The grips are undamaged and secured by the correct rivets. The grip has the correct flat spring and the pommel’s push button release catch works correctly. The steel pommel is stamped ‘659’ The original steel scabbard has a few minor dents consistent with service wear. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 148

1860 British Military Enfield .577 Calibre 2 Band Muzzle Loading Percussion Rifle. A 575 - A 575
This is an excellent example of the Enfield .577 Calibre 2 Band Muzzle Loading Percussion Rifle. The side plate is stamped With Queens Crown (Victoria) and dated 1860. There are no manufacturer marks on the side plate. It has all original wood work, steel butt plate, fore end block and trigger guard. It also has its original bayonet bar, ramrod, ladder rear sight, block and blade fore sight, military heavy hammer and sling swivels. The 33” barrel has a clean bore & crisp rifling. The Total length is 48 ½”. The underside of the barrel within the stock is marked by the Enfield inspector ‘W. Millward MOXHAM’ together with numbers ‘34/34 25x25’ and the inside of the wood stock marked ‘W.J. Evans’. The firing action works perfectly. This is an antique obsolete calibre rifle and no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. A 575
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