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WW2, British WD CF41 7X50 Magnification, Large Naval Binoculars By Barr & Stroud With Eye Piece Cover, Neck Strap & Fitted Case With Shoulder Strap. Sn 15183 - 15183
These are an excellent original cased pair of WW2, British CF41 7X50 Magnification, Naval Binoculars ( see page 302 of Military Binoculars And Telescopes For Land Air & Sea Services By Seeger). The Binoculars are 9 ¾” in length & have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars are fitted with the correct leather neck strap with 2 studs and leather eye piece cover. The body of the Binoculars are marked with 2 large WD arrows highlighted in original yellow paint and it has the correct wing nut locking device on the lower hinge. They also have the correct built in filters which are operated by levers mounted on each side of the lens housings. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is crisply marked '7 x Barr & Stroud Glasgow & London' together with patent detail. The other 'A.P. No. 1900A' with War Dept arrow & 'Serial No. 33772' and patent detail (all illustrated). The binoculars are contained in their fitted sturdy brown leather case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has its original sprung fastener and the body has its original strap stud. The case is complete with shoulder strap with buckle. The price for this excellent set of nicely marked WW2 Naval Binoculars with case includes UK delivery. Sn 15183

Original, WW1 Era Aircraft Teak Propeller Boss / Hub Fitted With A Period Barometer By ‘OC’ & Converted For Mantle Or Desk Feature Piece With Commemorative Plaque Inscribed ‘World War 1 1914-1918 W.E. Harker No. 103107 2nd AM RFC'. Sn 15184 - 15184
This is an excellent WW1 era Aircraft Propeller Boss period converted desk or mantle barometer. The original laminated teak propeller boss is undamaged and measures 9 ¾” x 8” x 4”. The centre of the boss snugly houses the original period barometer with glazed, silvered face and silvered dial. The face is marked ‘British Made’ and has a manufacturer’s mark ‘OC’ either side of an anchor motif. The Boss has its original aircraft mounting holes fitted with precision made teak bolts to simulate the original steel bolts that would have secured the boss to an aircraft. The rear of the boss is impressed ‘W.E. Harker’. The bioss is mounted on a matching teak stand with 4 contoured pillars. The front of the stand has a brass plaque inscribed ‘World War 1 1914-1918 W.E. Harker No. 103107 2nd AM (Air Ministry) RFC (Royal Flying Corps)’. The boss with stand measures 11 ¼” x 4 ¾” x 10 ½”. The price for this WW1 aviation piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 15184

WW1 Era Pair Of Original Laminated Oak Aircraft Propeller Tips Converted To Commemorative / Memorial Wall Hanger Feature Pieces With Original Central Glazed Post Card Photograph Portraits Of An Unknown RFC Sgt & Private. Sn 15186 - 15186
These are a pair of excellent original WW1 Laminated Oak Aircraft Propeller Tips Converted To Commemorative / Memorial Wall Hanger Feature Pieces. The original wood of each piece is undamaged and measures 16 ¾” x 6 ½”. The wood is undamaged. Each propeller has a contemporary glazed oval panel with postcard photograph portraits, one of an RFC Sergeant the other of an RFC private, both in Uniform. To avoid damage we have not examined the rear of the postcards to determine if there is any information written on the back of each photograph which would assist to identify the subjects. The rear of each panel has a wooden board secured by 4 screws to hold the pictures firmly in place and hanging rings with cords. The price for these excellent WW1 aviation pieces worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 15186

An Original WW1 Era Watercolour Painted Portrait Miniature Of A British RFC Pilot Officer In No.2 Dress Uniform In Glazed Gilt Metal Pendant Frame & Leather Covered Travel Case With Fold Out Display Stand. Sn 15185 - 15185
An original WW1 Era watercolour painted portrait of a British RFC Pilot Officer In No.2 dress uniform. The portrait is in a glazed oval gilt metal frame with pendant hanging loop. The glazed area of the frame measures 2 ¾” x 2 ½”. The pendant has a purple felt backing and is fitted into its velvet and silk lined crushed blue leather covered wood travel case. The case has double hinged ‘doors’ with press button release catch and fold out stand to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15185

SOLD SOLD (18/04) Early 1900’s British BSA Martini Action .310 Cadet Obsolete Calibre Cadet Rifle With Australian Commonwealth & Citizen Military Force (Australia’s Home Guard) CMF Markings. Sn 15205 - 15205
This is an excellent BSA Martini Action .310 Obsolete Calibre Cadet Rifle With Australian Military markings. These British made rifles were used as training rifles and fire the now obsolete calibre .310 round. It is complete with sling Swivels, blade foresight & adjustable rear sight. The steel barrel's bore is clean with sharp and well defined rifling and it has a crisp martini action which works perfectly. It has all original excellent wood furniture and metal work & has a steel butt plate. The left side plate is crisply stamped 'Made By The Birmingham Small Arms Co Ltd' & with the BSA piled rifles trademark. The right side is crisply stamped 'Commonwealth Of Australia’ & number '75253’. The top of the breech is stamped with Kangaroo and Wasp marks. The barrel has matching number & is stamped with calibre detail ‘310’ and ’12-120’. The stock is very faintly impressed ‘CMF’ to the Citizen Military Force (Australia’s Home Guard). As an antique, obsolete calibre weapon, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 15205

Cased, 1840-1850 Irish Edward Basset Dublin 60 Bore Percussion Pocket Pistols With Consecutive Dublin Castle Registration Marks DC-1707 & 1708, Screw Off Barrels & Accessories. Sn 15202 - 15202
This is a superb cased, matching pair of small percussion pocket pistols by a Dublin maker with consecutive Dublin Castle registration marks. The pistols are in excellent undamaged condition with all original walnut bag stock inset German silver escutcheons, 4 cm screw off round steel barrels & Dolphin hammers. The barrels bores are clean and the top of each barrel have consecutive Dublin Castle Registration numbers ‘DC-1707 & DC-1708’. The underside of the barrels and actions have black powder proofs. The actions of each pistol are nicely engraved by the manufacturer ‘Edwd Basset’ on one side and ‘Dublin’ on the reverse (Edward Basset was a Dublin based Gunmaker recorded as working between 1840-1850). These small pistols are each just 12.5cm overall length. Their firing actions work perfectly as they should. They are complete with wood case. The case with hinged lid has its original brass lock (key absent). The interior of the case with compartments is contoured to snugly fit the pistols and their accessories which include a steel nipple key / barrel spanner tool and quantity of moulded lead balls. The price for this excellent pair of cased consecutive Dublin Castle registered pistols includes UK delivery. NB as antique percussion weapons no licence is required to own these pistols in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15202

LOFT FIND, MATCHING NUMBERS, WW1 1917 Dated British Officer's Webley MK VI .455 Calibre Service Revolver **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. Sn 14143 - 14143
This is an original, WW1 dated British Officer's MK VI .455 calibre Service Revolver. The pistol is in overall very good condition but the cylinder alone has pitting which may be explained by storage conditions in the loft in which it which it was found. On the left side of the frame it is stamped ' Webley Mark VI Patents' with 1917 date. It has matching numbers, barrel and frame ‘250224’, there is no visible number on the cylinder. The frame has WD inspection marks and ‘Mark VI’ designation. This UK/EU specification deactivated pistol has a ringed cylinder and blocked barrel. The pistol has its original finely chequered grips. It is complete with lanyard ring. Deactivated to UK/EU specification the weapon, cocks & dry fires perfectly in both single and double action. Price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 14143

SOLD SOLD (16/04) *BRITISH WD NAVAL APPRENTICE PIECES* A Pair Of Late 18th Early 19th Century Miniature 32 Bore Napoleonic Era Brass Ships Cannon With Proof / Inspection Marks On Wheeled Deck Carriages. Sn 15171 - 15171
These cannon were made by Royal Navy engineering apprentices in the late eighteenth / early nineteenth Century at the Royal Naval College of Maritime Engineering in Manadon. They were found in the Port Admirals office during the closing down of the Naval dockyard in Liverpool. The brass cannon each measure 26 cm overall length and are .520” muzzle diameter (approx. 32 bore). The bores of each cannon are clean and their touch holes open. The cannon are working models of the weapons used on British War Ships in Napoleonic times and have rubbed but visible ‘WD arrow Crown GR’ proof / inspection marks (illustrated). Each cannon is mounted on their original varnished wood deck carriages with brass fittings and thick voided brass wheels. Each carriage has a wooden wedge with brass ring to adjust vertical elevation. The price for this superb pair of brass cannon includes UK delivery. NB. As antique black powder muzzle loading cannon no licence is required to own these items in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15171 NB These cannon were found in the same location as another miniature apprentice made cannon on a field carriage available separately on this website (stock number Sn 15170).

MINT BORE, C1870 Belgian Liege Military Pinfire 12mm Obsolete Calibre 6 Shot Revolver. Sn 15201. - 15201
This is a very good C1870 obsolete calibre 12mm Pinfire Military, side gate loading revolver complete with captive ejector rod with Liege marks. It is both single and double action & is in its original condition, fully functioning with a 4 ½” barrel and chequered walnut grips. The barrel’s bore is near mint, clean with well defined rifling. The barrel is without fore sight and has a ‘v’ groove hammer rear sight. The butt is fitted with military lanyard ring. The cylinder is marked with liege ‘ELG’ proof and ‘Crown above T’ mark. The ‘Crown T’ mark is repeated on the frame. The weapon's side gate loading and firing actions work perfectly. NB As an obsolete calibre revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15201

SCARCE, Early WW1 American Manufactured Remington British Issue 1915 Dated 1907 Pattern Bayonet, Scabbard & 1914 Pattern Leather Frog With Helve Carrier Strap. Sn 15138 - 15138
During WW1 America made 1907 pattern bayonets for British army issue to assist the war effort. This bayonet is one of those bayonets made in America by Remington. This bayonet is in excellent condition. It has a clean 16 ¾” blade with fullers and wood grips secured with two screw bolts. The pommel has a push release button which works as it should. The ricasso has inspection / ordnance marks on one side and ‘1907’ (pattern) ’11 15’ (November 1915 date) together with Remington roundel on the reverse. The bayonet’s leather scabbard has a metal chape and locket. All stitching and leather of the scabbard are intact. The scabbard is fitted with an original 1914 pattern brown leather frog with rear helve carrier strap and retaining strap with buckle. All leather stitching and brass rivets of the frog are present and intact. The surface of the leather has scuffs and wear consistent with age and service use. ’07 Pattern bayonets by Remington and complete 1914 pattern frogs are not easy to find. The price for this scarce bayonet set includes UK delivery. Sn 15138

SOLD SOLD (15/04) QUALITY, 1785 - 1819 English, W. Ketland & Co, London, 2 Bore, Brass Barrelled Coaching Flintlock Blunderbuss With Integral Folding Bayonet. Sn 15107 - 15107
W. Ketland & Co were English gunsmith's based at various addresses in Birmingham & London between 1785-1819. This is an excellent Flintlock Blunderbuss made By W. Ketland & Co in London. It is 30” overall (with bayonet closed) with a 14” long brass cannon barrel stepped to octagonal at the breech and flared muzzle. The muzzle opening diameter is 34 mm (approx. 2 bore). It has a steel swan neck hammer & lock, original undamaged Walnut stock and brass mounts including butt plate with extended tang. The trigger guard has a Pineapple finial. The ram rod mounts are brass. The steel lock plate is nicely marked 'W. Ketland & Co'. The top of the barrel is marked ‘London’ and has black powder proof marks (all illustrated). It has its original wood ramrod with brass cap. The blunderbuss has its original integral folding bayonet mounted on top of the barrel which is retained by a spring clip at the muzzle end & sliding catch at the breech. The spring clips works correctly and the 10 ¼” triangular shaped blade tapers to a pin sharp point. The weapon’s cocking & firing actions work perfectly. The price for this quality Blunderbuss includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a private collection or display. Sn 15107

MINT BORE, 1872 British Enfield Tower Snider Conversion .577 Calibre Cavalry Carbine By V&R Blakemore Birmingham & London With Royal Canadian Mounted Police ‘RCMP’ Stamped Stock. Sn 15204 - 15204
This is an excellent, original British Military .577 Snider Conversion Cavalry Carbine. The Snider action was introduced to British service in 1866. They remained in use until the Martini Henry was introduced. This Enfield Tower cavalry carbine has a 23” round browned steel barrel with a near mint bore, clean with crisp rifling. It has a brass butt plate & brass trigger guard. The all original woodwork is excellent & undamaged. The wood is impressed ‘RCMP’ to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The action and side plate are also browned steel. The side plate is crisply marked with Crown, dated 1872 and has the Enfield ‘Tower’ mark. It also stamped ‘V&R Blakemore Birmingham & London’ (this is most likely the Gunsmith who performed the snider conversion before supply to the RCMP). The breech and barrel have proof / inspection marks together with very faint ‘Snider Patent’. The breech cover has a knurled steel button release catch. The action is strong and works as it should. It has a fixed foresight and adjustable ladder rear sight. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique obsolete calibre weapon no licence is required to own this weapon in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 15204
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