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SOLD SOLD (20/11) 1948-1950, British War Dept Factory Sectioned Cut-Away Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 .303 Calibre, SKN.203 Armourer’s Instructional Rifle Action, Shoulder Stock & Part Barrel. D 1461 - D 1461
This is a now scarce Lee Enfield .303 No4 "SKN" Armourers Instructional Action. Approximately 2500 official SKN No4 actions were manufactured between 1948 & 1950 utilizing downgraded components from condemned Service rifles. Quite a number of skeleton actions were assembled by the Gun trade and by REME workshops, but these lack the official SKN number on the left hand wall of the action body. The contract was originally given to ROF Enfield, but following legal action involving the alleged un-licensed Government manufacture of the L2 Sterling SMG, manufacture was given instead to Sterling Engineering as part of the legal settlement. Sterling then sub-contracted the work to List Engineering of Dagenham, which completed SKN's returned to ROF Enfield for inspection and service acceptance. This example is stamped with the correct SKN designation (see page 230 of the Lee Enfield Story By Skennerton) ‘SKN.203’. The stock has an alloy butt plate with trap. Component parts were carefully sectioned at the factory, with cutaway areas painted red. The piece measures 28” overall length. This SKN is in excellent overall condition. The bolt action works as it should and it cocks and dry fires. As a sectioned SKN instructional piece not capable of discharging, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. D 1461

British 1895/ 1897 Pattern Infantry Officer’s Sword With Etched & Blued Panels Blade To The Royal Engineers, Ordnance Roundel, George V King’s Crown Royal Cypher, Leather Cord & Acorn Portepee With Leather Covered Field Scabbard & Leather Frog. Sn 14676 - 14676
This is a very good, original, 1895/97 Pattern British Infantry Officers Sword. These swords were a great improvement on previous patterns with better protection to the hand through its ¾ basket hilt (see page 179 of World Swords by Withers). The Sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with partial fullers (38 ¾” overall). The blade has slight staining to be expected with age. The back of the blade is marked ‘Made In England’. There are no manufacturer marks visible on this sword. The ricasso has the ordnance acceptance star and inlaid ‘proof’ roundel. Both sides of the blade have etched & blued foliate panels, one side featuring the Kings Crown, Heraldic Arms and Royal Cypher ‘GR’ (George Rex). The reverse with banners and arms together with ‘Royal Engineers’. The hilt is fitted with its original leather washer. It has the correct ¾ bowl guard voided with foliate design and George V ’Kings Crown GR V’. It has the correct fish skin grip with wire binding which is tight and intact. The hilt is fitted with its original period brown leather cord and acorn portepee. The sword has its brown leather covered wood scabbard which has a German Silver throat mount. The scabbard is fitted with an original Sam Browne pattern brown leather frog with straps, brass stud and buckles. The scabbard also has a leather strap with 2 eyelets. One eyelet is torn but all other leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14676

WW2 Era French Ministry Of War Military SRPI GT-6 Micro Grades Extendable Trench Periscope With Original Hard Leather Case Marked ‘P58 2 Komp’ (2nd Company). Sn 14678 - 14678
This is an original WW2 era French Ministry of War extendable trench periscope. It is in excellent condition with fully functional graduated optics. It measures 16” closed, with handle folded and 27 ½” extended . The alloy metal work retains its original green paint. It has a Bakelite eye piece adjustable for focus and folding wood handle. The periscope tube is marked There are no signs of damage or repair. The periscope is marked ‘MG’ (Ministère de la Guerre) above number ‘19849’. It is also marked ‘RD 52686’,‘GT-6 Micro Grades’ and ‘SRPI’. The periscope is complete with its original sturdy brown leather fitted carry case. The scope fits snugly into the case which has a full hinged lid with side mounted sprung retaining strap. The rear of the case has 2 belt loops. The front of the case has original period white paint letter and numbers ‘P58’. There is also contemporary ink hand written ‘2 Komp’ (2nd Company). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14678

WW1 German Artillery Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade & Scabbard With Matching Regiment Marks ‘10.A.6.31’. (Stock Number Sn 14677). - 14677
This is an original, WW1 Era, German Artillery Officer’s Sword & Scabbard (see page 199 of World Swords by Withers). It is in very good condition. It has a single edged, fullered, curved, 32” curved blade. The back edge and both sides of the blade are lightly etched with a foliate design incorporating banners and arms. The blade has staining consistent with age. Its cross guard, knuckle guard, pommel are undamaged. The leather covering of its wood grip with finger grooves has areas of wear to be expected but is intact and secure. The cross guard with langent is Regiment marked ‘10.A.6.31’ (most likely 10th Battery, 6th Artillery Regiment, Weapon Number 31). The Sabre is complete with its original steel scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard has a couple of minor dents which is to be expected of a sword scabbard of this age, however, they do not detract from its overall appearance. The scabbard has matching Regiment mark near to the throat. There are no visible manufacturer marks on this piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14677

WW2 British Soldier’s Private Purchase Southern & Richardson Sheffield F.S. Style Fighting Knife/Dagger & Scabbard. (ED 2225 Daggers & Swords) - ED 2225
This is a WW2 private purchase F.S. style fighting knife/dagger and scabbard by Southern & Richardson Sheffield. These knife were private purchase weapons during WW2. An identical example is illustrated at page 179 item 12.2 in 'The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Other Commando Knives' book by Ron Flook. The pommel and cross guard are brass. It has a compressed leather rings grip which is in excellent condition. The small brass cross guard is oval. The dagger blade measures 169mm and it is 284mm overall length. The FS style blade with medial ridge has light staining and areas of stable pitting but no rust. One side of the blade has the maker’s name ‘Southern & Richardson Sheffield England’ below their trademark . The original scabbard is in very good condition. Made of dark brown leather it has an integral belt loop with retaining strap and press stud fastener which functions as it should. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2225

DEACTIVATED INERT. Rare British 1903 Dated 4.7 Inch Shrapnel Projectile Top With Its Brass Number 54 Time Fuse From The 4.7 Inch Shrapnel Anti-Personnel Projectile. O 1283 - O 1283
DEACTIVATED INERT. This is a rare and impressive 1903 dated British 4.7 inch shrapnel projectile top complete with its brass number 54 time nose fuse used on the 4.7 inch QF field gun introduced in 1895 and came to prominence in the Boer War. An improved carriage was introduced in 1900 and served on the Western Front at the start of World War 1 until replaced by heavier weapons. The fuse is stamped round the circumference with the Kings Norton manufacturers stamp together with the following marks 170 III Kings Norton manufacturers stamp 2/05 (February 1905 date) government crowfoot P . The time ring is graduated to 30 . See British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914 – 1918 by Ian Hogg and Les Thurston pages 110 – 111. No licence is required to possess this inert projectile in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. O 1283

SOLD SOLD (8/11) MINT, EXTREMELY RARE, Kamikazi Pilot’s, WW2 Showa-To Japanese Sword Double Signed Tang To ‘72nd Shinbu Kamikazi Squadron’, ‘Carry This Sword Bravely’ With Experimental ‘Anti Freeze’ Blade & Scabbard With Translation & Research - ED 2227
This is a near mint, extremely rare, Japanese Kamikazi Pilot’s Sword & Scabbard. These swords were made in few numbers and even fewer survived the war. This example was issued to the 72nd kamikaze Shinbu Squadron of the Imperial Japanese Air Force. The Squadron are documented as attacking the American Destroyer USS Braine on 25th May 1945. This Sword was made sometime between 1942 & 1945 by The Japanese East/ West Cutlery Company. The 68.5 cm blade is made of rare 1st type experimental process ‘anti-freeze’ metal for use in the polar climate where earlier blades became brittle in the freezing temperatures and broke in combat. The clean blade with original polish is razor sharp and has crisp, pronounced wave hamon on both sides. The tang is signed on both sides. One side to the ‘72nd Shinbu Kamikazi Squadron’ and by the manufacturer, the East/ West Cutlery Company. The reverse with the patriotic inscription ‘Carry This Sword Bravely’. The sword has a fish skin covered handle bound with cord. It has its original copper and brass fittings including floral menuki. The pommel has its original lanyard ring. The sword is carried in its original scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard has ornate copper fittings and retains its original brown paint. This sword and scabbard also has a cloth sleeve carrier with cord fastener at the throat. The sword is accompanied by copies of images of the tang signatures together with professional detailed translations and research findings regarding the construction and manufacture of the experimental blade and the activities of the 72nd Shinbu Kamikazi Squadron. Extracts from the research and translation documents are illustrated inset in image 2. The price for this extremely rare Kamikazi piece includes UK delivery. ED 2227

WW1 British 1912 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword By W. Anderson & Sons Leather Covered Field Service Scabbard & Sam Browne Pattern Leather Frog. Sn 11644. - 11644
This is an original, WW1 British 1912 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword with its scabbard & Frog. The Sword has an undamaged 35 " single edged blade with fuller (43" overall). The blade has light staining consistent with age. The ricasso is faintly marked on one side by the manufacturer which appears to be ‘W. Anderson & Sons’. The reverse has the inlaid ordnance acceptance roundel. It has a full bowl guard with ornate tooled decoration and fish skin wire bound grip with thumb recess. The sword has no visible Regiment / WD Marks or dates. It is complete with its original leather bound field service scabbard. The scabbard is fitted with an original Sam Brown pattern leather frog with brass stud to the front, hanging bar to the rear and 2 hanging straps with brass buckles. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the scabbard or frog. All leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11644

QUALITY, English, Porter,16 Bore, Double Barrel Muzzle Loading Flintlock Shotgun With Damascus Barrels, 1811 Birmingham Sterling Silver Mounts & Ram Rod. A 590 - A 590
This is an early 19th Century English double barrel shotgun. It has all original Walnut furniture with finely chequered wrist and void silver disc escutcheon in excellent condition. The quality made shotgun with double 82cm long, 16 bore Damascus steel barrels, has double hammers & triggers. The bores have staining and residue consistent with age. The barrels have silver bands and roundels at the breech. The action tang and trigger guard with extended tang & pineapple finial have foliate engraved decoration. The pineapple finial has Birmingham 1811 sterling silver hallmarks. Both side plates are engraved with game birds in the field scenes and signed by the maker or retailer ‘Porter’ (a number of gun makers named Porter are recorded as working in both London & the Provinces during the 1800’s). It is complete with brass capped wood ram rod. The cocking & firing actions of the weapon work perfectly as they should. Price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique muzzle loading flintlock shotgun no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. A 590

INERT DEACTIVATED. Unfired German WW2 (1944 Dated) 3.7cm Flak 18 (37x286B) HE (High Explosive) Round. O 1284 - O 1284
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a German WW2 (1944 dated) 3.7cm FLAK 18 (37x286B) HE (high explosive) round. The round grey has a lacquered steel cased with the following head stamp, 6348st 3.7cmFlak18 aux (Polte-Werk, Magdeburg) 173 44(1944) Waa38 . The steel cartridge case retains most of its original copper wash finish. The unfired high explosive projectile has a single iron driving band and has some of its yellow paint remaining. The steel projectile has the following stamping on its circumference ctu (Christ u. Co., Gruenberg in Schlesien) 32 2 78 . The steel nose fuse is stamped 3,7cmKpf Z ZerlPv cso 1943 (1943 date) Waa342 . See Hogg, German artillery of World War Two, pages 150 – 151. No licence is required to possess inert rounds in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. O 1284

Scandinavian Military Remington 1864-1868 Patent 10.7 x 57R Krag Peterson Obsolete Calibre Rolling Block Rifle. Sn 11419:20 - 11419:20
Remington Rolling Block rifles and carbines were breech-loading weapons produced from the mid-1860s into the early 20th century by E. Remington and Sons (later Remington Arms Company). The action was extremely strong, and could easily withstand the increased pressure of the new smokeless powders coming into use by the late 1880s. This type of rifle was used in the Franco/Prussian War, Egyptian War 1882 and The Sudanese War 1884-85. All Scandinavian Remington rolling block rifles were made under license in Sweden and Norway. This is an excellent original Military Remington 1864-68 Patent 'Rolling Block' rifle. The action and barrel have small ‘E’ inspection marks. The barrel bands have small 'B' inspection marks. The action tang is marked with Remington’s 1864-1868 Patent detail (illustrated). It has a 35” barrel (50” overall), an external hammer, block & blade fore sight and ladder rear sight. It is fitted with bayonet bar, sling swivels steel clearing rod and curved steel butt plate. The metal is undamaged and has nice patina throughout. The bore is clean with well defined rifling. The woodwork is all original with no damage. The stock is impressed with cartouche and number ‘789’ (illustrated). The loading and firing actions work as they should. Price includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre antique rifle no licence is required to own this rifle in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 11419:20

INERT DEACTIVATED. Unfired Rare Finish WW2 (1941 Dated) 2cm (20x138B) AP/T (Armour Piercing /Tracer) Round For The Finish20mm Lahti Mod.39 Anti-tank Rifle. O 1285 - O 1285
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a rare Finish WW2 (1941 dated) 2cm (20x2138B) AP/T (Armour Piercing /Tracer) round for the Finish20mm Lahti Mod.39 anti-tank rifle. The brass cased round is headstamped, 20/40 T. (Tikkakoski arsenal) E5 41 (1941 date). The unfired armour piercing tracer projectile has a single copper driving band and retains most of its original blue painted finish. There is a 3mm wide painted band above the copper driving band designating a tracer round. . No licence is required to possess inert rounds in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. O 1285
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