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Optical Instruments

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WW2 British Special Operations Executive/ RAF Escape Compass With Cover. OPT 797. - OPT 797
During WW2 it was necessary to provide British Special Operations Executive Agents operating behind enemy lines and RAF personnel who may end up bailing out over enemy lines with lightweight concealable field craft equipment to assist escape or resist capture. This original WW2 tiny 6 mm diameter fully functioning compass is a perfect example of the ingenius pieces of equipment devised to assist Agents and downed Airmen. The compass base is brass with original black painted outer case and glass face. It's pointer retains it's original black paint and red dot highlight. The compass is complete with it's original transparent circular plastic cover which would have afforded it waterproofing in the field. Price for this excellent rare, piece of 'behind the lines' kit includes UK delivery. Sn

Rare, WW1 British, R&J Beck, MK I Brass Trench Mortar Periscope. Sn 7093. - 7093
This is a fully functional, MK I Trench Mortar Periscope made by R&J Beck Ltd. Manufactured during WW1 they were mounted on Stokes Mortars to look over parapets and and gave a good safe view over 'no mans land'. It is 17" Long, 1 1/2 " diameter. The lenses are clear and undamaged. It also has a single post pointer of much the same style as a snipers scope. It has 2 swivel cups to cover the lenses and a fixing bracket. The top of the cap has full markings ( illustrated)' Trench Mortar, Periscope MKI N0. 294 R&J Beck Ltd, London' together with War Department ' Crow's Foot' mark. This is a rare Trench mortar Scope in good condition. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7093.

Excellent, Rifleman's Spotting Scope And Stand ( Engraved Newton & Co Opticians And Owner Name T. Phillips). OPT 795. - OPT 795 / 7046
This is an outstanding Rifleman's spotting scope. The adjustable brass leather bound scope is in beautiful undamaged condition with excellent optics. The first draw of the scope's brass case is crisply engraved by the retailer 'Newton & Co Opticians, 3 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, London' and with the original owner's name 'T. Phillips'. The scope measures 31 inches when fully extended and a compact 10 inches when closed. It is complete with it's leather end caps and tubular 3 leg stand. When stored the 3 legs of the stand are nicely concealed within the stand's steel tube body and are secured within the body by it's original dark wood stopper. The clamp scope mount at the head of the stand is nickel plated and has single screw fastener. The mount is also finely engraved with the owner's name and retailer detail. (The stand when assembled measures 19", Disassembled 14"). Price for this beautiful, nicely engraved, fully functioning Rifleman's spotting scope includes UK delivery. OPT 795

SOLD *** SOLD *** 1916 Dated, WW1, British No.7 MK II, 13 pdr & 18 pdr, Prismatic Field Gun Artillery Sight. Sn 6829. - 6829
This is an original & complete Prismatic Artillery dial sight for the British 13 pdr & 18 pdr fielfd guns. made in 1916 by R.J Beck Limited. The frame is crisply stamped with 1916 date, Beck manufacturer's and model detail. (illustrated). It retains it's original finish and excellent optics. It is an excellent WW1 gun sight used for indirect fire, however it also has a standard 'rifle' type iron sights for use at close quarters. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 6829.

WW2 1943 U.S. Military M12A2 Panoramic Artillery Gun Telescopic Sight. OPT 793. - OPT 793
This original U.S. Military, M12A2 Artillery Gun Sight is undamaged and in fully functional order with good optics which give a clear panoramic view with range grid. Made in America by M.L. Co in 1943 this item retains most of it's original green paint. The sight is complete with it's original mounting bracket and numbered adjustment dials. The body of the sight has model, date and manufacturer's detail stamped in white paint ' TELESCOPE PANORAMIC MI2A2 N0. 7269 W.P.B M.L. CO1943'. Price includes UK delivery. OPT 793.

*** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK ****Military Binoculars and Telescopes for Land, Air and Sea Service by Hans Seeger (Fernglaser Ur Fernrohre) BO 341 - BO 341
Military Binoculars and Telescopes for Land, Air and Sea Service by Dr. Hans T. Seeger Revised and expanded 3rd Edition. This book has both German and English Chapters, the two most key chapters being in English. It is the definative work on military binoculars by Dr H Seeger. It was last printed in 1996 and now out of print. The book is fully illustrated throughout with black and white plates and sketches. It consists of 537 pages and measures 28cm x 22cm. The price includes UK postage.
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