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Optical Instruments

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WW2 British No.5 MK 5 x7 Tank Binoculars & WW2 1944 No.5 MK 1 Leather Case By BH & G Ltd. Sn 10780 - 10780
These are an excellent original cased pair of British WW2 No.5 MK 5 x 7 Tank Binoculars. The binoculars measure 7" X 8" and have a black textured stipple finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars and they are fitted with a thin webbing neck strap with buckle. All optics are perfect and function as they should. The left shoulder of the binoculars is crisply stamped with type and model detail highlighted in original white paint together with large red 'W'. The right has graticule information and a small cartouche highlighted in original white paint. The shoulder screws are highlighted in original red paint and the frame has a WD arrow. They are contained in their fitted hard body brown leather case with hinged lid and single retaining strap with buckle. The case is fitted with 2 large rear belt loops, side tab strap loops & carry handle. The top of the lid is impressed with manufacturer detail together with 'OS/997 and Binocular Prismatic No.5 Case MK 1' and '1944' date. The case is undamaged with all stitching intact. Price for this nicely marked pair of WW2 tank binoculars & case includes UK delivery. Sn 10780

BATTLE OF BRITAIN ERA, MATCHING NUMBERS, Cased, WW2 1940 British Anti Aircraft (A.A.) / Close Range Attack, Verifying Camera By Houghton Butcher Manufacturing Co E17 (London) With Type II 10 1/2" Lens, Serial Number 738 & Accessories. Sn 10782 - 10782
Little is known about these cameras. During WW2 Anti Aircraft personnel would have used these portable still cameras to verify/ identify types of enemy aircraft and confirm hits on targets. RAF aircrews would have used them to verify strikes during close range attacks. This is a superb, rare complete example with accessories. The camera comprises a steel cased camera fitted with a Type II 10 1/2" lens with hinged lense protector and cable wired steel pistol grip with wood scales and adjustment arms with Bakelite ball ends. The case of the camera has it's model and type detail together with serial number '738' (illustrated) all highlighted in original white paint. The camera and accessories retain all of their original grey paint covering. Accessories include, adjustment tools, spare spring, spare film holder and spare reflector lense. The camera is complete with it's original wood transit case with hinged lid, clasp fasteners and rope carry handle. The interior of the case has compartments for the camera and it's accessories. The interior of the lid has it's original stamped steel instruction plate. The bottom of the plate has the manufacturer detail and '1940' date as can be seen in image 2 (The Battle Of Britain was fought between Summer & Autumn of 1940). There is also an old contemporary auction label 'S&H Lot 156'. The exterior of the case has reinforced riveted steel corner protectors and it retains most of it's original green/grey paint. The exterior lid of the case is stencilled with original markings 'AA Verifying Camera' and with matching serial number '738'. We have not tested this camera but it is undamaged and appears fully functional. Price for this piece of early WW2 dated history worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 10782

WW2 U Boat Turret Binoculars 7 X 50 Armoured Kriegsmarine / U Boat Binoculars, Carl Zeiss, Jena (blc) Superb Optics. Sn 10705 - 10705
These are an excellent original pair of Nazi German, 7 X 50 Magnification, Kriegsmarine / U Boat Turret Binoculars. The Binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars with original leather neck strap attached. All optics are good and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is crisply marked '7 x 50 'Magnification) and bears the Nazi German War time manufacturer's code 'blc' which is Carl Zeiss, Jena together with serial number (all illustrated). The binoculars are complete with their Bakelite eye piece cover embossed ' Benutzer'. As is common with these binoculars the rubber cord that attaches Benutzer cover to the body of the binoculars has perished but this could easily be replaced. Price for this excellent set of Kriegsmarine / U Boat Binoculars includes UK delivery. Sn 10705

Cased, WW1 Era British Officer's Military Marching Compass By Francis Barker & Son, London With WW1 Era Brown Leather Case marked 'WBD'. Sn 10635. - 10635
Francis Barker & Son were British manufacturer's of WW1 marching compasses favoured by British Officers. This is a an excellent fully functioning WW1 British Officer's Military Compass By Barker & Son. It has a brass case and is mounted with lanyard ring. The glass face and numbered brass outer ring are perfectly in tact. The lid plate is stamped with a small Barker and Son London Trademark. It is complete with brown leather case with flap cover and stud fastener. The case has impressed initials 'W.B.D' highlighted in gold leaf. Price for this nice WW1 cased piece of equipment includes UK delivery. Sn 10635

Early WW2 Nazi German, Cold Climate (Blue Dot) Dienstglas (Service Glass), 10 X 50 Magnification, German Infantry Officer's Binoculars By 'blc' Carl Zeiss Jena With Nazi Marked Case. Sn 10400:4 - 10400:4
An original pair of WW2 Nazi German, Dienstglas (Service Glass), 10 X 50 Magnification, Infantry Officer's Binoculars & Nazi marked case. The binoculars have a black textured finish which indicates early WW2 manufacture ( 1944 and 1945 models were usually manufactured with a grey or smooth finish, see page 117 of Military Binoculars by Rohan). The binoculars have adjustable Bakelite eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars and they are fitted with original thin leather neck strap. All optics are good and function as they should. The right shoulder of the binoculars are crisply stamped 'Dienstglas 10x 50' and with serial number '2185627'. It is also stamped with the code 'blc' which is the Nazi wartime code for Carl Zeiss Jena together with a blue dot which indicates that when manufactured they were greased for cold climate use. They are contained in their fitted sturdy black leather case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has it's original sprung, armoured strap and the body has it's original single stud fastener. The case is fitted with leather shoulder strap. The body of the case near to the rim is waffenamt. Price for this excellent set of nicely marked Nazi Binoculars in it's Nazi marked case, includes UK delivery. Sn 10400:4

Boxed, British Royal Navy Admiralty Submariner's/ U-Boat Hunter, Chrome Plated, Pattern 6, Sonar Stop Watch By Waltham Watch Company USA. Sn 10156 - 10156
These British Royal Navy Admiralty Submariner's/ U-Boat Hunter, time pieces are a six second stop watch with the face graduated in hundreds of yards up to 5000 yards. The sonar operator would measure the time interval between the 'ping' fired through the water from the target/ ship and the 'ping' when it bounced off the submarine and back to the ship, the distance would be read with the stopwatch. (Although there were a lot of variables such as the temperature and salinity or the water). This is an excellent original WW2 Pattern No.6 Admiralty Special 6 second stop watch made for Admiralty use by Waltham USA'. It has it's original undamaged chrome case which has all of it's original finish and cream coloured face with brass second hand. The face is gradiated up to 5,000 yards and timing markings within up to 6 seconds. The dial face has a lovely patina and has the inscription 'Admiralty Pattern No 6' together with American yardage manufacturer mark 'Waltham USA'. The rear of the case is crisply marked 'Patt.6' with WD Arrow and number 'U7459'. It has the correct original knurled button and lanyard ring. The watch which is fully functioning is contained in a small cloth pouch and it's original cardboard box with removable lid and original Waltham Watch Company' paper label. Price for this superb WW2 Admiralty time piece includes UK delivery. Sn 10156
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