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Optical Instruments

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WW1 1917 British No. 7 Mk II Dial Sight By Ross London. OPT 828 - OPT 828
This is an original WW1 British No.7 Mk II, optical dial sight made by Ross, London used on 13 pdr and 18 pdr Field guns for both indirect periscope sighting and for direct line of sight. It is fully functioning with excellent optics . Constructed of brass and steel it retains its original finish and is marked ‘Dial Sight No.7 Mk II Ross London’ together with ‘1917’ date and serial number 16811. Price includes UK delivery. OPT 828

WW1 1916 Dated British WD MK V Stand Instrument No 2 MK 1 Observer’s Brass & Wood Tri-Pod For The Spotting & Sniper’s Telescope By Blunt & Wray London, Later WW2 1941 Australian WD Issue Cap Covers With Sling By FS Ltd & Sling. OPT 827 - OPT 827
This is an original WW1 dated Observer’s tri-pod. These tri-pods were for the spotting & sniper’s telescope. The wood legs have metal conical spiked feet and the tri-pod retains its original green paint. The brass clamp mount with wingnut has a ‘WD arrow’ and manufacturer & model designation (illustrated in image 2). The clamp is fitted with a wood block to protect the clamp. The tripod is 36 ½” overall length. The tri-pod is complete with its later WW2 dated Australian issue leather clamp cap and leg loop & leather & webbing connecting strap / sling with brass buckles . The clamp cap has impressed detail ‘D^D’ (Australia WD), ‘STD INST No 21 MK V’ together with manufacturer detail ‘FS Ltd’ and ‘1941’ date (illustrated in image 2). Price includes UK delivery. OPT 827

WW1 / WW2 German Army Rudiger 5 x 56 Scope with Quick Release Mounts for the G98 Rifle. Opt 826 - Opt 826
This is in excellent condition and is complete with the quick release mounts which release it from the rifle sight mount (not included). This is a German 5 x 56 magnification scope to fit the Gewehr 98 (G98) rifle. It is nicely stamped below the windage adjusting wheel on one side with "78 5 x 56" and on the other with Rudiger", see the close up photographs. On the main body of the scope it is stamped with "11", on the quick release mount on one end it is stamped with "AWTS". The scope has a windage adjustment wheel which turns smoothly as it should, it has one screw missing from the top and the adjusting screw has been changed, see the close up photograph. The scope measures 12 1/4" long. The optics are clear and free of damage and the German post and duplex type cross hair is intact and secure. The quick release mount fixings operate as they should and the operation of the quick release is smooth. The optics are clear and free of any scratches or cracks. It is free of any dents. The price includes UK delivery. Opt 826

IMPRESSIVE, LARGE, WW1 Era British WD Brass & Leather Micro Adjustable Coastal Artillery Telescope By Broadhurst, Clarkson and Co Ltd London With Brass lens Cover Retailed By Charles Franks Glasgow & Original Wood Tri-Pod With Spiked End Caps. Sn 12987 - 12987
In 1892 Alexander Thomas Clarkson went into partnership Robert Henry Broadhurst . They made quality optical instruments. In 1915 trading as 'Broadhurst, Clarkson and Co’ the business was listed at Farringdon Road London. During WW1 as part of the war effort, the company set up further telescope factories in Watford, and a lens-making facility in central London producing optical instruments for the British War Dept. This is an impressive WW1 era large British WD Brass & Leather Micro Adjustable Coastal Artillery Telescope by 'Broadhurst, Clarkson and Co Ltd London recently serviced and cleaned. The optics of the telescope are excellent and clear. It has a 3” diameter lens with its original protective brass cap. When mounted in its extended position it is 46” in length. The telescope is leather bound. The leather has a retailers label ‘Charles Franks Glasgow’ (illustrated in image 2). The brass draw of the scope is crisply marked by the manufacturer ‘'Broadhurst, Clarkson and Co Ltd 63 Farringdon Road London EC 3059 No.44” (illustrated in image 2). The telescope is mounted on its original heavy wood tripod with alloy and brass mounts. The legs have alloy spiked feet and one leg has its original leather strap with buckle for fastening the legs together during transit. When extended the tripod is 50” between each foot and it holds the telescope by means of a brass bracket. The brass mount on the tripod has a ‘WD arrow’ and number ‘1643’ (illustrated in image 2). One leg of the tripod has a matching ‘Franks Glasgow’ retailer label (illustrated in image 2). The telescope rotates freely 360 degrees and is micro adjustable. The telescope including mount stands at 57" to the centre when in the open position. This is an impressive, full size, WD Coastal Artillery Telescope by a quality maker complete with tripod. Delivery of this large item within the UK will be arranged at cost. Sn 12987

Inter War / WW2 era German Ajack Berlin 2.5x70 Sniper Telescopic Sight For Mauser K98 Rifles. OPT 825. - OPT 825
The German optics firm A. Jackenroll (Ajack) Berlin. This firm made sniper telescopic sights for the German army for use on K98 rifles. Some were issued to Waffen SS Units (these carry deaths head markings). The company also exported scopes for the Swedish Military. This is a very good original WW2 era German Ajack Sniper Telescopic Sight for Mauser K98 rifles. The sight is undamaged with original black paint. The sight is fitted with later ‘Parker Hale England’ stamped mounts. The sight is marked "Ajack Germany” on one side of the elevation adjustment knob base and ‘2.5x70’ together with serial number ‘1565’ on the other side. There are no external German military markings on the sight. This sight does not have any Swedish markings on it indicating it was not one of the scopes sold to Sweden. The optics of the sight with ‘fine cross hair’ function as they should (unable to photograph through viewing lens). Price includes UK delivery. OPT 825

WW2 Nazi German 7 X 50 Magnification Kriegsmarine Binoculars By blc Carl Zeiss, Jena & 1942 / 1944 Dated Case. Sn 12953 - 12953
These are a very good, original cased pair of Nazi German, 7 X 50 Magnification, Kriegsmarine Binoculars. The Binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable armoured eyepieces. The textured finish has areas of surface wear but the metal work is undamaged. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars and are fitted with original leather neck strap. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is crisply marked '7 x 50 'Magnification) and bears the Nazi German War time manufacturer's code 'blc' which is which is Carl Zeiss, Jena, together with serial number (all illustrated). The Binoculars are contained in their fitted sturdy black leather case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has its original sprung fastener which is date stamped ‘42’ (1942) and the body has its original single stud fastener. The case is absent its shoulder strap & the rear of the case has a contemporarily applied large riveted and stitched belt loop. The body of the case body is date stamped ‘1944’ and Waffenamt (illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12953
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