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Optical Instruments

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WW1 1917 Ross London British Officer’s Private Purchase Military Brass Telescope With Lens Cover & Adjustable Wood & Brass Tripod. Sn 11494 - 11494
An excellent WW1 British Military telescope with tripod. It is complete with brass lens cap with retaining chain and its superb wood and brass tripod which has height adjustable 2 piece sliding legs with spike end caps. Each leg is secured by screw tightening brackets. The legs are also braced by a brass link chain. The tripod is adjustable from 10 ½” to 16 ½” height. The legs have a brass top mount with tubular fitting which fits a brass spike mount on the underside of the telescope. The telescope which can easily be lifted off the tripod for independent use is made of leather covered brass and is nicely stamped with the manufacturer's name ‘Ross London’ and 1917 date. The scope when open measures 16 ½” in length. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11494

British Boer War Era 1890 Dated War Dept 3 Draw Military Brass Telescope By Pastorelli & Rapkin London With Leather Lens Caps & Adjustable Carry Straps. Sn 11441 - 11441
This is a superb condition 3 draw WD Military telescope. It is made of leather covered brass and is WD & arrow stamped & dated ‘1890’. It is also marked by the manufacturer ‘Pastorelli & Rapkin London’ on the 1st draw. It is complete with leather lens caps and carry straps with adjustable buckles. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11441

Quality Victorian British Midshipman’s 2 Draw Naval Telescope With Lens Cover By E&E Emanuel, Portsea. Sn 11440 - 11440
This is a quality Victorian Midshipman’s Telescope. It is made brass & bound in black leather. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The scope has a pull off lens Protector cap. The scope is 18 ¼” in length when closed and 26” extended. One draw is beautifully engraved with manufacturer detail and Royal Appointment to ‘Her Majesty’ (Queen Victoria) illustrated In Image 2. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11440

WW1 1917 British No. 7 Mk II Dial Sight By Ross London. OPT 818 - OPT 818
This is an original WW1 British No.7 Mk II, optical dial sight made by Ross, London used on 13 pdr and 18 pdr Field guns for both indirect periscope sighting and for direct line of sight. It is fully functioning with excellent optics . Constructed of brass and steel it retains its original finish and is crisply marked ‘Dial Sight No.7 Mk II Ross London’ together with ‘1917’ date and serial number 13021. Price includes UK delivery. OPT 818

British WD WW2 Era No.14 TPL MK 4 Brass Trench Periscope By R&J Beck Ltd With Screw Off Wood Handle. Sn 11351 - 11351
An excellent British WW2 Brass Trench Periscope. The scope itself measures 18 ¾” overall and has a screw off 10 ½” contoured wood handle with brass ferrule. It has an adjustable graduated eyepiece with Bakelite eye cup. All optics function as they should. The frame is crisply marked 'Periscope No.14 TPL MK 4 OS 1427 GA R&JB (Beck Ltd) 9844 ' together with WD arrow. The brass scope retains all of its original olive green paint. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11351

MINT, MATCHING, Transit Cased, Afghanistan War Russian NSPU Model 1PN34 Night Vision Image Intensifier Scope For Dragunov Sniper Rifles By The Tekhpribor Optics Manufacturing Plant Russia With Accessories & Manuals Russian & Rare English Version. Sn 7126 - 7126
A near mint transit cased unissued condition Russian NSPU (Night Small Arms Scope Unified also known as 1PN34) Night Vision image intensifier. The NSPU is a generation 1 image intensifier sight. As with all night vision optics without the power supply turned on you cannot view anything through the viewfinder, when the power is turned on light enters the front of the scope and enters into the intensifier tube where the light is amplified thousands of times, the amplified image of what the scope sees is fired down into the image convertor and this acts like a TV screen in principle as electrons strike a phosphor screen generating the image in the viewfinder. The battery is a wet cell that comprises of two wet 1.25v cells wired in series to up the voltage to 2.5v. This model of night vision sight made C1970’s-1980s was an issue item to Soviet troops when they were involved in Afghanistan. The NSPU sight is the earlier model to the 1PN58 and can be identified by the Russian Cyrillic writing of HCNY (NSPU). The Russian cyrillic markings in the middle of the control panel read Reticule brightness. The logo of the inverted triangle inside a triangle is the makers mark. This mark denotes that this sight was produced at the Tekhpribor optics manufacturing plant in Leningrad Russia. The control panel has serial number ‘0102’ with Russian script initials. The reticule brightness is adjustable by operation of a wheel on the control panel. The sight comes with many accessories including its original 3 cell storage box for spare batteries, wet cell batteries, 3 ballistic cams for different weapon types marked ‘AKM’ ‘CB’ and ‘Pnk’ in Russian text (The Dragunov cam is installed on the sight), spare rubber eye cup, belt hangers for canvas carry storage bag, lens filter for front of NSPU. The case also contains original Instruction Manuals In Russian text and a rare English Translated version of the manual. All are contained in their original steel transit case with securing clips and braces. The case has clasp fasteners and carry handle. The front of the case has the correct ‘HCNY’ Russian text stencilling together with number ‘0102’ with Russian script initials all which matched the sight’s serial number. Price for this complete Mint Dragunov Sniper Rifle Night Vision image intensifier with matching numbers transit case includes UK delivery. Sn 7126
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