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Antique Guns and Equipment

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RARE, Late 1700’s Dublin Castle, Long Brown Bess .750 Musket Calibre Flintlock Musket Regiment Marked ‘S.T’. Sn 16415:3 - 16415:3
A rare, original , Dublin Castle, Long Brown Bess flintlock musket. It is 57 ½” overall length with a 41 ¾” long round steel barrel with fixed foresight. The top of the barrel has a small crown inspection / proof mark. The barrel’s smooth bore has staining and residue consistent with age and service use. Its lock plate is crisply marked with Georgian Crown GR (George Rex) together with inspection mark and ‘Dublin Castle’ across the tail (Dublin Castle assembled weapons cease to be stamped Dublin Castle in 1798 but produced until 1815). It has a Swan neck hammer fitted with flint, Walnut full stock with, iron ramrod and ordnance pattern brass furniture. It’s butt plate tang is engraved ‘ST’ most likely a regiment number worthy of further research. It’s cocking and firing action works perfectly. The price for this historic piece includes UK delivery. N.B As an antique musket no licence is required to own this item in the UK if held as part of a collection or display. Sn 16415:3

RARE, C1830 British East India Company (EIC) Brunswick Enfield .704” Belted Ball Calibre Muzzle Loading Percussion Rifle Volunteer Regiment Marked ‘V TB 3 25’. Sn 16415:2 - 16415:2
The Brunswick rifle was a large calibre (.704) muzzle-loading percussion rifle manufactured for the British Army by Enfield in the early 19th century. The Brunswick rifle was one of several designs submitted to replace the Baker rifle. Unlike the Baker rifle, the Brunswick rifle used a special round ball with raised ribs that fit into two spiraling grooves in the barrel. The rifle was designed to accept a sword type bayonet which mounted by use of a bayonet bar, similar to the design of that used on the Baker rifle. This is an excellent, rare to find, military specification EIC Brunswick rifle. The action plate is stamped with the EIC rampant Lion mark. It has all original woodwork with correct brass butt plate, trigger guard, ram rod mounts, patch box with hinged lid & fore end cap together with original steel ramrod & bayonet bar. It has a blade fore sight. The shoulder stock has contemporary hand carved Roman numerals 'IIIV'. The barrel measures 31” in length (47” overall). The butt plate tang is Regiment marked ‘V’ (Volunteer) ‘TB 3 25’. The barrel’s rifled bore has staining and residue consistent with age and service use. The cocking and firing actions work perfectly. This is a rare, antique percussion rifle worthy of further research regarding the regiment mark and no licence is required to own it in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16415:2

C1800 Georgian Indian / Afghan North West Frontier 16 Bore Flintlock Jezail Rifle With British Enfield Tower Brown Bess Lock, Wood Stock Ornately Decorated With Mother Of Pearl & Brass. Sn 16415:1 - 695
The Jezail was a simple, cost-efficient and often handmade muzzle-loading long arm commonly used in British India, Central Asia and parts of the Middle East. Jezails were generally handmade weapons, and consequently they widely varied in their construction. Jezails were seen as very personal weapons, and unlike the typical military weapons of the time which were very plain and utilitarian, Jezails tended to be well crafted and were usually intricately decorated. Jezails tended to have very long barrels. The firing mechanism was typically either a matchlock or a flintlock. Since flintlock mechanisms were complex and difficult to manufacture, many Jezails used the lock mechanism from captured or broken Brown Bess muskets. The stocks were handmade and ornately decorated, featuring a distinctive curve which is not seen in the stocks of other muskets. The function of this curve is debated; it may be purely decorative, or it may have allowed the Jezail to be tucked under the arm and cradled tightly against the body, as opposed to being held to the shoulder like a typical musket or rifle. During the Anglo Afghan Wars the Jezail was the primary ranged weapon of Afghan warriors and was used with great effect against British troops. This is a very good Indian flintlock Jezail. It has a 39” long octagonal steel barrel with flared muzzle and brass barrel bands. The barrel has a brass blade fore sight and block rear sight. The rifle is 16 Bore. The rifled bore has staining and residue consistent with age and use. It measures 53” overall length. The action is from a Brown Bess musket and is marked with Georgian crown ‘GR’ (George Rex) together with Enfield ‘Tower’ mark & British ‘Broad Arrow crown’ inspection mark. Its wood stock is intricately hand inlaid with pieces of Mother of Pearl and brass. It has the typical Jezail curved butt. The wood and metal have the wear and patina to be expected of a native Indian weapon of its age. It has its original steel ram rod. The Jezail cocks and dry fires. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 16415:1

RARE, C1810 Victorian English Thomas Hewson London Double Barrelled 18 Bore Flintlock Traveling Pistol With Silver Fittings & Integral Folding Bayonet . Sn 16416 - 16416
The English London based gunsmith Thomas Hewson is recorded as having premises at 133 Fetter Lane between 1805 & 1808, 36 Piccadilly 1808 to 1820. He is believed to have emigrated to South Africa C1820 and worked as a gunsmith at Grahamstown from 1837 (see page 169 of British Gunmakers Vol 1 by Brown). This is an excellent , original and rare to find, flintlock double barrel traveling pistol by Hewson. Its side by side steel barrels are 5 ¼” in length. It measures 11 ½” overall length with bayonet folded closed (16” with bayonet open). The smooth bores have light staining and residue consistent with age & use. The pistol has its original integral folding bayonet mounted on top of the barrel which is retained by a spring clip at the muzzle end & sliding catch at the breech. The spring clips works correctly and the 3 ½” triangular shaped blade with fullers tapers to a pin sharp point. It also has its original wood ram rod with silver end cap and steel worm. Its original Walnut full stock has chequering at the grip and is inlaid void silver escutcheon. It has double triggers and Swan neck hammers fitted with flints. Its lock plates and action tang are crisply engraved with foliate design and signed ‘Hewson’. Both barrels have inlaid silver roundels and silver bands at the breech. Both locks have sliding safety bolts. The pistol cocks and dry fires perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB as an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 16416

SCARCE, Crimean War Era, British Enfield Tower Lovell’s Pattern 1845 Extra Service .75 Calibre Percussion Musket With Lovell's Patent Catch & Socket Bayonet. Sn 16339 - 16339
A scarce .75” calibre Lovell’s Pattern 1845 extra service percussion musket. The action plate is struck with a Queen’s Crown (Victoria) & Tower. The Walnut stock has regulation pattern brass furniture including three rammer pipes. The musket’s 39” smooth bore barrel has staining & residue consistent with age & use. It has a fixed front sight and correct Lovell’s bayonet catch. It has its original steel ram rod. One of George Lovell’s series of percussion smooth bore muskets for the line infantry regiments of the 1840’s along with the Pattern 1839 and 42 the P45 saw wide service all over the world and was at the time one of the most advanced military small arms of the age. These P45 extra service muskets are simplified versions of the P39 using pins rather than keys to retain the barrel and omitting the fixed rear sight of Lovells other muskets. They were however a sturdy and by the standards of the day an accurate weapon, widely issued throughout the army. The musket is in good fully working condition with nice, original undamaged Walnut stock and even patina to the metal work. A rarely seen British issue musket that was the mainstay of the early Crimean war army. The musket is accompanied by a corresponding socket bayonet. It has a 17” triangular blade which has just light staining consistent with age and measures 20” overall. There are no date or manufacturer marks on the bayonet. The price for this scarce musket with bayonet includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 16339

1795-1832 English Patrick Of Liverpool Pair Of 50 Bore Flintlock Pocket Pistols With Screw Off Barrels & Folding Triggers. A 1015 - A 1015
Jeremiah Patrick was an English Liverpool based Gunsmith between 1795-1814. The business was then taken on by Edward Patrick between 1814-1820 & finally by Ann Patrick from 1820-1832. This is an excellent pair of percussion pocket pistols by Patrick Liverpool. They are each 6” overall length with 1 ¾” screw off barrels, concealed folding triggers, sliding safety bolts and Swan neck hammers. The bores of both pistols have staining consistent with age. It has impressed proof /inspection marks on the underside of the action and the barrel’s each have lugs for tool to allow the barrels to be turned off (we do not have a tool). On the left side amongst a panel with banners each pistol is crisply marked ‘Patrick Liverpool’ and the right sides have martial arms and banners. The actions of each pistol work as they should. The bag shaped wood grips are excellent & undamaged and are both inlaid with void silver shields. The price includes UK delivery. NB As antique flintlock pistols no licence is required to own these items in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. A 1015

Large, Victorian French Polished Flattened Cow Horn Black Powder Flask For Rifles With ‘Staff Of Hermes AB’ Retailer / Manufacturer mark (A. Boche, Paris) Graduated Hinged Brass Charger & Hanging Rings. A 1014 - A 1014
This is an excellent, original, complete, French form , Victorian, Black Powder Flask for rifles . It is similar in form to chargers illustrated on page 395 item 1168-2 & page 401 item 1173 of the Powder Flask Book by Riling, both having the same form and hinged charger. It measures 10" overall length with charger closed and the polished, flattened horn flask and the flat brass base secured by 6 pins is 1 ¼” x 3 ½” . The horn has just light surface wear to be expected and has a brass throat cap with sprung brass opening lever. The throat cap has a small ‘staff of Hermes AB’ manufacturer mark (illustrated). AB is identified as A. Boche 45 Rue des Vinaigriers Paris noted as a seller of Sporting Equipment in the 1867 Exposition catalogue (see page 118 of Riling’s book) .A pivoting, hinged brass charger is secured to the throat cap. The sprung lever charger is graduated ’30-35-40’ grains. The horn is fitted with 2 small brass rings . The price for this large attractive flask, with unusual charger includes UK delivery. A 1014

C1800 Turkish Style Balkans 16 Bore Flintlock Pistol With Brass Fittings & Cudgel Butt. Sn 16294 - 16294
This is an attractive Turkish Style Balkans flintlock pistol made C1800. It is 17” overall with a 10 ¾” stee barrel. The barrel’s smooth bore has staining and residue consistent with age and use. The barrel is unsighted. The barrel has foliate tooled decoration and a small indistinct cartouche (illustrated). It has its original undamaged full stock with ornate tooled decoration & brass fittings including trigger guard with stylised finial and ornate cudgel pommel. It is complete with wood ramrod which is short (only 5” length). Its lock works as it should. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 16294

SOLD SOLD (21/06) 1861 Enfield Tower 1853 Pattern, 3 Band .577 Obsolete Calibre Rifle, Monogram Or Regiment Mark ‘HSJr’, Nipple Protector & Chain, Wood Muzzle Plug, Sling & Socket Bayonet With Matching Monogram, Leather Scabbard & Frog. A 1013 - A 1013
This is an original British Enfield 1853 Pattern 3 band Percussion Rifle. The weapon has a replacement lock and has been refurbished at some point in its life. The action plate is stamped With Queens Crown VR (Victoria Regina) and by the manufacturer ‘Tower’ (Enfield) together with 1861 date. It has walnut wood work which has knocks bumps and bruises consistent with age and use, brass butt plate, Brass fore end block and brass trigger guard with extended tang. The butt plate tang has an engraved stylised monogram which appears to be ‘HSJr’ most likely a personal monogram or Regiment mark. The rifle has its original ramrod, ladder rear sight, fixed fore sight and removable wood muzzle plug to protect water entering the barrel when marching in foul weather. Its original sling swivels are fitted with a brown leather sling which has a large brass buckle. The barrel’s 39” barrel is stamped with proof marks. It’s bore has crisp rifling and staining consistent with age and use. Total length is 55”. The cocking & firing actions work perfectly. The rifle comes with an original period socket bayonet with locking ring. The bayonet fits the rifle perfectly. The bayonet’s triangular blade is 17 ¾” length. The blade has small inspection marks and the socket is engraved with matching stylised monogram / Regiment mark . The bayonet comes with a black leather scabbard which has brass mounts and an integral black leather frog. This is an antique percussion rifle and no licence is required to own it in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. A 1013

SOLD SOLD (24/06)1864, Colt London, Pocket Model of 1849 .31 Calibre, Cap And Ball, 5 Shot, Single Action, Revolver With Victorian Black Powder Proofs, Brass Frame & Octagonal Barrel. Sn 16383 - 16383
The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the iconic 1860 Army and 1851 Navy Revolvers and were produced between 1849 and 1872. They were made in the USA and In London for the British market. This original Colt London .31 Calibre Cap and Ball, 5 shot Pocket Model of 1849 Revolver is in very good condition with even patina throughout. It has a brass trigger guard and grip frame. The pistol has the correct brass pin fore sight and notched hammer rear sight. It has its original Walnut grip. The left side of its frame is stamped '31 cal'. It has a 4 " octagonal barrel. The bore is clean with crisp well defined rifling. It has matching serial numbers '261774’' stamped on its frame, barrel block and butt which dates its manufacture to 1864. The cylinder is also marked 'Colt's Patent No 1762’. The cylinder has its correct lightly engraved ‘Stage Coach Hold Up Scene’. The frame and cylinder have Victorian Black Powder Proofs. The weapon's single action firing mechanism and captive steel lever ram rod work as they should. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique cap and ball revolver, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 16383
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