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WWII Official Japanese Naval Officer’s Academy Photograph Album With Original Photographs & Japanese Ink Script. Sn 4253. - 4253
This is an original WWII Official Bound Japanese Naval Academy Photograph Album. The Album measures 10 ¾”x 7 ¼”x ¾” when closed. It has a dark green leather effect cover and retains its original green knotted cord. The cover of the album has impressed Banner & Japanese Script together with number ‘2062’ all highlighted in gold. The cover is also impressed with The representation of a Japanese Battleship at Sea with Blazing Guns. The album contains 64 Pages of cardboard and tissue pages. The cardboard pages are printed with contemporary images of Naval Officer’s and other ranks undergoing training at a Naval Acadamy, parades, drill, weapons and equipment training. There are also many individual and group portraits of individual Officers and Cadets. There are also original colourful hand drawn ink representations of Japanese battle flags and anchors. The tissue pages have original printed Japanese text and also serve to protect the images on the cardboard pages. All pages of the album and images are clean and undamaged. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 4253.

A Set of Three WWII Training Handbooks on Infantry Weapons, Rifle Training and Small Arms Training-Rifle. BO 452. - BO 452
Book No1 – Modern Infantry Weapons and Training in their use by Sergaent R. C. Sweeting of the ‘The Prince of Wales own Regiment of Yorkshire’. Paperback, 124 illustarted pages covering; Field craft, Squad formations, zeroing (all arms) and The instructor etc. Book No2 – Handbook of the rifle for use in schools-training and care of arms for .303 and .22 rifles by Captain L. R.Godfrey for Denstone College O.T.C. Paperback 128 illustrated pages covering; Aiming, the use of the sling, the aperture sight and position and hold etc. Book No3 – Small Arms Training, Volume 1, Pamphlet No3 Rifle ‘1937’. Paperback, 68 illustrated pages covering; Examination of the rifle, accuracy and aim, aiming at targets and elementary aiming off for the wind etc *some instructors handwritten notes on some pages*. The price for these three pieces of history includes UK delivery. BO 452.

Three Handbooks on British Military Rank Badges and Medal Ribbons. BO 451. - BO 451
Book No1 – British Military Badges and Buttons. Paperback, 88 illustrated pages contents including; British military badge, buttons, badges and buttons from 1958 to present and list of plates etc. Book No2 – Rank badges of British allies. Paperback, 47 illustrated pages contents including; U.S.A. army, U.S.S.R. army, China army, Holland army etc. Book No3 – Ranks & Medal Ribbons of the fighting service. Published by the Daily Mirror priced at sevenpence nett. Paperback 31 illustrated pages covering; Royal Navy, R.A.F., Victoria Cross, Campaign medals and Womens Auxiliary services etc. The price for these 3 pieces of history includes UK delivery. BO 451.

Two WWII Pocket manuals on the Sten Gun and other Automatic Guns. BO 450. - BO 450
Manual No1 – Sten Machine Carbine 9mm, Mk,II and Mk III. Published in 1942 strictly reserved for use in the Home Guard. Fold out, covering; Assembling, trigger mechanism, breech block and return spring housing etc. Manual No2 – Manual of Modern Automatic Guns-Sten, Bren, Lewis, Thompson, Vickers, Browning etc. Paperback flip over style 15 illustrated pages covering; Loading, firing, mechanism stoppages and stripping etc. The price these two collectors items includes UK delivery. BO 450.

An Original Set of Three WWII Handbooks on the .300 Lewis Machine Gun. BO 449. - BO 449
Book No1- The Complete Lewis Gunner, By and Instructor. Printed in 1944. Paperback, 55 illustrated pages covering; the stationary parts in front of the body locking pin, the stationary parts behind the body locking pin, how to load, fire un-load and the forward action etc. Book No2 – Lewis Gun Mechanism made easy. Printed in 1940. Paperback, 21 illustrated pages with fold out illustrations covering; loading of gun, notes on stoppages, immediate action and action of gases and cooling system etc. Book No3 - .300 Lewis Machine Gun for the Home Guard. Published in 1940. Paperback, 26 pages with fold outs covering; particulars of gun, stripping, assembling, operation and firing etc. The price for this informative piece of history includes UK delivery. BO 449.

An Original Bound Collection of War Office Restricted Handbooks – ‘Training For War’ Parts-1,2,3,5 & 6. Previously Owned by ‘Lt R.W. Naesmyth’. BO 448. - BO 448.
Part 1 – Organisation of Training – 31 pages covering; the military training directorate, formations, the training cycle and use of land for training etc. Part 2 – Leadership and individual training – 38 pages covering; the qualities of a soldier, the training of a recruit, the training of warrant officers and playlets etc. Part 3 – Unit and formation training – 103 pages covering; aim, scope, limited war and neutral signals etc. Part 5 – Exercise Control and Umpiring – 39 pages covering; communications, nucleur umpiring, specimen umpires log and do’s and don’ts for umpires etc. Part 6 – Land/Air Warfare – 15 pages covering; army/air corps, anti-aircraft artillery and training against hostile air attack etc. All of the individual handbooks are in very good condition and held together with the original hardback cover with its original screws. The price includes UK delivery. BO 448.

A Rare Set of Three WWII Royal Navy Related Pocket Books. BO 447 - BO 447
Book No1-Customs and Etiquette of the Royal Navy. Paperback, 52 pages; this is a very rare book detailing the customs and etiquette of the Royal Navy. The book contains chapters on dress, routines, entertainment and most interestingly Admiral Hopwoods Laws of the Navy. Book No2 – A Seamans Pocket Book- By authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty – June 1943. Semi-hardback, 120 illustrated pages; this is a highly illustrated book covering subjects on; sea terms, steering the ship, rigging, anchors and cables and ship safety etc. Book No3 – Brittania Rules The Wave. Paperback, 87 illustrated pages; this book by Alexander Tier gave a futuristic and amusing impression of life in the WRENs written by a young Lieutenant R.N.V.R. The price for this group of rare to find pieces of Naval history include UK delivery. BO 447.

A Manual for the Soviet ‘Mosin-Nagant’ Rifles/Carbines & Sniper Rifles. BO 446. - BO 446
The Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine–fed military rifle. Known officially as the 3-line rifle M1891 and informally in Russia and former Soviet Union as Mosin's rifle, it is primarily found chambered for its original 7.62×54mmR cartridge. Developed from 1882 to 1891, it was used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other states. It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history, with over 37 million units produced since 1891. In spite of its age, it has been used in various conflicts around the world up to the present day. This is the manual for the Soviet ‘Mosin-Nagant’ Models of 1891-1910-1891/30-1938-1944 Rifles, Carbines 7 Sniper Rifles Ordi 7-101 chapter2 Printed in the U.S. in May 1954. Paperback in near mint condition, 31 illustrated pages covering; Differences between models, interchangeability, ammunition and maintenance etc. The price for this book includes UK delivery. BO 446.

C1920-30’s - Three Military Handbooks on Map Reading. BO 445. - BO 445
*Notes on Map Reading – The War Office – 1929. Paperback, 95 illustrated pages with fold out maps. This manual is intended for use of candidates for commissions in the Regular Army and in the Royal Air Force, and also for the instruction of officers and non-commissioned officers. Its objective is to provide sufficient instruction in the use of maps to enable the student to visualise, appreciate and make good use of the tactical features of the ground. *The Complete Guide to Military Map Reading. Paperback, 132 illustrated pages with fold out maps. Contents including; hill features, traversing, the magnetic compass and gridded maps etc. *Exercise based on Military Map Reading for the New Army (with solutions). Paperback, 32 pages with map. Contents include; conversion of measures, bearings, night marching, intervisibility and scales etc. The price for these collectable booklets includes UK delivery. BO 445.

Three WWII Independent Publications Regarding Air Conflict and Informational Booklets. BO 434 - BO 434
*Victory Lies in the Air by Pemberton-Billing. Paperback, 40 pages containing subjects such as; the need of mass production, time is not on our side, the cost of bombing and unity of command etc in the words of Noel Pemberton-Billing the founder of the constitutional independents. *The Battle of Britain – August-October 1940. An Air Ministry Account of the good days from 8th August – 31st October 1940. A wonderfully scripted account of ministers in the house of commons , Sir Winston Churchill and bystanders of the days and nights during the Battle of Britain. *Air Raid Fist Aid. Paperback 32 illustrated pages. A comprehensive list of instructions on how to deal with first aid situations during and after an air raid, including; poisoning, wounds, asphyxia, hemorrhage and so forth. The price for these wonderful collectors items includes UK delivery. BO 434.
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