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C1880 Etched Regimentally Marked Imperial German NCO Sabre and Scabbard by Weyersburg Kirschbaum & Cie . ED 2165. - ED 2165
This model sword was also used after WWI, in both Weimar and Nazi Germany; it is a smaller dress sword that was obviously modelled on the German 1848 sabre. Many of these swords have their maker’s marks hidden under the langets as this example does; under a light a kings head and knight’s head over WK & C can be made out, that was the mark used after Weyersburg (King’s Head logo) merged with Kirschbaum & Cie (Knights Head Logo) in 1883. The single fullered 31 ¼ inch blade features etched military trophies and floral motif half way up the sword and more floral etching half way up the spine. The style of etching is consistent with imperial era blades. The hilt is constructed of silver coloured, possibly nickel-plated steel. The grip is triple wire wrapped shagreen (Fish skin). One of the langets has the regiment mark ‘S.Kö.I.1.’ etched to it as does the locket on the scabbard. The blade has some staining consistent with age. The scabbard has a large silver coloured, possibly nickel-plated steel locket, chape and hanger. The metalwork and leather are in very good condition. The leather stitching is fully intact. See page 202 of ‘The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Swords and Sabres’ by Harvey J S Withers. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2165.

WW1 Era British George V 1845 / 1854 Pattern Infantry Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade Numbered 1301.5, Ordnance Roundel Inlaid To ‘James Howarth’, Scabbard, Leather Field Combat Cover & Frog. Sn 14442 - Sn 14442
The 1845/54 pattern sword was the successor to the 1822 pattern, the main change being the folding langet of the Pattern 1822 being removed (see page 175 of World Swords by Withers). This original infantry Officer's Pattern 1845 / 54 sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with part fullers (39" overall). The blade is undamaged with just light areas of staining consistent with age. There are no visible manufacturer’s marks on the blade but the back of the blade is numbered ‘1301.5’ which may, with further research assist to identify the manufacturer. The ricasso has the ordnance acceptance star and inlaid roundel. The blade is fitted with original hilt washer and etched on both sides with stylised Royal Cypher and Crown together with decorative panels on both sides. The voided brass bowl guard has stylised Royal Cypher ‘GR’ (GeorgeRex) & King’s Crown in the centre. It has brass stepped round pommel with ball end. The guard is contemporarily engraved ‘James Howorth’ most likely the name of the Officer who owned this sword. It's fish skin grip with finger grooves & gilt binding is in superb condition. The sword is complete with its leather covered wood scabbard with German silver insert at the mouth. The scabbard is fitted with original leather frog with 2 hanging straps, brass buckles and brass stud. All leather and stitching of the scabbard & frog are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14442.

Model 1860 Imperial Prussian Infantry Brass Handled Short Sword Sidearm & Scabbard Both With Regiment Marks. ED 2164 - ED 2164
This is an excellent, original, Model 1860 Imperial Prussian Infantry short sword side arm (see page 196 of World Swords by Withers). It has a heavy 17 ¼” curved single edged steel blade and measures 22 ¾” overall. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the blade but the back of the blade has a small indistinct inspection mark (illustrated). It has a rugged brass handle with correct grooved panel on one side to assist grip. The hilt incorporates a cast birds head pommel and returning curve cross guard with rounded ends. The cross guard is Regiment marked ‘7.R.H.65’. The Sword is complete with correct, original leather scabbard with brass throat mount which has a fixed frog bar and brass chape with ball end *stitching loose at the rear/movement of brasswork*. The throat mount is Regiment marked ‘2.R.A.5.27’. Both the throat mount and chape have small Imperial inspection marks. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price for this Imperial sidearm, rare to find with scabbard includes UK delivery. ED 2164

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 08/03) **ANCIENT BLADE**Japanese Koto Era 1550’s-1600 Ko Wakizashi Small Sword Blade Wood Shira Saya Resting Mounts, Scabbard With Sayagaki Signature Attributing the Blade To Mino School Smith ‘KANE AKI’ & Expert Assessment. Sn 20449 - 20449
This antique Japanese Wakizashi sword blade with Shira Saya have been assessed by UK based Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. His assessment accompanies this piece. In exerts from the assessment he states “Ko wakizashi small sword with unsigned tang suriage cut down in antiquity from longer blade by cutting blade notches downward shortening the cutting edge. Any signature would have been lost. It looks like late Koto work 1550’s to 1600. With nice black rust on tang. In good old Japanese polish (faded) showing a midare irregular hamon in Nioi crystals fine. Also showing faint Utsuri Bo Utsuri is horizontal following the hamon temperline, a feature of Bizen & Mino Den blades. Mounted in Shira saya resting scabbard with a sayagaki written ink inscription attributing this wakizashi to a Mino den sith ‘Kane Aki’ of the Koto period. There are lots of kane Akis in my books but only one seems to use this kanji for Aki (working late 1580’s, this is my translation open to a different reading by a Japanese expert). A nice Wakizashi worthy of further research in Japan”. In his illustrations of the blade, tang & Shira Saya, he translates the Sayagaki & comments ‘cutting edge is just under 38.5 cms. Total length 50cms. He also describes other blade and tang dimensions and characteristics all which can be seen in the images. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20449

**ANCIENT BLADE**C1681-1684 Japanese Tanto With U-No-Kubi Zukuri (Cormorant’s Neck Shape) Blade Smith Signed ‘KIN (Or) KANE CHIKA’, Protective Wood Shira Saya Resting Mounts, Scabbard & Expert Assessment. Sn 20448 - 20448
This is an ancient Japanese tanto blade which has been assessed by UK Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. A copy of his hand written assessment notes accompany this Tanto. Extracts from the assessment and notes include “Tanto in Shira saya resting mounts. Blade is U-No-Kubi Zukuri (Looks Like Cormorant’s Neck Shape From Back).Put in Shira saya after polisjhing. In good old polish showing good forging with small itame grain & a broad band of Nioi crystals following shape of a gunome midare hamon temperline. Signed with 2 kanji name can be read 2 ways Kin Chika / Kane Chika. I read it kane Chika. There is one Smith in my books using this signature working in Yamato full name is Kikuichi Monju Omi Kami Kane Chika Circa 1681-1684. This could be him, needs more research to pinpoint him. A dramatic looking Tanto”. In his illustrations of the blade he adds “cutting edge is 26cms, total length is just under 36.5 sms and identifies the habaki as “good quality 2 piece copper”. He also describes other blade and tang characteristics and dimensions which can be seen in the images. The price for this ancient blade with original expert assessment includes UK delivery. Sn 20448

WW2 Era 1939 British Officer’s Army & Navy Stores London 1821 Pattern Presentation Sword With Etched Blade To ‘Lieut P.T Bevan RASC (Royal Army Service Corps) To Lieut T.H Wilkinson 1.5.39’ With Leather Covered Field Service Scabbard. Sn 20445 - 20445
This is an original 1821 pattern Officer’s presentation sword (see page 99 of World Swords by Withers). The sword has a 34” blade with fullers and measures 40” overall. The blade has its original leather hilt washer. It has the correct fish skin grip with wire binding which is intact and tight and correct 3 bar guard nickel plated steel hilt. The pommel has a stepped knurled pommel and a knurled grip spine to assist grip. Much original nickel plate is present. The blade is etched and blued on both sides with foliate panels . One side is etched to the ‘Royal Army Service Corps’ King’s Crown, heraldic arms, proof star, inlaid proof roundel & foliate panels. The reverse has panel inscribed ‘Lieut PT Bevan RASC RASC (Royal Army Service Corps)’ above blued and etched panel ‘To Lieut T.H. Wilkinson 1.5.39 (date)’, King’s Crown and Royal cypher ‘GRVI’ (George VI Rex) together with maker’s detail ‘Army & Navy Stores 105 Victoria St London SW’ together with foliate panels. The spine of the blade is numbered 17343. The leather covered wood field scabbard has a German Silver throat mount and has a leather hanger tab. The price for this sword worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 20445

**QUALITY MAKER**Boer War Era British Robert Mole & Sons Birmingham 1897 Pattern Rifle Brigade Officers Sword With Etched Blade Number M2697 Press Stud Hilt Fitting With Acorn, Scabbard & Period Photograph Of An Officer In Uniform With Sword. Sn 20460 - 20460
This is an original 1897 British Infantry officer’s sword. These swords were a great improvement on previous patterns with better protection to the hand through its ¾ basket hilt (see page 179 of World Swords by Withers & pages 165-167 of Swords of the British Army by Robson). The sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with partial fullers. The ricasso is signed by quality British manufacturer ‘Robert Mole & Sons Birmingham Makers To The War & India Offices’. The reverse has the ordnance acceptance ‘proof’ star and inlaid roundel. Both sides of the blade have etched panels featuring foliate devices, the King’s crown & stylised Royal Cypher ‘ERVII’ (Edward Seventh Rex) & slung horn motif of the rifle Brigade. The spine of the blade is numbered M2697. It has the correct ¾ bowl guard voided with foliate design and ‘King’s Crown ERVII’. It has the correct fish skin covered grip with wire binding which is tight and intact. The hilt is bound with its original leather press stud fastening fitment with leather tab and acorn knot. The sword is complete with its leather field scabbard with nickel plated mounts. The throat mount has fixed hanging bar fitted with leather hanger tab. This sword was found with an original sepia portrait photograph of an Officer in India Service uniform. The framed picture accompanies the sword. The Officer in the picture is carrying this pattern of sword and is most likely the same one. The framed photo measures 8”x12 ¼” x ½” and has a fold out stand to the rear. There are no visible details on the photo to assist identification of the Officer. The photo is pinned into its glazed frame and to avoid damage we have not attempted to remove it to examine the back of the photo. The price for this sword and portrait worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 20460

**ANCIENT BLADE**1750-1850 Late Edo Into Sin Shinto Period Mino School Work Japanese Wakizashi Short Sword & Scabbard With WW2 Leather Field Combat Cover & Expert Assessment. Sn 20387 - 20387
This is a Japanese Wakizashi with ancient blade. The sword has been examined by UK Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg and a copy of his assessment notes accompany the sword. In extracts of his notes he states “Wakizashi (Buke Zukuri mounts civilian) in a leather (wartime) cover over hohoki wood saya scabbard. The blade is mumei (unsigned) possible dating to late Edo into Shin Shinto period 1750-1850. I do not think it is a showa gendaito waki/ gendai are rare, no need to make them there are plenty of old blades available. It has a look of Mino Den school work. In original good old polish showing a straight suguha hamon with small undulations, thick band of nioi crystals sprinkled with hundreds of fine nei crystals along the Habuchi. Tsuba is circular iron with shakudo inlays of spider in web & a dragon fly. Looks circa 1800 possible shoami work. Fuchi / Kashira are kinko soft metal. Shakudo with fine nanako & gold & copper inlay work with insert to fuchi (rare). Kinko menuki of birds on rocks in shakudo with gold highlights. Fittings look Circa 1800-1850. Tsuka bound in leather ito over fish skin wrap. Has longer mounts to give the impression of being a katana long sword. An impressive looking sword. Habaki good quality wrapped in thin sheet of silver”. In his illustration of the blade he describes the cutting edge of blade as 20 ¾”. Total length 26 ½”. He also describes other blade and tang dimensions & characteristics which can be seen in image 2. A copy of tang rubbings taken by a previous owner of the Wakizashi are also included. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 20387

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 26/02) Blue & Gilt Etched**1796 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword With German J.J. Runkel Solingen Blade With Officers Bullion Tasselled Cord & Scabbard Retailed By Tatham Sword Cutler To His Majesty Charing Cross (London). Sn 19400 - 19400
A superb original example of a British 1796 Pattern Infantry Officer's sword in its original scabbard (see page 160 of World Swords by Withers where an example with similar blued and etched blade is illustrated. In his book withers states that most of these swords are found with missing quillons, & worn blades). The spine of the 32 ½” German made blade is signed by the maker ‘J.J. Runkel, Solingen’. It has its regulation gilt hilt with shell guard, knucklebow and urn shaped pommel and correct guard finial which has signs of an old stable repair. All the gilt is in superb original condition. It has a wire bound grip, all intact, tight and undamaged. Still retaining its gilt bullion dress sword knot. The blade is gilded and blued for half its length and in deep vivid colours. It is etched with Royal Arms and the GR (George Rex) Royal Cypher, trophies Martial arms and foliate panels. The sword measures 39” overall length. The sword is In its original black leather scabbard with gilt mounts which is also in excellent undamaged condition. The throat mount has a hanging ring and a nice retailer’s etched panel ‘Tatham Sword Cutler To His Majesty Charing Cross’ (Henry Tatham, Sr. (1770-1835) was appointed Sword Cutler and Beltmaker-in-Ordinary to King George III in 1798, and Gunmaker to the Prince of Wales in 1799. He was in partnership with Joseph Egg at 37 Charing Cross London between 1801 and 1814). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19400

Victorian / Edwardian Gentleman’s Malacca Sword Stick With Diamond Section Blade & Hand Carved Antique Ivory Fittings. Sn 12014 - 12014
An excellent original Victorian / Edwardian era Gentleman’s Sword Stick. It has a 13” diamond section blade and measures 21 ¾” overall. The diamond section blade has some staining consistent with age. It measures 34 ¾” overall in its scabbard. The handle has an antique Ivory pommel with hand carved ‘basket weave’ decoration. The neck of the handle has an antique Ivory ferrule carved with matching ‘basket weave’ design and steel scabbard retaining clip. The Ivory has nice aged patina & no cracks. The scabbard is undamaged. It has a conical brass end cap and brass throat insert. The price for this attractive Victorian / Edwardian era sword stick includes UK delivery. NB Antique Ivory Content less than 20% volume & weight. Sn 12014
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