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Deactivated Guns

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SCARCE, British L59A1 (No.4 SMLE) .303 Calibre Drill/ Instructional Rifle With Sectioned Inspection Ports & Original Webbing Sling **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**D 1491 - D 1491
After WW2, some No. 4 Enfields were converted to non-firing Drill Purpose rifles and were issued a new model designation ‘L59A1’. Most of the L59A1 rifles that have been available to collectors have been in very poor condition due to their drill use however this rifle is in excellent condition. The all original wood is undamaged. It is crisply marked with the model designation at the breech (illustrated) and is fitted with original webbing sling. It has the correct winged fore sight, flip up ladder rear sight & the brass butt plate has the correct trap. It is serial number ‘8651’. This example has small red highlighted sectional cut out inspection ports on the left and right sides of the action, only visible on close inspection. The L59A1 makes an excellent demonstration rifle. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the rifle’s bolt and trigger move and the magazine can be removed. The price for this scarce military training rifle includes UK/EU deactivation certificate & UK delivery. D 1491

BOXED, MATCHING NUMBERS, Cold War Era 1969 Walther PP, 7.65 mm Semi Automatic Pistol. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** D 1488 - D 1488
Walther's original factory was located in Zella-Mehlis,Thuringia, Germany which was occupied by the Soviet Union during WW2. Following the war, Walther established a new factory in Ulm. This is an excellent Cold War era German Walther PP semi-auto pistol in 7.65mm. It has its original finish and its black plastic Walther banner grips are undamaged. The left side of the pistol's slide is stamped with the Walther banner and 'Carl Walther Waffenfabrik Ulm/Do Modell PP Cal. 7.65 mm'. It is stamped with serial number '394176' on the right side of the frame and slide. It is also stamped with West German 'Eagle N' Nitro proof marks. The receiver is stamped with proof mark and dated '69' (1969). The pistol is complete with its original Walther magazine stamped with the Walther Banner & calibre detail. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the pistol’s slide hammer & trigger move. The price includes UK delivery and UK/EU deactivation certificate. D 1488

RESERVED RESERVED **RARE**1937 Dated & WW2 Era, Nazi S.S. German Officer's, Mauser 'DWM' Signature Black Widow Luger, PO 8 9mm Parabellum Semi Auto Pistol With 2 Black Toggle Butt Magazines *UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED* Sn 17788 - 17788
This is an original, Nazi German S.S. Officer's, Luger, 9mm parabellum 'Black Widow' pistol. Deactivated to UK/ EU specification in 2020 the pistols slide moves iunder spring tension and the trigger moves. These pistols were only made in limited numbers and they are much sought after by collectors. It has the standard German Infantry Officers' 4” barrel and is complete with its original correct black chequered grips favoured by Nazi Officers. It has clear Waffenamt and other inspection marks on the right side of its frame. The pistol is serial number ‘2771’ & has other un-matching numbers . The pistol is dated ‘1937’ and bears the Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf on the Neckar ‘DWM’ signature. The pistol has its original correct 2 magazines with correct black toggle butts. The price for this rare SS Officer’s pistol with 2 magazines includes UK / EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17788

SOLD SOLD (16/09) MATCHING NUMBERS, WW2 1944 ‘byf’ (Mauser-Werke KG, Oberndorf on the Neckar) P38 9mm Parabellum, Semi Automatic Pistol. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** Sn 17789 - 17789
The Walther P38 was a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol developed by Walther as a service pistol of the Wehrmacht in 1938. This is an original example of the Walther P38 Pistol. Its metal work has all of its original finish. Its bakelite grooved grips have no cracks and are totally secure. The left side of the grip frame has the correct fixed lanyard ring. The left side of its slide is crisply stamped 'P38' and with serial number '10121'. The slide is also stamped with the Nazi German War time manufacturer and date code ‘byf’ (Mauser-Werke KG, Oberndorf on the Neckar), ‘44’ (1944). The frame and slide are Waffenamt. The pistol also has the Eagle with Swastika German army acceptance mark. The frame and barrel block are stamped with matching number ‘10121’. The pistol’s magazine is removable. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020 the weapon’s slide moves and locks back & the hammer & the trigger move. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17789

SOLD SOLD (09/09) **ALL MATCHING NUMBERS** WW1 / WW2 Era German Mauser, Broom Handle, Bolo, Model C/96, 7.63mm Semi Automatic Pistol With Original Wood Shoulder / Stock Holster. Sn 17750 - 17750
The Mauser C96 was produced by the German arms manufacturer Mauser from 1896 to 1937. Large numbers of the C/96 in both 9mm and 7.63 mm calibre were purchased during WW1 by the Imperial German Army & they saw action in WW2. They were also issued to later Reichsmarine and Weimar period Police Units. C1930 ring hammers were introduced to the pistols replacing the earlier spurred hammers (see page 58-59 of Guns of The Reich by Markham). This is an excellent, original, Mauser, Broom Handle, C/96, 7.63 mm semi automatic pistol with its original wood shoulder stock holster. It is serial number 29132 / 132 which is stamped on the action block, slide and grip tang. The top of the barrel block is marked ‘ Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf A/N’. The frame is also numbered ‘Z8162’, has a separate ‘Z8’ mark and has Imperial German inspection marks. This example has a 4" barrel and undamaged metalwork with chequered wood grips. The weapon has fixed foresight, adjustable rear sight & military lanyard ring. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020, the weapon’s slide can be pulled open & trigger moves. Sympathetic deactivation. It is complete with its original undamaged shoulder stock holster with hinged lid operated by a knurled steel button. The sprung catch on the shoulder stock fits securely to the shoulder stock lug on the heel of the pistol’s grip. The stock has a fixed bar for sling. The shoulder stock has an ink stamp most likely a manufacturer mark (unknown). The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17750

**SOLD**9/9****ALL MATCHING NUMBERS INCLUDING 2 MAGAZINES**, WW1 1916 Dated, German Army Mauser (DWM Signature) Luger PO8 9mm Parabellum Pistol, Stripping Tool & 1917 Holster By ‘J.M Eckart Ulma D.’ **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. Sn 17749 - 17749
This is an excellent, original, WW1 Luger, PO8 9mm parabellum pistol, the standard Imperial German Infantry Officer’s 4” barrel, side arm. It is complete with its original wood chequered grips which are undamaged. It has clear Imperial German inspection marks and matching serial numbers (6548/48) on all parts including its 2 original magazines. The pistol is dated 1916 and bears the Mauser manufacturer’s DWM signature. Deactivated to UK / EU specification in 2020 the magazines can be removed and the pistol’s slide and trigger move. It’s two magazines have the correct WW1 era wood butts stamped with matching numbers. The original stripping tool is made of steel, it has no manufacturer or date marks. The original leather hard case holster is in good condition. Made of dark brown leather cow hide, the holster has an open top magazine pouch on its right aspect. The tip of its retaining strap and buckle are absent. The holster has 2 belt loops to the rear. The front of the holster is crisply manufacturer marked ‘J.M Eckart Ulma D.’ and dated ‘1917’. The inside of the holster has the correct stripping tool pocket with stud and flap cover and has its original leather ‘quick draw’ strap with leather toggle. The price includes UK / EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17749

SOLD SOLD (03/09) Cased, ‘BOER WAR MODEL’ British Officer's Webley MK IV .450/ .476 Service Revolver With 'Birds Head' Grips Retailed By Army & Navy CSL London’ (Co-Op Society Victoria St London SW) & Accessories. Case Mounted With Disc To J.C. Tho - 17752
The Webley MK IV .450/ .455 revolver was approved for British military service on 5th October 1899. These weapons were supplied in such large quantities to British troops engaged in the South African wars during 1899 – 1902 , it was often referred to as the ‘Boer War Model’ (see page 201 of Webley Revolvers by Reinhart). This is an excellent, original example of the Boer War Model Webley MK IV revolver. It has the correct 6" barrel and has its original blue finish. The top of the barrel is signed by the retailer Army & Navy CSL London’ (Co-Op Society Victoria St London SW). The pistol has the correct undamaged 'Birds Head' shaped chequered panel grips. The frame is crisply marked ‘Webley Patents’, ‘MK IV’ and with the Webley winged bullet trademark. It is also stamped with calibre detail ‘.455/.476’ . The pistol is fitted with military lanyard ring. Deactivated to UK/EU specification in 2020, the pistol has open cylinders 4 of which will accept inert rounds and has a pinned and slotted barrel. The pistol’s hammer and trigger move. The revolver is contained in its period wooden case with hinged lid and lock (key absent). The lid is mounted with a brass disc engraved ‘J.C. Thompson Royal Signals’ (The Royal Signal Corps was created post Boer War in 1920). The case which is lined with blue felt has compartments which contain compartments for the pistol and accessories. There is also a wooden block holed for 32 rounds of ammunition. The holes contain 10 rounds of inert deactivated .455 calibre brass cased ammunition with lead bullet heads. The case also contains a white metal oil container with screw top lid and integral applicator tool. The base of the container is signed ‘James Dixon & Sons Sheffield’. The price for this cased ‘Boer War Model’ pistol worthy of further research includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17752

**MATCHING NUMBERS** Military Browning Model 1935 Hi Power 9mm Calibre Semi Automatic Pistol With Webbing Holster. **UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**Sn 17751 - 17751
The Belgian Browning Hi-Power was used by the British military and armed forces of other nations from the 1960’s. Hi-Power pistols were issued to the British Special Air Service throughout the Cold War era & during the Falklands War in 1982. This is an excellent Browning Hi-Power Semi Automatic pistol. This example has fixed combat sights. It is stamped with the Herstal FN marks (illustrated). The pistol is serial number ‘70047’ which is stamped on the slide and repeated on the frame. The breech has Belgian Liege ‘ELG’ mark. It has undamaged, chequered wood grips and magazine. The pistol comes with a webbing military holster. The olive green holster has a flap cover with retaining strap and buckle. It has a rear belt loop and hanging bar. The inside of the top flap and belt loop have indistinct stores markings. Internally the holster has a magazine carrier with flap cover which has a press stud fastener. Deactivated to UK/EU specification the pistols slide and trigger move and its magazine with loading plate and spring can be removed. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17751

**VERY RARE**ONE OF 18,000**1919 Colt USA 1902 Military Model .38ACP Calibre Semi Automatic Pistol With Colt Signature Gutta Percha Grips & Military Lanyard Ring**UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** Sn 17748 - 17748
The Colt Model 1900 was a short-recoil operated "self-loading", or semi-automatic .38 calibre handgun introduced by Colt's Manufacturing Company at the turn of the 20th century. It also marked the introduction of .38 ACP, the round for which it is chambered (not to be confused with the shorter-cased .380 ACP), and was the first handgun to utilize short-recoil operation.It was developed from John M. Browning's earlier prototypes in the late 1890s. The United States military tested the design against other semiautomatic pistols by European makers, and adopted some versions for trial use. The M1900 and variants were also offered commercially. Variants included the Model 1902 Sporting, Model 1902 Military, Model 1903 Pocket (only in .38 ACP models; the .32 ACP model was a different design), and the Model 1905, which introduced the .45 ACP cartridge. The designs of 1909 and later did away with the front barrel link, replaced with a simple bushing, and would become the related, and famed, M1911 pistol. The Model 1902 Military Model had a lanyard swivel on bottom rear of left grip and was produced between 1902–1929. There were only about 18,000 of these fine pistols produced. This is an excellent example of the Colt 1902 Military Model in .38ACP calibre. It has the correct open military sights, external hammer and correct lanyard ring. The pistols metal work retains its original blue finish. Its original Colt signature Gutta Percha hard rubber grips are excellent and undamaged. The left side of the slide is crisply marked with Colt's Hartford USA address and 1997-1902 patent detail. The right side is marked ‘Automatic Colt Calibre 38 Rimless Smokeless’. The pistol is serial number ‘41390’ which dates its manufacture to 1919. The pistol’s original removable magazine has its spring and loading plate. The bottom of the magazine is stamped ‘Cal .38 Colt’. Deactivated to UK/EU specification the weapons slide moves backwards and forwards under spring tension, its trigger moves and the magazine can be removed. The price for this rare pistol, a fore runner of the iconic Colt M1911 pistol includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 17748

SOLD SOLD (lLay-away 19/09) **ALL MATCHING NUMBERS INCLUDING MAGAZINES** WW2 1945 Russian Izhevsk Arsenal Tokarev TT-33 7.62mm Semi Automatic Pistol With 2 Magazines, Leather Lanyard & Cleaning Rod. Sn 17699:18 - 17699:18
**This Firearm is deactivated to one of the pre- 2nd May 2017, UK specifications. As such it can only be sold and exported in its present state to customers in NON- EU countries including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Customers based in the UK & other EU countries can purchase on our lay-away scheme. The weapon will then be brought up to the EU specification and the relevant certificate obtained prior to the transfer of ownership and delivery** The TT-33 7.62 mm Tokarev self-loading pistol is a Russian semi-automatic pistol developed in the early 1930s by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for the Soviet military to replace the Nagant M1895 revolver that had been in use since Tsarist times. The pistols were issued to Russian Officers and were used throughout WW2 and the Cold War. This is an excellent original WW2 dated example complete with 2 magazines which both have lanyard rings fixed to the butt. The pistol has its original blue finish. Deactivated to UK specification in 2008 the pistol cocks & dry fires. One side of the frame is stamped with Russian inspection marks and number '3520'. It is also crisply date stamped '1945' and has the post 1928 Izhevsk arsenal mark of a ‘circle containing a triangle and arrow’ (In Russia Izhevsk the capital city of Udmurtia, has the titles of the Armoury Capital of Russia and the City of Labour Glory). The slide has matching numbers, date and arsenal marks. Its ribbed Bakelite grips with ‘star’ roundels are undamaged. The butt has a fixed lanyard ring. This set has a leather lanyard with loop end and sprung clasp fastener which attaches neatly to the lanyard ring. The pistol has open combat sights. Both of its original magazines have matching numbers ‘3520’ and Russian marks (illustrated). It is complete with its brown leather holster. The holster is in excellent condition with full flap cover, single brass stud fastener, spare magazine pocket and rear riveted belt loops. The right aspect of the holster has 2 small stitched leather fittings for steel cleaning rod which is present. The price includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. Sn 17699:18
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