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All Other Daggers and Knives

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Boxed, C1960’s David Andersen Norway Peer Gynt Kniven Tollekniv Viking Knife With Curly Birch Handle & Open Top Leather Scabbard With Norwegian 925 Sterling Silver Mounts. Sn 17028 - 17028
This is an original, boxed Hunting / Fishing Viking knife made C1960’s by the Norwegian Cutler David Andersen with its original silver mounted scabbard. It is 8 ½” overall length with a sharp, 4” steel drop point blade. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer ‘David-Andersen Norway’. The knife has an undamaged solid curly birch wood handle. The hilt has a polished Norwegian silver ferrule. The knife comes with its original open top, black leather scabbard which has a Silver throat mount marked ‘D-A 925S Norway Sterling’ together with Norwegian scales hallmark (illustrated). The throat mount has an integral black leather belt loop. The scabbard has a stitched rear seam and Norwegian silver chape. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The knife has its original cardboard box, with care instructions and details of the Peer Gynt Kniven history of rural Tollekniv Norwegian knife making. It also describes all fittings of the knife hilt and scabbard as being Norwegian Silver. The felt lined box is contoured to fit the knife and the inside of the lid has gold lettering ‘Peer Gynt Kniven’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 17028

SOLD SOLD (11/12) WW2 Japanese Kamikaze & Kaiten Pilot's Aikuchi Suicide Tanto Dirk With Chidori Bird On Willow Branch Carved Blade, Honoki Wood Shira Saya Scabbard & Later Cloth Bag. Sn 17046 - 17046
The WW2 Japanese Kamikaze (divine wind) special attack corps was formed from volunteer pilots who crashed their aircraft or 'Okhas' (piloted bombs) into enemy shipping. Kaiten (Japanese Navy One man Submarines) were also used for this purpose. A Kamikaze or Kaiten pilot could if he wished carry a small Aikuchi (dagger without guard) with which to cut his own jugular or stab himself in the last moments before hitting his target. This is a near mint, original Japanese Kamikaze / Kaiten Pilot's Aikuchi Seppuku Suicide Dirk & Scabbard, This Dirk has the correct handle without guard. It has a superb 7” single edged 1 piece forged stock bar blade. During manufacture the blade was tempered in oil and the hamon formed by polishing with stone. One side of the blade has carved Hori Mon of Chidori (small bird) on a Willow branch. We have not been able to remove the tang from the hilt without risk of damage. The dirk measures 11 ¾” overall. The Honoki wood Shira Saya is undamaged. The dirk comes with a later white cloth bag draw cord. The price for this rare, sought after Japanese Kamikaze piece includes UK delivery. Sn 17046

RARE, Original French & Allies WW1 / WW2 Era Tanker’s Fighting Axe With Integral 47mm Tank Shell Case Extractor Tool Marked ‘MODL E DU CAPITAINE LEFEBVRE EUREY. SCHY PARIS’ & Matching Marks Original Leather Belt Scabbard. Sn 16992 - 16992
This is a rare WW1 / WW2 French & Allies Tank crew piece. The steel tang has undamaged wood scales secured by 3 large screw bolts. The axe measures 8 ½” from the broadest part of the cutting edge to the crows beak spike. The cutting edge measures 4” from tip to tip. The centre of steel shaft head has a large void oval. The horn shaped top of the head is designed for use by Tank crew to extract 47mm Tank shells. The overall length of the axe is 14”. The steel axe head tang is marked on one side with model detail which appears to be ‘MODL E DU CAPITAINE LEFEBVRE EUREY. SCHY PARIS’ (illustrated). The axe is undamaged with even patina. The axe is complete with its original leather scabbard with belt loop for carrying at the waist. The scabbard supports the head and spike of the axe. The leather has surface wear to be expected with age and surface use. The rear of the scabbard has matching model detail (illustrated). The price for this rare piece of Tanker’s equipment includes UK delivery. Sn 16992

SOLD SOLD (27/11) Dutch Mansvelt Gravenhage Model 1880 Naval Officer’s Dirk / Marine Ponjaard With Antique Marine Ivory Hilt, Etched Blade & Scabbard. ED 2483 - ED 2483
This is an excellent original Model 1880 Naval Officer’s Dirk / Marine Ponjaard & Scabbard. It has a 9 ½” dagger blade with medial ridge and measures 13 ¾” overall. The blade is undamaged and has just light staining to be expected with age. Both sides of the blade have lightly etched decoration including the makers name which appears to read ‘Mansvelt Gravenhage’ within banners in a foliate panel and entwined fish device. It has a brass cross guard with finials and cast anchor decoration on one side. The reverse is numbered ‘645’. It has a brass pommel cap undamaged Marine Ivory hilt with grooved decoration. The dirk is complete with its original brass scabbard with 2 brass hanging rings. The front of the scabbard has hand tooled foliate and anchor decoration. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2483

19th Century Japanese Tanto With Ornate Brass Covered Wood Hilt & Ornate Brass Covered Wood Scabbard. Sn 16686 - 16686
This Japanese Tanto was made sometime in the 19th Century. The cutting edge of the steel blade is 8”. The blade has staining consistent with age. It has a brass habaki and finger guard. It measures 13” overall length. Its hilt and scabbard are wood covered with brass which has ornate decoration (illustrated in the images). Overall, the Tanto has areas of wear consistent with age and the hilt is missing its pommel cap. It is not possible to remove the blade from the hilt to examine the tang for signatures as this would risk damage to the Tanto. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16686

19th Century Japanese Seki Mino Work Tanto With Scabbard & Assessment Label. ED 2469 - ED 2469
This Japanese Tanto has been examined by UK Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg and his assessment note / label accompanies this sword. In his assessment he states “Unsigned Tanto. Blade & mounts 19th Century. Looks Seki Mino work. Untouched condition ”. The cutting edge of the blade is 10 ¾” length. The blade has staining consistent with age and the cutting edge has several nibbles. The hilt’s fish skin covered hilt is cord bound and it has an iron tsuba. The lacquered wood scabbard is undamaged and slotted for Kozuka small knife (absent). The price includes UK delivery. ED 2469

Victorian Japanese Tourist Piece O-Tanto (Large Tanto) With Ornately Hand Carved Ox Bone Hilt & Scabbard. ED 2468 - ED 2468
This is a very good original Japanese O-Tanto with beautifully deep carved Ox Bone Handle & Scabbard. These items were popular with Victorian tourists visiting Japan. The Tanto blade has a cutting edge of 11 ¼” with brass habaki and measures 18 ½” overall. The blade has areas of staining consistent with age. Its handle and scabbard made of the bone from the shin of an Ox are ornately hand carved with imagery of Japanese priests or noblemen in village scenery. At some point in its life the lower section of the scabbard has had a repair which can be seen in image 3. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2468

Soviet Russia Naval Dagger & Hangers Dated 1949. Sn. 16578 - 16578
This is a Soviet Russia naval dagger, scabbard and hangers dated to 1949. The dagger has a ochre coloured handle between the brass hilt and crossguard. The polished blade is etched with a monogram over 1949 (1949 date) and the other side with NO5640. The pommel has a 5 pointed star cast on it. The brass mounted leather scabbard has an anchor and rope on one side of the top of the scabbard and a masted sailing ship etched to the other side of the scabbard. The hanger is made of black cloth with brass fittings. The scabbard fittings are brass spring loaded clasps. The hanger adjusters have double headed lions cast onto them. The belt clasp is a lions head with a serpentine S. The price includes U.K. delivery. Sn. 16578

WW1 & WW2 Era Dutch Model 1915 Stormdolk (Storm Dagger ) Trench Fighting Knife With Wood Hilt & Scabbard With Integral Belt Frog. Sn 16461 - 16461
The WW1 Stormdolk Dutch trench fighting knife was introduced in 1915 and continued in service during WW2. Many of these knives were used by the German Army when they occupied Holland. These fighting knives are becoming highly collectable. This original example is in excellent condition. It is 342mm overall length with a 208mm blued steel spear point blade with medial ridge. The blade has a small inspection mark. It has the correct undamaged ribbed wood hilt with bulbous pommel. The wood is impressed with Dutch inspection mark and secured by 2 rivets. It has the correct blued steel ferrule with inspection mark and blued steel oval cross guard stamped ‘1490D’. It comes with its original brown leather scabbard with riveted integral frog which has a retaining strap with stud fastener and belt loop and external metal ball chape. The leather of the frog is impressed ‘CW’ and ‘1359C’. All leather and stitching are clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16461

RARE, WW2 Japanese ‘Last Ditch Emergency Measures' 1883 Pattern Naval Officer's Dirk With Bakelite Mounts & Scabbard. ED 2425 - ED 2425
This is an original Model 1883 Pattern Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard. These dirks were worn by all commissioned Officers. Late examples made towards the end of WW2 when resources were running low for the Japanese Empire, had simulated sharkskin grips made from bakelite or composite material and celluloid finger guards (see pages 70-73 of Military Swords Of Japan By Fuller & Gregory). This original emergency measures example has Bakelite mounts, round finger guard and celluloid simulated sharkskin hilt. The grip Emperor's family Chrysanthemum insignia, or 'Mon' devices. It has an 8 ¼” single edged blade & measures 12 ½” overall. The hilt is slotted for push button retaining clip which is mounted on its scabbard. The scabbard has embossed bakelite mounts and is covered with brown leather. The upper mount of the scabbard has 2 hanging rings. The price for this rare to find Japanese Naval piece includes UK delivery. ED 2425
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