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A.S.I Military Pattern Paratrooper 'Single Shot' .22 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle. 20352. - 20352
During the 1970`s the Paratrooper Air Rifles were produced. They were available in both single shot and repeater form. This is a single shot example. It has a Military type brown plastic figured shoulder stock and chequered panel plastic pistol grip. It measures 38” overall with an 18” rifled barrel. It is fitted with original adjustable rear sight stamped with Deer’s head trademark & shrouded blade fore sight. The metalwork is showing minor signs of age related use as is the plastic stock. The top of the air cylinder is marked by the manufacturer ` El Gamo` with the manufacturer`s logo and `Made in Spain`. The barrel block is stamped .22 Calibre detail and serial number `763999`. It`s loading & firing action work crisply. The price for this sought after 1970’s air rifle includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. 20352.

1st Manchester Rifles Medallion by J.S. Wyon. 20432. - 20432
The obverse shows a medieval Archer with ‘AD 1400’. The reverse shows a volunteer kneeling and firing a rifle below words ‘IN DEFENCE’ around. The rim is engraved ‘THE WINNER OF THE CHALLENGE CUP OF No8 1st MANCHESTER RIFLES’ and the date ‘1866’. 5cm in diameter and 4mm thick, silver but in very good condition with minor indentation to the rim of one side. The price includes UK delivery. 20432.

British ‘Boer War Period’ 1888 Mark III Lee Metford Bayonet and MkI Scabbard with Buff Leather Frog. 20435. - 20435
This is a late Victorian ‘1888’ pattern bayonet made in 1900. It is stamped to the blade with a crown over V.R. & 11 ’00 (November 1900). The other side carries a broad arrow over ‘E.F.D.’ (Enfield) and an inspection stamp. The spine carries two inspection stamps as do both grips, and the pommel has the number ‘584’. The scabbard is the standard MkI leather and steel with mouthpiece carrying the number ‘584’ and a deleted ‘1144’. The frog is a general service MkII buff leather frog introduced in 1899 to carry the ‘P1888’ bayonet. See Skennerton item B215, pages 168-172. A lovely matching numbers, complete Boer War period set of the ‘P1888’ bayonet. The price includes UK delivery. 20435. (Box 1)

C1900 GEM Style .177 Smoothbore Air Rifle. 20353. - 20353
Typical GEM style with simple external spring trigger action. The rifle is 33 ½ “ long with a 16 ¾ “ smoothbore barrel. The serial number is stamped on the barrel breech ‘545’. The rear and foresights are intact on the half hexagonal barrel. The dark wooden stock is in remarkably good condition considering its age with only a few minor age related marks. The metalwork has a nice aged patina and is rust free. The butt has a half moon steel plate held by two screws. See A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles 2nd Edition pages 92 – 106 by Dennis E. Hellier. The loading and firing action works perfectly with a strong spring action. The price for this rare collectors piece includes UK delivery. 20353.

Encased Bronze WWI Memorial Plaque to 2nd Lieutenant Frank Graham Edwards of the R.A.F. 20361. - 20361
In 1916, the British government decided that steps should be taken to create a memorial for the next of kin of service personnel who died during the war. In the summer of 1917, it was announce that a government committee had decided that the memorial would take the form of a Bronze plaque. A competition to design the memorial plaque was announced in The Times on 13th August 1917. Applicants were instructed that their design had to be a s near as possible 18 square inches. It may be a circle of 4 ½ “ in diameter, or square of 4 ½ “ or a rectangle of 5 by 3 ½ “. The only other stipulation were that the design should include the inscription ‘HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR’. This example has been mounted on a round frame with intricate design to the edge, backed with a Bronze metal material with a swing arm for display. The plaque was dedicated to a Frank Graham Edwards who was a Lieutenant in the R.A.F THAT DIED ON 26th April 1918 aged 19 years old. Frank met his death in an accident when flying over Salisbury plain. His death was reported in the Macclesfield Times on Friday 3rd May 1918. The reg No 687110 is inscribed on the frame and the ‘Forces War Records’ show ‘Frank Graham Edwards’ as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1918. Commonwealth War Graves show him as being buried at Macclesfield Cemetery, and as the son of ‘Henry Deakin Edwards’ & ‘Charlotte Mary Edwards’ of 30 Beech Lane in Macclesfield. A substantial print out of Franks history will accompany the plaque. The price for this piece of history includes UK delivery. Worthy of further investigation. 20361. (Top shelf stores)

**RARE**MINT**Boxed 1958 - 1964 Benjamin Model 3600 100 Shot ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB CO2 Air Rifle With Original Sample Packs Of CO2 Capsule & BB’s. Sn 20351 - 20351
A Benjamin 3600 ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB CO2 Rifle.This is a rare near mint boxed, CO2 rifle manufactured by Benjamin USA between 1958 and 1964. This rifle is complete with its packaging containing the instruction leaflets, sample packet of BB’s and Co2 capsule (we have not opened the packets as they have original staples securing them to the inside of the box and do not want to damage the packets). We have not test fired the rifle which uses small CO2 capsules and .175mm BB’s. The rilfe has all of its original blue finish and the woodwork is undamaged . The rifle is 37 ¾”overall length and has open sights. The frame is stamped with Benjamin USA detail, model designation and serial number ‘K2599’. It has the correct cocking bolt which works correctly, ‘piggy back’ tube magazine and cylinder chamber with screw off cap. The rifle comes with its original Benjamin labelled retail carton in excellent condition and original instruction pamphlets. The carton has a pull out tray which contains the rifle broken down and sample packets. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. Sn 20351

**RARE**1940’s Produsit Ltd Birmingham Thunderbolt Junior (Big Chief) .177 Calibre Break Action Air Pistol. Sn 20390 - 20390
Produsit Ltd of 78 Lombard Street, Birmingham 12 produced approx. 8,000 of these air pistols in the 1940’s. Although named the ‘Thunderbolt Junior’ they were marketed as ‘Big Chief’ air pistols. The pistol itself is of the concentric piston design similar to the Pre War ‘Tell II’ and the Accles and Shelvoke Ltd ‘Acvoke’ Air Pistols. Very few of these air pistols are thought to have survived (see page 166 of The Collectors Guide To Air Pistols by Hiller). This is a rare to find example in .177 calibre. It is in excellent condition & retains its original blued finish. It has its original undamaged brown Bakelite grips embossed with stylised Thunderbolt and designation ‘Thunderbolt Junior Made In England’. The pistol's cocking mechanism with sprung release lever in the grip strap is nice & strong & it shoots crisply. It has a 6 ¼” clean smoothbore barrel (7” overall). The only other markings on the pistol are on the breech closure plate and detail ‘Prov Pat 13749. The price for this rare air pistol includes UK delivery. Sn 20390

SOLD SOLD (20/03) **RARE & UNUSUAL**1925-1935 German Hubertus Push Barrel Spring Piston .177 Calibre Air Pistol. Sn 20391 - 20391
A rare Hubertus .177 Calibre Air Pistol manufactured by Hubertus Metal Works, Mollin, Germany between 1925 and 1935 (see pages 98 & 99 of Hiller’s book ‘The Collector’s Guide To Air Pistols’). These pistols were manufactured with smooth bore and rifled barrels. They are a push barrel spring piston single shot pistol modelled on a pre war German Semi Automatic pistol and this example is the smooth bore version. It has an unusual cocking method. Firstly the barrel is pushed in until it engages the sear, the circular collar is then pulled back the barrel then drops down allowing the rear of the cylinder to be exposed. A pellet is then inserted and the barrel pulled back fully out of the cylinder (assisted by grip grooves at the muzzle), tilted horizontally and the collar re engaged by pushing it forward to secure the cylinder. The pistol is then fired in the conventional manner. This particular pistol is in excellent overall condition and retains its original blue finish. It is crisply marked ‘D.R.G.M Hubertus Germany’ on the left side of the action. The original wood grip is in excellent condition. It has an 8” barrel & measures 10 ½” overall length. The pistol cocks and dry fires crisply. The price for this excellent example of a scarce pre war air pistol includes UK delivery. Sn 20391

Victorian Miniature Silver Copy of the Elcho Challenge Shield. 20433. - 20433
This is a very nice Victorian miniature silver copy of the ‘Elcho Challenge Shield’ with embossed decoration representing Scotland and England. Measuring 104mm in length and 63mm wide, hollow 10mm in depth. The elcho challenge is an annual long range shooting completion between National teams from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The first match was held in 1862 at Wimbledon Common between England and Scotland, which England won by 166 marks. The original shield was six foot high and made from a sheet of iron with gilt highlights. The decoration is clear and there is some minor surface scratching which is to be expected due to its age. An interesting piece worthy of further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. 20433. (Drawer)

**MINT**Cased, 1953-83, West German, Walther LP 53 .177 Calibre, Air Pistol & Accessories. Sn 20383 - 20383
The LP53 (Luft pistole/ Air Pistol) was produced between 1953 and1983. It is a .177 calibre air pistol with the same design lines as Walther's famous .22 LR Olympia target pistol. The LP53 is all metal with beautifully formed plastic grip panels. Movie posters for early James Bond films show Bond holding an LP 53 or Olympia pistol instead of his usual service PPK. This example is in near mint condition with excellent finish to the metalwork and brown plastic contoured grips with Walther banners. Its 9 1/2" barrel has a clean bore with typical light rifling. It has target sights and is stamped on the left side of the frame with the Walther banner and patent detail 'LP Mod 53 Cal 4.5 (.177)' together with 'Made In Germany' & serial number '095947'. The pistol functions perfectly and is contained in its later green felt lined wood case with hinged lid and clasp fastener. The cased is monyed with metal initials ‘AMG’ most likely the initials of a previous owner. The case contains an original wood cocking aid, 2 spare fore and 2 spare rear sight blades, a steel cleaning rod and original instruction pamphlet with printed matching serial number. The price for this excellent complete set with connection to the iconic Bond series of movies includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act regarding sale and delivery of this item apply. Sn 20383

C1803-1812 British General Service Stove Pipe/Shako Plate. BA 385. - BA 385
A shako is a tall, cylindrical military cap, usually with a visor, and sometimes tapered at the top. The British pattern "stovepipe" shako is a tall, cylindrical type of headwear. The stovepipe was used by the infantry of the British Army from around 1799. From 1800 on, the shako became a common military headdress worn by the majority of regiments in the armies of Europe and the Americas. Replacing in most instances the light bicorn, the shako was initially considered an improvement, and its use was continued until the end of the Peninsular War, 1814. This is a British ‘General Service’ example, Solid brass, 156 mm in length and 104 mm wide with fixing holes intact. See ‘The British infantry shako, in: Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Vol. 15, No. 60 (Winter, 1936), pages 188-208 by Alex. R. Cattley. The price includes UK delivery. BA 385.

U.S. 1942 Dated M1 Bayonet and Scabbard. 20436. - 20436
This is a newly made M1 bayonet for the M1 Garand (The M1 Garand or M1 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that was the service rifle of the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War) and not a cut down M1905 or M1942 blade. The blade carries the flaming grenade and ‘1942’ on one side and ‘U.S.’ on the other. The blade is fullered and predominantly unmarked with only minor signs of use related wear. It is carried in its correct green plastic scabbard with ‘U.S.’ within a flaming grenade to the top mount. The scabbard is undamaged and has a nice aged patina. See ‘An Illustrated History of Bayonets’ by Martin J.Brayley pages 231 to 241. The price includes UK delivery. 20436. (Knife Bayonets)
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