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WW2 Era British King’s Regiment Officer’s Tunic With Lieutenant Colonel’s Rank Insignia, Campaign Medal Ribbons, 14th Army (Burma Campaign) Formation Patches & Aiguillette Lanyard. U 376. - U 376
This is a very nice WW2 Officer’s tunic for a Lieutenant Colonel in the King’s Regiment. It carries his rank insignia on the epaulettes & Officer’s collar dogs on the lapels. All of the brass buttons are King’s crown & on the sleeves are 2 cloth formation patches for the 14th Army. The medal ribbon bar has the 39-45 star, Burma star & Defence medal ribbons. The 14th Army was formed in India in October 1943 & fought in Burma through many of the hardest battles until withdrawn to India in June 1945. The tunic comes complete with its original removable buckled belt and Aiguillette. A nice tunic for a man who was obviously in Burma & could well have been involved with the Chindits. The tunic is approx. UK men’s size 36” chest. All material is clean & intact with no mothing. The price includes UK delivery. U 376.

WWI British Sherwood Foresters Derbyshire Regiment Officer's Cuff Title Khaki Tunic. U 128. - U 128
During the First World War, the Sherwood Foresters had 33 Battalions in service, of which 20 served overseas mainly on the Western Front, but also in Gallipoli, Italy and the Middle East. Over 140,000 men served in the Regiment which lost 11,400 killed. The Regiment won 57 battle honours and 2,000 decorations, including nine Victoria Crosses. This is an original WWI British Officer's Cuff Title Khaki Tunic to the Sherwood Foresters Derbyshire Regiment. It is single breasted with open collar, pleated chest pockets and plain lower pockets with flaps. The tunic has all of its original brass Regimental buttons. The embroidered cuff rank insignia are all correct and undamaged. The collar dog badges of the tunic are absent and the body has small areas of service wear. The Tunic is clean. just minor service wear. There are no manufacturer, WD or size labels. It is approx UK size 34" Chest. The price includes UK delivery. U 128.

British Coldstream Guards Sergeant’s Grey Winter Great Coat. U 127. - U 127
The Coldstream Guards are one of the 5 Foot Guards Regiments in the British Army Household Division - the personal troops of Her Majesty the Queen. Formed in 1650 as part of the New Model Army during the English Civil War, the Coldstream Guards swore allegiance to King Charles II in 1660 and has guarded the country's monarchs since. The Regiment’s anniversary is 23rd April (St George’s Day). The Regiment has fought in every major conflict involving British troops since their creation. Their Uniform includes a prominent Red plume on the right side of their bearskin headwear (each of the Foot Guards Regiments i.e. Grenadier, Scots, Welsh, Irish & Coldstream are identified by different coloured plumes (except Scots who wear no plume) & different button, collar and shoulder badge designs / configurations. This current issue Coldstream Guards Sergeants Grey Winter Great Coat is in excellent condition. The heavy grey serge material has all of the correct gilt metal Guards garter star buttons on the body and epaulettes. The coat has 2 large flap pockets and reinforced panels at the shoulders. The large collar has the correct hooks and the rear has the correct pleats. The sleeves have the correct large cuffs. The right sleeve has the correct Sgts red and black cloth patch chevron insignia. The green material lining is clean and has just small areas of service wear consistent with parade use and has the correct integral grey serge belts. The lining has a hanging loop and clean printed label with size and stores codes (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. U 127 (NB A Coldstream Guards Red Tunic & Coldstream Guards Bearskin Both In Similar Excellent Condition Are Available Separately On Our Website). U 127.

Early WW2 1940 Dated 1939 Pattern British WD Home Guards Officer’s Khaki Winter Great Coat, Size 5, By Lotery & Co Ltd With 2nd Lieutenant's Rank Insignia & ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles. Sn 15703:27. - 15703:27
This is an excellent original early WW2 dated 1939 pattern British HG Officers Khaki Winter Great Coat. The heavy khaki serge material has all of the correct King’s Crown buttons on the body and epaulettes apart from one small button on the lower section of the rear vent which is absent. The coat has 2 large flap pockets. The large collar has the correct hook and the rear has the correct vent and adjustment strap. Both sleeves have cloth ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles and both epaulettes have enamel and brass 2nd Lieutenant rank insignia. The inside of the shoulders and sleeves are lined. All material is clean and has no mothing. The inside of the overcoat has a clean printed label with size, pattern detail, WD arrow, 1940 date and manufacturer name ‘H.Lotery & Co Ltd’. The lining also has an original ink marking ‘5/7-S 5’. The label and ink stamps are illustrated. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:27.

C1895 - WW1 Era Imperial German 75th 1st Hanseatic (Bremen) Lower Saxony Infantry Regiment Iron Blue Tunic Jacket with Stylised ‘75’ Regiment Epaulettes Insignia. Sn 15703:11. - 15703:11
This is an original Imperial German Infantry Tunic. This pattern of tunic was worn by German troops from C1895 and into WW1. The 75th 1st Hanseatic (Bremen) Lower Saxony Infantry were part of the German IX Army Corps (a Corps level command of the Prussian & German armies before and during WW1). This is a very good original tunic of the 75th 1st Hanseatic (Bremen) Lower Saxony Infantry The single breasted high collar Tunic is made of iron blue material. The collar and cuffs are scarlet. The front and rear of the tunic have scarlet piping. It has white epaulettes with embroidered red Regiment insignia ‘75’ and its entire original brass buttons. The tunic has areas of service wear to be expected with age. Its lining has partially readable ink stamped manufacturer detail in German text including the city name ‘Bremen’. It is approx. UK size 36” chest. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:11.

1949 Pattern British Coldstream Guards Battledress to Major Smith with Command Patch & Medal Ribbon, Size 17. U 369. - U 369
A very nice 1949 Pattern British Coldstream Guards Battledress to Major L. R. Smith with Command Patches & Medal Ribbons, Size 17. It has "Coldstream Guards" shoulder titles on both shoulders along with 'Command Patches'. It has five sewn on medal ribbons consisting of the 39-45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal & General Service Medal. Inside it has a clear makers label 'Globe Clothing Co.' of size 17 for height 6' 1" to 6' 2", breast 41" to 42" and waist 36" to 37". In superb condition with all buttons. Price includes UK delivery. U 369.

Original, WW2, 1941 Dated, U.S Army 3rd Infantry Division Four Pocket - Artillery G.1 Jacket. Sn 6281. - Sn 6281
This is a very good original condition WW2 , G.1. Four pocket tunic dated 1941 to a Sergeant in the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery. The jacket, Wool-Serge O.D was made by the 'Superior Clothing Company' dated January 14th 1941 ( label illustrated) and is size 38L. It has original shoulder and sleeve insignia and stripes. The collar badges identify the Sergeant as belonging to the 'C' battery 3rd Infantry Regiment. This Regiment fought in North Africa, Italy and Germany eventually capturing the Berchtesgarden. This is a fine original jacket to a fighting Regiment. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 6281.

British 2nd Lieutenant's, 1949 Pattern South Staffordshire Glider Troops Battledress By Bloom Manchester. U 359. - U 359
This is an excellent original British Officer's 1949 Pattern South Staffordshire Glider Troops Battledress Blouse Tunic. It is clean, undamaged with all material, stitching and buttons intact. The epaulettes are mounted with 2nd Lieutenant's single cloth pips ( white and green on red cloth background). Both shoulders are mounted with red cloth patches embroidered in yellow with the Regiment name 'South Stafford' & the image of a Glider. The left shoulder is mounted with a blue cloth shield embroidered in gold with Crown & Portcullis. The lapels are mounted with metal 'knotted rope ' badges. The inside of the blouse has a white label printed in black ink ' Blouse battledress 1949 pattern, Size 5' with additional size information and retailer detail ' B. Bloom Ltd, Miles Platting Mcr 10 (Manchester) 1954 date & War Dept arrow. Also present is an ink stamp ' WMD' with Arrow & '435' (all illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. U 359.

1945 US Army Officers Eisenhower jacket -Field Jacket . U 123. - U 123
The Eisenhower jacket or "Ike" jacket, officially known as the Jacket, Field, Wool, Olive Drab, is a type of waist-length jacket developed for the U.S. Army during the later stages of World War II and named after Dwight D. Eisenhower. Intended to be worn on its own or as an insulating layer beneath the M-1943 Field Jacket and over the standard wool flannel shirt and wool sweater, it featured a pleated back, adjustable waist band, fly-front buttons, bellows chest pockets, slash side pockets, and shoulder straps.A superb condition 1944 pattern Olive Drab Wool Field Jacket or "Ike" Jacket of a First Lieutenant of the Signal Corps wearing patches of the 7th and 27th Infantry Division. Named inside, "112265 HOLBRITTER". He has 2 overseas service bars and the rank bars are silver bullion wire. It has a nice label showing it was issued on 14.4.1945 by the Moda Coat Company and is size 36R. In excellent undamaged condition and price includes UK delivery. U 123.

C1990’s Iraqi Desert Storm Era British Nato Tropical Desert Sand Camouflage Combat Jacket With British Para Jump Wings & Formation Patch Insignia. U 383 - U 383
These C1990’s Tropical Combat jackets were issued to British / NATO troops during the Iraqi wars. This example in correct lightweight cotton material has no damage or mothing and is clean apart from some light storage staining. It has the correct flap pockets and buttoned cuffs. All of the original lightweight nylon buttons are present. The inside of the smock has a nice label with ‘Jacket combat tropical desert dp’ designation, NATO stores code, cleaning instructions & size 180 (cms height 5’ 10”) & 104 (cms 41” chest). One sleeve has cloth British para jump wings above formation patch. The other sleeve has cloth British Union flag above formation patch (illustrated). The price for this combat jacket worthy of further research regarding the formation patches includes UK delivery. U 383
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