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Trench Art

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WW1 French E.Richer Editeur Paris Depose Trench Art Mantelpiece or Desk Clock Featuring A Model 1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun Emplacement. Sn 19179 - 19179
This is an attractive original pot metal trench art clock. The fully working clock with brass rimmed 2” glazed face is in working order and has its original winder. The clock is bolted into a well formed gilt finished pot metal trench combat scene depicting a seated French infantry soldier in typical WW1 uniform operating a French Model 1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun on tripod. The clock mounted in is Trench scene measures 9 ¼” length x 4 ¾” height x 2” width. The base is hollow. The rear rim of the base has cast French lettering ‘E.Richer Editeur Paris Depose’ (Manufacturer or retailer). The clock and scene have no damage and retains most of its original gilt finish. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19179

SOLD SOLD (21/01) INERT. French WW1 Era Trench Art. Pair Of Candlesticks Made From De Bang 90mm Shrapnel Projectiles Fired From The French Mle 1887 Field Gun And Fuses. Sn 19018 - 19018
INERT. This is a pair of WW1 era candlesticks made from a pair of fired shrapnel projectiles fired from a French Mle 1887 90mm Charles Ragon De Bang field gun developed in 1887 and used throughout WW1. The candlesticks are made of shrapnel projectiles have been cut off just above the copper driving band and various parts of French artillery projectiles consisting at the bottom a upturned Fusee a double effect de 25 millimetre time an percussion fuse and gaine connected to a further same fuse reversed. The top of the fuse is upturned to hold the candle. The base of the projectile has machined indentations for seating the original shrapnel balls and has five 8mm steel posts which hold an encircling chain. The base of the projectiles is stamped A PX 12 84 and DI 8-90 depicting manufacturing dates of December 1884 and August 1890. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this round in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 19019

**Trench art** ‘18 Pounder’ Souvenir Shell from ‘Gallipoli’ 1915 Dinner Gong. 19103. - 19103
18-pounder artillery shells (so-called because they weighed 18 pounds). The shells were loaded in to the 18-pounder field guns used by the Royal Artillery and targeted to destroy German batteries and trenches as well as to shoot down aeroplanes. Stamped ’18 Pr II’ and ‘B.S.C ‘(Bethlehem Steel Company) The Bethlehem Steel Corporation was an American company that for much of the 20th century was one of the world's largest steel producing and shipbuilding companies. The Shells Diameter: 102 mm. Height: 300 mm. The base of the shell has had a loop welded to it that hangs on a hook between two pillars on a hardwood frame (37cm high) and base (38cm wide). The gong is of similar wood and capped with a 29cm ornately carved gong mallet hung to the side. The top of the frame has a silver shield engraved ‘Gallipoli 1915’ fixed to it. A wonderful piece of history that would adorn a fireplace, side table or hallway perfectly. The price includes U.K. delivery. 19103.
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