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Medals and Decorations

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WWII Russian ‘Order of the Patriotic War’ 2nd Class Medal and Certificate of Ownership. N 181. - N 181
The Order of the Patriotic War is a Soviet military decoration that was awarded to all soldiers in the Soviet armed forces, security troops, and to partisans for heroic deeds during the German-Soviet War, known since the mid-1960s in the former Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War. The Order was established on 20 May 1942[1] and came in first class and second class depending upon the merit of the deed. It was the first Soviet order established during the war, and the first Soviet order divided into classes.[2] Its statute precisely defined, which deeds are awarded with the order, e.g. shooting down three aircraft as a fighter pilot, or destroying two heavy or three medium or four light tanks, or capturing a warship, or repairing an aircraft under fire after landing on a hostile territory, and so on, were awarded with the first class. It features a red enamel five-pointed star, made of silver, with straight rays in the background, and crossed sabre and a Mosin rifle. The rays in the background are golden for 1st Class and silver for 2nd Class. The central disc has a golden hammer and sickle on a red enamel background, surrounded by a white enamel ring with the words ("Patriotic War"). It is accompanied by an original certificate/booklet of ownership. This 2nd class version is in excellent order with no marks to the enamel and the back plate in place numbered ‘3983928’ with matching numbers to the booklet. The price includes UK delivery. N 181.

Named Victorian British Medal Trio Egypt 1882-89 Medal With Suakin 1885 Bar, Khedive’s Star 1884-86 Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (2nd Type) To Sgt Major M. Mc Inerny Medical Staff Corps With Ribbons Mounted For Wear & Copy Of Staff List. 16012:2 - 16012:2
This is a nice trio of medals to Sgt Major M. Mc Inerny Medical . The medals comprise of Egypt 1882-89 Medal With Suakin 1885 Bar Khedive’s Star 1884-86 Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (2nd Type). The rim of the Egypt medal is impressed ‘1519 Serg Maj M. McInerny M.S. (Medical Staff) Corps. The Khedive’s Star is correctly un-named and as issued. The rim of the Army Long Service & Good Conduct medal (2nd Type) is also impressed ‘ 1519 S. Sergt M. Mc Inerny A.H (army Hospital) Corps. The edge of this medal has a small knock. The medals with ribbons are mounted for wear. The ribbons are frayed in places. The Medical Staff Corps were the forerunners of the R.A.M.C (Royal Army Medical Corps) and were called the Army Hospital Corps until becoming the R.A.M.C in 1898. The medals are accompanied by 2 pages of A4 size paper. One page has a copy of a colour photograph of the medal group, the other is a copy of the Medical Staff Corps roll with the Sgt Major listed. The price for this medal group worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 16012:2 (medal draw office)

A Manchester War Hospital Supply Workrooms 1916 Enamel Badge With Dover House Bar & Wearers Pin. 10391:1. - 1039:1
An excellent condition, rare Manchester War Hospital Supply Workrooms 1916 enamel badge with Dover House Bar and wearers pin. The badge, made by J.R. Gaunt is nicely stamped on the reverse with "JR Gaunt London. The 'Dover House bar' is on a blue enamel background and has the wearers pin on the reverse. The badge has a white enamel border with "Manchester Hospital Supply Workshops 1916" picked out in brass and in the centre is a red enamel Lancashire rose. This is a very decorative badge. The badge is in excellent condition. The badge measures 24mm across. The price includes UK delivery. 10391:1.

Boer War, WW1 & Imperial Service Medal Group to ‘Driver W.E. Bartlett R.H.A.’ (Royal Horse Artillery) BA 394. - BA 394
Group of Medals to ‘Driver W.E. Bartlett R.H.A comprising of: Q.S.A medal (The Queen's South Africa Medal is a British campaign medal awarded to British and Colonial military personnel, and to civilians employed in an official capacity, who served in the Second Boer War in South Africa. Altogether twenty-six clasps were awarded, to indicate participation in particular actions and campaigns) with 5 bars (South Africa 1902, S.A 1901, Transvaal, O.F.S & Cape Colony). A 1914 Trio with ‘Mons clasp’ & GVI Imperial Service medal. Mounted as worn with separate ribbon bar and two commemorative medallions (Coronation of George V *bar loose* & Edward VIII). A lovely group to a man who served in the Boer War and the 1st World War, worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. BA 394. (Drawers)

*Impressive* WWII Era Polish Soldier's Thirteen Medal Group Mounted For Wear. Sn 10739. - 10739
This is a WWII Polish War veteran's medal group mounted as worn. The group consists of thirteen medals including Orders and Long Service. Most of them were awarded by the Polish Army, but some of them are civilian decorations that may be worn by the military personnel. Some were awarded before the World War II only, and some in the People's Republic of Poland only. All have their correct original ribbons and are mounted on a cloth patch for wear. Price for this substantial collection of Polish Medals which are worthy of further investigation includes UK delivery. Sn 10739.

*Unique* Mounted for wear, Japanese Medal Group (4 Medals) from the Estate of Major W Rawlings I.A.O.C. M 379. - M 379
An unusual, nice, mounted for wear, Japanese Medal Group from the Estate of Major W Rawlings I.A.O.C consisting of the Russo- Japanese War 1905 Medal, Taisho Grand Enthronement Commemorative Medal, 2600th National Anniversary Commemorative Medal and Imperial Red Cross Society Medal, all with original ribbons and correctly mounted as worn. The price includes UK delivery. M 379.

German NSDAP (NAZI PARTY) 1934 Deutsch 1st Die Saar Badge/Tinnie. N 166. - N 166
German NSDAP (NAZI PARTY) 1934 Deutsch Ist Die Saar Badge (The Nazi Party,officially the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei[ or NSDAP), was a far-right political party in Germany active between 1920 and 1945 that created and supported the ideology of Nazism). A die stamped, steel based and bronze washed Deutsch 1st Die Saar 1934 Tinnie. The front of the octagon shaped tinnie depicts an early closed winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons, above two shaking hands (one has a chain on his wrist) and a podium which reads: “1934 Des Deutschen Ehre ist Die Treue” (German Is The Saar, The German Honorist's Loyalty). The top/sides also read “Deutsch 1st Die Saar”. The reverse shows a hollow back and has a soldered well working pin. Measuring 38 mm across it is in very good condition and is a great addition to any collection. The price includes UK delivery. N 166.

WW1 ‘Western Front’ 1918 British Officer’s Military Cross 4 Medal Group Mounted For Display To 2788 Lieutenant H.W Green M.C. Hampshire Regiment & Royal Fusiliers With Photocopy Portrait Images Of The Recipient & His Family & Dossier Of Provenance. - 17838
At the outbreak of WW1 Harry Walter Green born 22/12/94 London enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers. After training he was posted to France and by the end of 1916 he had seen service at Loos and Wulverghem, also on the Somme at Delville Wood and Guillemont. He was granted a commission on 27th June 1917 with the Hampshire Regiment. Joining the 15th Battalion he was wounded in action in France sometime around September /October but fortunately not to seriously and on 8th August 1918 took part in a new offensive on the Western front. The following day 9th August, Green won his MC. The London Gazette 7th November 1918 reported the award “for conspicuous gallantry and skill. He led 2 platoons in an attack and captured a machine gun. When the enemy attempted to filter back and bring forward a machine gun he forced them to retire by his initiative and skilful action. He showed a very fine example to his men”. Shortly thereafter on 14th October 1918 the Officer was again wounded in action when he received a shell wound to his left hand at Menin during the advance across the river Lys. As a result he was evacuated to England (the documents accompanying the medals contain more detail regarding actions involving the Officer). This medal group to Lieutenant Green M.C consists of his Military Cross, unnamed as issued, 1914-15 Star (G.2788 Pte HW Green R. Fus), British War & Victory medals (Lieut HW Green). The WW1 medals are fitted with correct ribbons and are mounted on a felt covered card with identification plaque which can be seen in the images. The medals come with a photocopy image of the recipient in Uniform and a photocopy image of his family. The price for this excellent medal group to a heroic British officer of the Great War includes UK delivery. Sn 17838 (medal draw office)

WW1 British Medal Trio, War Medal, 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, Death Plaque & Research Dossier To Pte 17539 E. Wright 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers KIA 1st October 1915. M 134 - M 134
Pte 17539 E. Wright served with the 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers in WW1. He was killed In Action in France on 1st October 1915 during heavy trench bombardment and fighting. An extract copy of the Battalion war diary which accompanies the medals describes actions between the 30th September 1915 and 2nd October 1915 where a total of 244 Officer’s and men were Killed or wounded after heavy trench bombardment, machine gun fire and fighting. As is common, how Pte Wright fell is not described but he is obviously one of the 244 recorded. Also included in a dossier of documents with the medals are copies of newspaper cuttings reporting his death, a copy of newspaper image of Pte Wright in uniform, War graves commission entry identifying him as being remembered at Loos memorial France panel 46-49, his memorial scroll and original scroll receipt. Pte Wright’s Medals consist of the British War medal, 1914-15 star and Victory medal. The Soldier’s details are correctly on the rim of the War & Victory medals and the back of the 1914-15 star. All 3 have their original ribbons. The death plaque made from Bronze and hence popularly known as the “Dead Man’s Penny” among front-line troops, also becoming widely known as, the “Death Penny”, “Death Plaque” or “Widow's Penny”. His death plaque is undamaged and bears his name. All are accompanied by the dossier of documents. The price for this group with documentation includes UK delivery. M 134 (medals draw office)

Presentation 3rd Pattern F.S. Commando Dagger With Inscribed Plaque To Staff Sgt Pete Hobson 29 Cdo Lt. Regt. RA 1972 and Two Plaques and a N.I. Presentation Tankard. Sn 11412 - 11412
A Presentation 3rd Pattern F.S. Commando dagger with inscribed plaque, two regimental plaques to Commando Light Regiment Royal Artillery and a N.I. presentation tankard inscribed on the rear with "D Troop Strabane N.I. Tour 92". The presentation mounted F.S. dagger is on a varnished teak triangular shaped plaque and is a 3rd pattern knife. The knife is in perfect condition and is blackened. The plaque has a brass inscribed plate which has "Presented to S/Sgt (Pete) Hobson From The Sergeants Mess 29 Cdo Lt Regt RA 1972" inscribed on it. The plaque and knife are in excellent undamaged condition. The two further plaques are:- Commando Light Battery Royal Artillery with the Queens Crown VIII and the Regimental Crest, 'Alma 1854", the second, has "7 (Sphinx) Commando Battery Royal Artillery, Egypt". It has a very nice blue enamelled panel in the centre, brass edged and with the Sphinx picked out in brass with 'Egypt' below. Both plaques are in perfect condition and ready for hanging for display. The tankard is Sheffield Pewter and has the Commando Light Battery crest raised on the front with the motto in a banner. On the reverse it is inscribed with "D Troop Stabane N.I. Tour 92". This is a very nice presentation collection of one mans service in the commando's. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11412.
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