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Medals and Decorations

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" x Volumes of 'Formans Guide To Third Reich German Awards and Their Values' Book. BO 1030 - BO 1030
These are 1st and 3rd Editions of Adrian Forman's invaluable price guide to Third Reich awards and are fully illustrated together with prices for each item. They are a very handy set from 1988 and 2001 showing how items have increased in value. The price includes Uk delivery. BO 1030

Egypt 1882-1889 Medal, No Clasp- Reverse Stamped 1882 To P. Coughlan, HMS Agincourt. Sn 10982 - 10982
Egypt 1882-1889 Medal, No Clasp-Reverse Stamped 1882 To P. Coughlan, Signalman on H.M.S. Agincourt. The H.M.S. Agincourt was a Minotaur Class Armoured Frigate built in 1865 and spent most of her service as the flagship of the Cannel Fleets Second In Command. The medal is in excellent condition. It is complete with the correct ribbon. The medal is impressed with "P. Coughlan Sign HMS Agincourt" (see the second photograph). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10982

WW2 Era Polish Soldier's 13 Medal Group Mounted For Wear. Sn 10739 - 10739
This is a WW2 Polish War veteran's medal group mounted as worn. The group consists of 13 medals including Orders and Long Service. All have their correct original ribbons and are mounted on a cloth patch for wear. Price for this substantial collection of Polish Medals includes UK delivery. Sn 10739

Group Of 3 x Medals to X4162633 L.A.C./Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F. along with Discharge Wallet and Papers. Sn 10391:3 - 10391:3
A group Of 3 x Medals to "X4162633 L.A.C./Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F." along with a Discharge Wallet, Letter of Retirement dated 7th December 1976, Certificate of Discharge stamped at Northwood, Certificate of Qualifications and a metal wearers mount and ribbons for mounting the medals for wear. The medals consist of a General Service medal with Malaya Bar and ribbon impressed to "4162633 L.A.C. S.C. Thomas R.A.F.", a General Service Medal with Malay Peninsular Bar, and ribbon impressed to "X 4162633 Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F." and a R.A.F. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and Ribbon impressed to "Cpl S.C. Thomas (X 4162633) R.A.F.". All three medals are in very good condition. He was a photographer and served 22 years. The wallet is light blue plastic and is stamped with "RAF Form 856A". The job description, form 856c/14/6 is dated 29/11/76 and is named to Thomas. The Certificate of Qualifications (form 856B) is again completed out to Thomas with all his qualifications showing him as a photographer (ground). The certificate of discharge is also made out to Thomas. The retirement letter is dated 7th December 1976. Lastly, the wearers pin and mount along with ribbons is in good condition. The price includes Uk delivery.

Framed For Display, WW1 French Croix de Guerre To Soldier A. Lerique, 138th Infantry Regiment With Original Citation. Sn 10242 - 10242
The Croix de Guerre (Cross of War) is a military decoration of France. It was first created in 1915 and consists of a square-cross medal on two crossed swords, hanging from a ribbon with various degree pins. The decoration was awarded during World War I, again in World War II, and in other conflicts. The Croix de Guerre may either be awarded as an individual or unit award to those soldiers who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism involving combat with the enemy. The medal is awarded to those who have been "mentioned in despatches", meaning a heroic deed or deeds were performed meriting a citation from an individual's headquarters unit. This is an original WW1 French Croix de Guerre To a Soldier of the French 138th Infantry Regiment With Original Citation. The medal is in excellent condition with original correct ribbon. It is accompanied by the Soldier's 1914-1918 citation which has details of the Regiment's action which resulted in the award in French (translation required) and is signed by General Graziani of the French Army. The citation dated 4th December 1918 bears the name of the Soldier who received the medal. The Soldier's name handwritten in Ink appears to be Ambert Lerique. The citation is undamaged and clean. The medal and citation are nicely mounted in a glazed dark wood frame (21 x 17 1/4 x 1 inches). The rear of the frame is mounted with wire for wall hanging. Price for this French WW1 Medal awarded for valour which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 10242

Trio Of British Medals India General Service With NW Frontier Bar, George V General Service With Iraq Bar & Territorial Efficency Medal, With Correct Ribbons To Signalman 2310702, B. Heard Royal Signals Mounted For Wear . M 801 - M 801
This is an excellent, original, Trio Of British Medals. The medals consist of, The India General Service Medal With North West Frontier Bar, The George V General Service Medal With Iraq Bar & Territorial Efficency Medal. All are clean & have their correct ribbons. The rims of all 3 medals are crisply markd to Signalman 2310702, B. Heard Royal Signals. The medals are mounted for wear & worthy of further research. Price includes UK delivery M 801

Original Miniature 8 Medal Group Mounted For Wear. ( M 793) - M 793
This is a nice WW1, IGS, WW2 and Constabulary miniature medal group mounted for wear. It consists of the WW1 War Medal, Victory Medal with M.I.D. oakleaf, India General Service Medal ( 1908 - 1935 ) with bars for MAHSUD 1919- 1920and WAZIRISTAN 1919-21. WW2, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence and War medals; also the GVI Special Constabulary Faithful Service Medal. All are mounted for wear with their correct ribbons. A very nice little group. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn M 793)

Bi-lingual WW1 Trio to Cpl B.E. Chapman 11th South African Infantry - Rand Light Infantry. ( Sn 7774) - 7774
This is a nice 'bi-lingual' WW1 trio, mounted for display, to Cpl BE Chapman 11th South African Infantry. ( Rand Light Infantry) they are all correctly inmpressed with the same details. Importantly the Victory medal has the bi-lingual dedication in English and Africaans. These are a scarce trio in good orginal condition. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn 7774)

WW2 Japanese Patriotic Women's Assn para military pin badge & Box. M 380. - M 380
From the Estate of Major Rawlings, a rare WW2 era Japanese Patriotic Women's association para military pin badge. This is a small gold coloured pin badge complete with its original balsa wood box measuring 10cms x 7 cms decorated with Japanese script. The badge has an anchor to represent the Navy and a red coloured star to represent the Army. The badge was for a tsu-jo kai-in, or “ordinary member” of the Ai-koku fu-jin-kai, or “Women’s Patriotic Association”. This was a Paramilitary organization for women. It tended to recruit middle and upper class women members. The original balsa wood presentation box is unmarked and is in excellent condition with beautiful gold coloured Japanese script. Price includes UK delivery. M 380.

Mounted for wear, Japanese Medal Group (4 Medals) from the Estate of Major W Rawlings I.A.O.C. . M 379. - M 379 / 6016
An unusual, nice, mounted for wear, Japanese Medal Group from the Estate of Major W Rawlings I.A.O.C consisting of the Russo- Japanese War 1905 Medal, Taisho Grand Enthronement Commemorative Medal, 2600th National Anniversary Commemorative Medal and Imperial Red Cross Society Medal, all with original ribbons and correctly mounted as worn. M379.
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