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RESERVED RESERVED **BEST QUALITY**BLANK FIRING**Post 1962, Armi Jager Colt Model 1873 Peacemaker Single Action .22 'Blank' Calibre 6 Shot Revolver. MISC 1000 - MISC 1000
The Colt M1873 Single Action Army/ Peacemaker was a single action revolver designed for the U.S. Government by Colt. The revolvers were adopted as the U.S. Army standard military service revolver until 1892 and were favoured by Early Law Enforcement Officers. The iconic 'Peacemaker' design lives on today in the form of Firearms quality weapons and blank firers by Italian manufacturer's such as Armando Piscetta and his Loano company Armi Jager. Jager started building their Peacemakers in 1962. This firearms grade, quality, Jager .22 calibre blank firing example of the Model 1873 Colt Peacemaker is in superb condition. The pistol has a 5” factory blued steel barrel (downward vented) and measures 10 ½” overall. The barrel is signed ‘Jager Italy’ and the action frame is numbered 85621. It has a colour case hardened action frame and side gate, blued off set cylinder and has an external hammer. It has a brass grip frame and trigger guard. The pistol has an Italian Walnut grip & It loads, cocks and fires correctly in single action only. It has a blade fore sight, grooved cylinder frame rear sight and captive sprung ejector rod. The price for this impressive revolver includes UK delivery. NB As a blank firing replica of an antique revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK. MISC 1000

Original WWII Italian Army Fascist Flag. 21586. - 21586
In Italy, the Italian Fascist movement in 1919 wore black military-like uniforms and was nicknamed Black shirts. In power, uniforms during the Fascist era extended to both the party and the military which typically bore fasces which became heavily identified with the fascist political movements of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler or an eagle clutching a fasces on their caps or on the left arm section of the uniform. The original symbol of fascism. This is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol of power carried by lictors in front of magistrates; a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death. Before the Italian Fascists adopted the fasces, the symbol had been used by Italian political organizations of various political ideologies, called Fasci (leagues) as a symbol of strength through unity. Measuring 95 x 55 cm. The flag is made from cotton and has the Black Eagle clutching a fasces sewn to either side (silk/cotton) imprinted with; CREDERE! YOBBEDIRE! COMBATTERE! ("To believe, to obey, to fight". This was a real fascist slogan used by Mussolini) & RSI SALO 1943. The original halyard is in place. This piece with its markings warrants further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. 21586. (Box 4).

SOLD SOLD (08/06) *Rare/Genuine WWII Naval Ensign of Poland Based on the Flag of Poland with Coat of Arms. 21585. - 21585
The war ensign is a white over red bicolour, swallow tailed with two tails, on the white stripe is a red shield with a white eagle with a yellow crown. "Naval ensign" and "war ensign" mean the same thing, i.e. the national flag or a variant thereof for use by a nation's navy. It has been used by the Polish Navy since 1919. Following World War I, the Second Polish Republic on 28 November 1918, by the order of Józef Piłsudski, commander of the Armed Forces of Poland, founded the modern Polish Navy. The small naval force was placed under the command of Captain Bogumił Nowotny as its first chief. The first ships, which included several torpedo boats, were acquired from the former Imperial German Navy. In the 1920s and 1930s the Polish Navy underwent a modernisation program under the leadership of Vice-Admiral Jerzy "6;wirski (Chief of Naval Staff) and Rear-Admiral Józef Unrug (CO of the Fleet). This original piece measures; 95 x 42 ½ cm. It has ‘M.W’ and ‘LONDON 1943’ below another stamp which is illegible. The flag is made from cotton and has the Poland war ensign sewn to either side (silk/cotton). The original halyard is in place. This piece with its markings warrants further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. 21585. (Box 4)

*Recent Capture-Ukraine War* Soviet Wagner Brigade Flag. 21587. - 21587
The Wagner Group, officially known as PMC Wagner is a Russian state-funded private military company (PMC) controlled until 2023 by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former close ally of Russia's president Vladimir Putin. The Wagner Group has used infrastructure of the Russian Armed Forces. The group emerged during the Donbas War in Ukraine, where it helped pro-Russian forces from 2014 to 2015. Wagner played a significant role in the subsequent full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, for which it recruited Russian prison inmates for frontline combat. On 23 August 2023, Prigozhin and Wagner commanders Dmitry Utkin and Valery Chekalov died in a plane crash in Russia, leaving Wagner's leadership structure unclear. This Brigade flag (Regimental flags are generally awarded to a regiment by a head of state during a ceremony. They were therefore treated with respect as they represented the honour and traditions of the regiment) has been recently captured during the on-going Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Measuring; 94 x 62 ½ cm. Constructed from a heavy cotton with a silk/cotton Wagner emblem sewn to the centre on both sides with the slogan in Russian- translated ; "Blood, Honor, Justice, Homeland, Courage". With the original Halyard the flag is in excellent un-damaged condition. The price includes UK delivery. 21587. (Box 4)

German, WW1, MG.08 Maxim Machine Gun Rear Sight Paperweight Mounted on a Sculptured Ground Steel Plate. Sn - 21613
This is a rear sight that was originally fitted to a WW1,German, MG08 Maxim machine gun which was used to devastating effect in WW1. The rear sight elevates and the range slider mover to elevate the sight. Th sight is mounted with 4 screws on a heavy ground steel block that has been milled out on each of the long sides to enable a finger grip for it to be used as a paper weight. The sight is graduated to 2000 metres and is distinguished by the sight notch being offset to the left. The base measures approximately 6 inches by 2 ¼ inches by 5/8 inches thick. The paperweight weighs approximately 1.38 kilograms. The rear sight is shown next to a MG08s rear sight which is not included in the sale. The price for this WW1 paperweight includes U.K. delivery. Sn 21613

**COMPLETE ORIGINAL MINT **Early WW1 Christmas 1914 Princess Mary's Brass Gift Fund Box Containing An Un-Opened 1914 Dated Packet Of Tobacco, 1914 Dated Carton Of Cigarettes, Correct Monogramed Christmas Card & Associated Machine Gun Corps Sweetheart Pin - 21608:4
It was Princess Mary's express wish that 'every sailor afloat and every soldier at the front' should have the present. The gifts were devised in October 1914 and intended for distribution to all who were serving overseas or at sea, in time for Christmas 1914; afterwards, with the fund in surplus and many feeling they had been ‘left out’, distribution was extended more widely – to all who were serving, whether at home or abroad, and to prisoners of war and the next of kin of 1914 casualties. The contents of the gift fund tins varied, some with tobacco and cigarettes such as ours and others with pencils, notepads & chocolate. This is a complete, original early near mint condition WW1 Christmas 1914 Princess Mary's Brass Gift Fund Box Containing An Un-Opened 1914 Dated Packet Of Tobacco, 1914 Dated Carton Of Cigarettes, Correct Princess Mary Monogramed Christmas Greeting Card in its original envelope with the name ‘Miss T. Johnson’ hand written in pencil (most likely a relative, wife or girlfriend of the recipient). Also in the tin is an original period Brass King’s Crown Machine Gun Corps Sweetheart Pin with hinged pin fastener most likely a gift to Miss Johnson from a member of the Machine Gun Corps. The price for this piece of WW1 memorabilia includes UK delivery. Sn 21608:4 (corridor shelf near cannon balls)

WW1 Turkish / Ottoman Prisoner Of War Hand Made Beaded Walking Stick. Sn 21566 - 21566
WW1 Turkish / Ottoman Empire prisoners of war made many items whilst in captivity. It kept them occupied and was an avenue for them to earn money to supplement their rations and purchase items they required. Some prisoners even sent them home as gifts for family members or used them to barter with other prisoners. The Australian Memorial's collection of Ottoman prisoner beadwork includes snakes, lizards, bags, bookmarks and jewellery and other items such as this walking stick. All were handmade with small glass beads using either beaded crochet method or weaving on small looms. Not all the of the prisoners who made the items were ethnically Turkish. The Ottoman Empire stretched from the Balkans to the Sinai. This means that the makers could have been Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Greek, or Eastern European. This WW1 Turkish / Ottoman Prisoner Of War Beaded walking stick measures 35 ¼” overall length. The wood shaft with small curved top is bound with typical colourful beads. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 21566

Scalemead Arms Company, MINT, Boxed, Colt Navy Cal .380 Blank Firing/Downward Venting Pistol. - MISC 908
This is a MINT, boxed, quality steel and brass downward venting copy of a 1851 Colt Navy percussion pistol firing a 9mm blank centrefire cartridge. The gasses are vented downward over the ramming lever. This quality gun retains all of its original blued finish to the cylinder and barrel together with full hardening-colour to the frame, rammer trigger and hammer. the pistol is fitted with screws for a shoulder stock but there are no visible makers name or serial numbers. The single action navy pistol has a blade-foresight, notched rear sight in the hammer and rounded brass trigger guard and hardwood grips. The gun was imported by Scalemead Arms Company and is complete with part pack of RWE 9mm blank firing cartridges. The barrel is blocked *see images* and it is downward venting. The length of the pistol is 36cm. The pistol cocks and dry fires correctly and the price includes UK delivery. MISC 908

Original WW1 The Somme Pozieres Battle / Western Front Era British Field Made ‘Hob Nail’ Heavy Steel Weighted Trench Fighting Club. Sn 21539 - 21539
During WW1 Military Units on both sides improvised their own trench warfare weapons which they saw as being of more use than issued weapons, when fighting hand to hand. This is an original, WW1 British Trench Club originating from Pozieres (the Battle of Pozières (23 July – 3 September 1916) took place in northern France around the village of Pozières, during the Battle of the Somme). The club measures 23 ½” overall length. The top of the wood shaft has a heavy cylindrical 2 ¼” weight studded around the top edge with steel boot ‘hob nails’. The broom handle wood shaft has surface knocks and bumps. The weighted head and hob nails are all secure. The price for this hard to find reminder of the brutal nature of trench warfare includes UK delivery. Sn 21539 (storeroom middle shelves near bells)

Victorian / Edwardian Game Keeper's, 12 Bore Blank Shotgun Cartridge Firing, Trip Wire / Trap 'Alarm'. Sn 21451 - 21451
This complete Victorian / Edwardian Era Gamekeeper's alarm gun was used to warn Gamekeepers of the presence of Poachers on Estates or outbuildings. Several variants were available in the period. This iron alarm is 21” overall long with a 6 ¼” spike for pushing into the ground. Its breech for 12bore blank has its original breech plate with central ‘firing pin’, hammer weight and release trigger / hook for trip wire are all present and function as they should. The spike end of the alarm would be inserted in the ground and a trip wire stretched from the release hook at the top of the bar to some immoveable object such as a tree stump or gate. The bottom mount would be preloaded with a 12 bore blank shotgun cartridge and the breech plate with pin placed on top providing a firing chamber (the 12 bore cartridge illustrated in image 2 is not included and is for demonstration purposes only). The release hook would hold the top weight in place until released by an intruder tripping over the wire. The weight would drop and strike the breech plate discharging the blank round. The alarm is painted black & has even patina consistent with age. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on this alarm. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique alarm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 21451 (storeroom shelves near bells)
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