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Optical Instruments

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19th Century Single Draw Leather bound Brass Telescope. OPT 828 - OPT 828
A single draw hand held telescope, made in the style of the distinctive ‘British Naval Officer of the watch’ telescopes. A classic naval telescope, the main barrel of brass construction covered in its original brown leather stitched cladding which is in good condition with unbroken stitching with only a few areas of scuffing. All lenses are clean and free from any damage, producing a clear and sharp image. There is an integral dust cover in the eyepiece and a sun shield at the lens. 25” fully extended and 18 ¼ “when closed. The price includes UK postage. OPT 828.

Victorian Era British Dollond London 3 Draw 'Signallers' No9934 Brass Telescope with Interchangable Eye Piece Lens and Hard Leather Case. OPT 827 - OPT 827
This is a three draw signallers telescope by ‘Dolland London No 9934’. These telescopes came with two eye pieces, a high power at 30 diameters and a low power at 15 diameters. Size: closed: 10.25" open: 30.5". Although it doesn't have any war department stamp indicating it was official issue, it certainly is made to the same specifications and was likely a private purchase item for someone who was not entitled to an issue one. For a time in the eighteenth and nineteenth century the word 'Dollond' was almost a generic term for telescope rather like 'Hoover; is to vacuum cleaner. Genuine Dollond telescopes were considered to be amongst the best. Peter Dollond (1731-1820) was the business brain behind the company which he founded in Vine Street, Spitalfields in 1750. In 1752 he entered into a business partnership with his father John (1706-1761) and the shop was relocated to a position under the sign of the Golden Spectacles and Sea Quadrant in Exeter Exchange, off The Strand. The leather has a nice patina and the stitching is in place apart from the missing buckle strap to the spare eye piece case, and the strap to the main eye piece cover. Overall a very nice telescope from a very good manufacturer. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 827.

2 draw brass Enbeeco "Comet" C/S 20X refracting telescope with lens cap & leather case. OPT 826. - OPT 826
Made in London it dates from the mid-20th century. Both the telescope & case are all working as they should and are in great condition. The telescope tubes are made of brass, with a new grip of real leather. The front (objective) lens diameter is 1.25 inch /(3.2cm approx.). The focus is by pushing & pulling the draw in & out and is smooth. It must be fully extended, except for focusing, to view through it. The optics are clean with no bloom, fungus or scratches & have been cleaned recently. It comes with its original lens cap & leather case with attached strap all in good condition, strap length 132cm (52 inches) & is adjustable and it can hold the cased telescope. Both the case & strap have been given a leather nourishing balm recently to keep them supple & from drying out. The telescope draws out & folds away as it should. When folded altogether it measures 26cm (10 inches approx), it extends in length total to 60cm (24 inches approx.). The telescope can be opened up for cleaning the lenses by unscrewing from each of the draw sections. Total item weight 900g. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 826.

c1833 ‘Davis Cheltenham’ 4 draw Leather bound Brass Telescope. OPT 825 - OPT 825
Edward Davis (Mathematical instrument maker, Optician, Philosophical instrument maker) Traded at 171 High St., Cheltenham, England (1833) &, 65 Bold St. (1839-41), 45 Bold Street (1843), both Liverpool, England. Succeeded by Messrs Davis at last address in 1842. This is a 1 ½” 4 draw wood bound brass telescope with brass lens cap and leather case. 70 cm in length extended (19 ½ cm closed). Signed ‘Davis, Cheltenham to the first draw. Each draw only showing minor signs of age related wear for its age. The leather carry case has a nice patina and is in very good condition with no damage or issues with the stitching or buckle. A nice piece by a famous maker. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 825

WWI 4 Draw Leather Bound Brass Telescope with Extending Sun Visor Cover by Broadhurst Clarkson & Co. OPT 820 - OPT 820
All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should, the telescope extends easily and smoothly into a 4-draw length. Broadhurst Clarkson & Co Ltd – 63 Farrington Road, London E.C. is engraved to the 2nd draw(In 1750 Benjamin Martin established an instrument business with his son Joshua joining him in 1778. Joshua went on to patent a method for manufacturing brass tubing in 1782, the same year the firm was sold to Charles Tulley. The Tulley family ran the business through to 1844 when it was sold to Robert Mills who, in turn, sold on to Alexander Clarkson in 1873. Broadhurst became a partner in the business in 1892 but had a falling out with Clarkson resulting in the partnership splitting in 1908. Broadhurst promptly moved to 63 Farringdon Road and named the building Telescope House. In a shrewd move, Broadhurst realised the value of the good Clarkson name and began trading as Broadhurst Clarkson & Co. In house, the firm were able to produce both the lenses and the brass tubes (using Joshua Martin's patented machine). They also operated a showroom and shop on site. With the advent of the First World War in 1914, the business expanded to support the war effort, opening a second lens making facility in London supported by a telescope factory in Watford) *the previous owner has written their name just below* The brown leather caps and strap are in lovely supple condition with working buckle and secure stitching. Measuring 87 cm when fully extended (27 cm closed). It is a lovely antique, possibly nautical use intended, telescope. The price includes UK delivery. OPT 820.

Early WW2 1944 British Officer's MK III Military Marching Compass By TG Co Ltd London. 19348. - 19348
This is an excellent fully functioning (no bubbles), early WW2 British Officer's Military Compass. It has a blackened brass case and is mounted with lanyard ring. The glass face and numbered brass outer ring are perfectly intact. The rear of the compass is nicely marked by the manufacturer 'T.G. Co Ltd London' together with 'No. B284974' and '1944' date together with ‘MK III’. The compass is complete with its original leather pouch/case of issue in excellent condition. The pouch is made of beautifully aged leather with fastening strap and buckle and velvet lining, with Broad Arrow stamp to the side. The stitching is all intact. The price for this nicely marked WW2 instrument includes UK delivery. 19348. (Back shelf)

WW2 Era Italian Field Artillery Brass Gun Sight With Hinged Lens Visor Protector Cover. Sn 19043 - 19043
This is an original Italian Field Artillery Brass Gun Sight With Hinged Lens Visor Protector Cover (the provenance & application of this instrument are unknown). It has calibrated adjustment dials. Constructed of brass it retains its much of its original field green paint finish. The casing has an identification plate marked 'CANNOCHIALE DI PUNTERIA IN SITO, ING. 8 x CAMPO - ING. 4 x CAMPO, SAN GIORGIO S. A I. GENOVA - SESTRI No 67696'. Its rubber ring eyepiece is present but is perished and has become detached. Its sliding, hinged lens protector cove functions as it should. The instrument measures 14” x 10”. The price for this gun sight worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 19043

**British Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal 1950-1980** Large Brass Cased Naval Bulkhead Ship’s Clock Engraved ‘HMS Ark Royal 1950-1980’ In Full Working Order Complete With Key & Provenance. Sn 19044 - 19044
Five ships of the British Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Ark Royal: • Ark Royal (1587), the flagship of the English fleet during the Spanish Armada campaign of 1588 • HMS Ark Royal (1914), planned as freighter, built as seaplane carrier during the First World War, renamed Pegasus in 1934 • HMS Ark Royal (91), British aircraft carrier launched in 1937 that participated in the Second World War and was sunk by a U-boat in 1941 • HMS Ark Royal (R09), an Audacious-class aircraft carrier launched in 1950, decommissioned in 1979 • HMS Ark Royal (R07), an Invincible-class aircraft carrier, launched in 1981, decommissioned in 2011. The Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal (R09) was laid down 3rd May 1943 & Launched 3rd may 1950. She was an Audacious-class aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy and, when she was decommissioned in 1979, was the Royal Navy's last remaining conventional catapult and arrested-landing aircraft carrier. She was the first aircraft carrier to be equipped with angled flight deck at its commissioning. This is a large brass cased bulkhead clock from the Ark Royal (RO9) engraved ‘HMS Ark Royal 1950-1980’ with provenance. The clock is in excellent condition and fully working keeping precise time. It has a 7 ½” diameter face which is clean. It has 1-12 hour markings with black metal hour and minute hands together with 60 second timer markings and red second hand. The face has an adjustable slow-fast slider in a slot for fine tuning the time keeping & a hole for key winding (the key accompanies the clock). The face is marked ‘Made In Great Britain’, has WD arrow and WD stores code (all illustrated). The clock case is brass and measures 10 ¼” diameter including its integral rim which has 4 holes for wall mounting. It has a hinged, brass rimmed, glazed face cover. The clock case is 4 ¼” deep with the face closed. The bottom edge of the rim is engraved ‘HMS Ark Royal 1950-1980’. The base of the clock is painted black and has hand inscribed ‘Ark Royal 1950’. The clock is accompanied by its original sales receipt dated December 1984 from a Government Surplus Supplier confirming that the clock is from the HMS Ark Royal (illustrated). The sales receipt accompanies the clock. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19044

Inter War / WW2 era German Gerard Landlicht 4x Magnification Sniper Telescopic Sight For Mauser G98 & K98 Rifles With Leather Lens Protector Covers. Sn 18787 - 18787
The German Gerard optics company was a separate scope manufacturer from a Landlicht. Gerard was producing optics beginning in 1908. Landlicht purchased Gerard in the early 1920s and soon added both names to their scopes. This is a very good original WW2 era German Gerard Landlight 4x Sniper Telescopic Sight for Mauser Gewehr98 and K98 rifles. The sight is undamaged and the optics with 3 post reticle function as they should. The blued steel tube is marked "Gerard Landlight” above ‘G’. One side of the elevation adjustment dial base is numbered ‘54721’. The scope measures 10” overall length. It is fitted with original period Akah DRGM (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster German Copyright / Patent) marked mount. The scope has its original, period, leather lens protector covers. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18787

*1918 WW1 Era British Officer's Military Marching Compass By ‘S.Mordand & Co’ With WW1 Era Brown Leather Case marked 'Jabez Cliff Walsall'. OPT 819. - OPT 819
S.Mordand & Co were British manufacturers of WW1 marching compasses favoured by British Officers. S. Mordan & Co made mainly Verner's pattern compasses during WW1. This item is called a mirror compass and is a variation on a model designed and produced by Cruchon & Emons and PLAN Ltd. in Switzerland for the U.S. Corps of Engineers. This is an excellent fully functioning WW1 British Officer's Military Compass By S.Mordand & Co. It has a brass case and is mounted with lanyard ring. The glass face and brass case is perfectly intact. The rear casing is stamped with ‘S.Mordand & Co-5028 – 1918’ . It is complete with brown leather case with flap cover and stud fastener. The case has impressed 'Jabez Cliff Walsall' (In 1906 Not far from the Cliff factory were the premises of the world renowned saddle making company J. A. Barnsby and Sons, who were situated at Globe Works in Lower Forster Street. Jabez Cliff Tibbits put in a bid for the firm. Their offer was accepted, and the two companies amalgamated. Jabez Cliff and Co saddles retained the prestigious Barnsby label, whilst the high quality bridles were manufactured under the Cliff name, thus creating the saddlery brand Cliff-Barnsby.) Price for this nice WW1 cased piece of equipment includes UK delivery. OPT 819.
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